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A tool providing a new generation of bulky one-click normal maps from 2D sprites like pixel art for dynamic lighting effects in games.
A tool providing a new generation of bulky one-click normal maps from 2D sprites like pixel art for dynamic lighting effects in games.
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Video Tutorial 1

Posted by Dennis Faas (Creator)

Hey everybody,

It's been a while since the last update, and the second beta build is well underway.
I have fixed a lot of bugs and there are some new options waiting to be explored.
There are still some issues with the user defined settings profiles, which I want to resolve before releasing the second build. It will take approximately another week or two until 0.2 is available.

Video Tutorial 1 - Basic normal map creation and options

To give a preview of the second build even before it is released, I have uploaded the first Sprite DLight Tutorial, introducing some of the basic features and ways to use the tool.
You will probably already notice some of the changes.
After the release of Sprite DLight 0.2, I will talk more about them in the second tutorial, which will cover some advanced techniques. 

Share your project! 

I have already seen some great projects featuring dynamic lighting with Sprite DLight's normal maps, and I have been shown some really nice art samples via email and on twitter.
I would love to do some shoutouts in the upcoming Kickstarter updates, so if you have something you would like to share, please contact me. 

Help needed from Mac users!

Finally I would like to ask all Mac users for help:
There was at least one disappointed backer who still hasn't been able to open the app after turning the gatekeeper off and trying the cmd + open trick.
The error didn't specify a reason why the app couldn't be opened, he just got "The application “SpriteDLight” can’t be opened."
If you have encountered the same issue and/or if you know a solution, please let me know.
I have messed around a bit with code signing, and we will see if the second build does away with some Mac-specific obstacles.     

Thanks a lot for all bug and crash reports, excited success messages and encouraging words, requests for new features, improvement ideas and help offers.
It is great to have so many helping hands.

Happy January,



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    1. Dennis Faas 2-time creator on

      Thanks a lot, Nuno, these are great news.
      I got a similar response from another backer, and I hope this solution fixes the problems with 0.1.1.
      I'll also remember to execute this command before releasing the next build ;)

    2. Nuno Monteiro on

      Hey Dennis!
      Great work! Congratulations once again!
      I tried it on a iMac with no issues but on my MacbookPro (late 2008 running 10.9.4) I wasn't able to open the app. It would instantly crash. A quick check using the console app showed the origin of the issue: the .app file didn't have execute permissions. This wasn't an issue on the iMac, but after firing up a Terminal window and doing "chmod 777" it started working flawlessly!

      Hope this helps the frustrated Mac user =D

      Keep up the awesome work!