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Spring Collection Tour! + Gina Wynbrandt Interview

Posted by 2dcloud (Creator)

How’s your Friday going? Hi, this is Kim. We are now at 100% of our goal with 45 hours remaining. And it’s thanks to you that we’ve gotten this far. Thank you so much!

Now, we are ambitious... We want to meet you!

If we can reach our NEW STRETCH GOAL OF $16,500, we will be able to plot out a small Spring Collection artists’ book tour**

illustration by Jake Terrell
illustration by Jake Terrell

Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and Minneapolis. MariNaomi, Gina Wynbrandt, Powerpaola, Will Dinski, and Sab Meynart (the curator of Altcomics Magazine #3) will meet you, sign your books, answer your questions, talk with you, take pictures with you in person.

**Not every artist will be able to make every city, but some of them will be able to make some of the cities. How much we raise and each artist’s availability will ultimately determine the Spring Collection tour circuit.

For your Friday reading enjoyment, here is my interview with Gina Wynbrandt of Someone Please Have Sex With Me, which is one of the best autobio-inspired-comics ever. My review of the book will be featured in the forthcoming newsletter.


I loved how your Big Pussy mini was printed in all pink. But Someone Please Have Sex With Me is published in two colours. Was it your intention to have different colours for the mini and the collection?

The hot pink was great for a short mini, but it would probably break your eyes after 140 pages, haha. And before Big Pussy, I self-published everything in grayscale. This book was my first chance to branch out a little with my colouring.

It’s fascinating to see your artistic development in Someone Please Have Sex With Me. Your drawings become more intricate and better. Your drawing is intensely realistic, especially people's faces and hair.

Before I started doing comics, I studied fashion illustration at school. I love drawing hair. Also my mom is a hairdresser/makeup artist. I like thinking about that stuff when doing my comics.

Speaking of your mom, I was surprised to see your mom supporting your work on social media. Usually cartoonists tend to hate showing their work to their parents. In addition, your work is fanfiction — as you said in the other interview —. Many fanfiction writers are ashamed of their work and afraid to show their work to real life friends and families.

Yes, my mom is hugely supportive of my work. We have a very similar sense of humour, which helps. And for any difficult, too-explicit moments, she clings to the idea that I'm using a "character." Most of my mom's family enjoys my comics. I showed my book to my dad recently. He flipped through it really quickly and gave it back, haha. He doesn't disapprove necessarily, but also doesn't want to read any of it. I don't think people should be ashamed of their fan fiction. Show the world!

Speaking of "character", while your early works are more ‘real’ (autobiographical), your recent works are far more surreal. Are you more interested in creating surreal stories these days?

I'm more interested in creating a narrative that represents my emotions, rather than truths. I'll start with a lot of journalling and re-reading old diaries and use recurring themes in my life (generally those being horny/lonely/sad) to make up a story. Maybe because in real life, I tell lots of personal stories all the time--I'm a very TMI (Too Much Information) type of person--I don't feel the need to translate most of my real stories into comics.

There's a lot of references to nerd, otaku, and internet culture in your comics: manga, game, anime, celebrity, etc. I find those cultures significantly sexist. They objectify women’s bodies and ignore female sexual desire. Your work subverts this. Do you enjoy nerd, otaku, and internet culture? While referencing them, what is your intention?

A lot of the stuff I'm interested in is laden with sexism. Not just otaku/nerd culture, I've also seen every episode of HBO's Entourage (and the movie). My work is kind of inspired by misogynistic culture and society, I try to make a response to that. In my comics, I portray myself very flawed, unattractive, fat and yet I'm able to surround myself with really hot men, who are usually fairly one-dimensional. They are around only to exist as eye candy and/or help me pursue my own happiness. You see the inverse of that (fat husband, sexy wife, etc) all the time, I wanted to subvert it for my own selfish pleasure.

You are so smart in real life, but as you said, you draw yourself as someone who fails to get a man. I think a lot of alternative autobio comics by male artists deal about their failing romance and in a way you subvert them too. What do you think about the comics culture?

I love comics by Chester Brown and Joe Matt and other male artists who portray undesirability and patheticness like that. I love how personal and honest it is. That being said, none of them portray women particularly well, which I think made me want my own voice out there even more. There needs to be equal gender representation for the pathetic and sexually frustrated, hah.

As you said, "Gina" in your work is pathetic and sexually frustrated, but not the real Gina. Have you worried that some creeps might misunderstand that and become too intrusive? Sexual harassment has been an issue in the comics industry, and as an artist you meet a lot of strangers. Maybe I'm being too worried about other people's private lives but there are always creeps.

I would love for that to happen. I self-published Someone Please Have Sex With Me as a minicomic over two years ago, and I'm still waiting for the creeps. I've never felt desirable to men, and that feeling makes me feel "less of a woman." Some people seem to believe that any woman is able to get dick whenever she wants, but I feel like I can barely give this pussy away. Someone Please Have Sex With Me is 50% real plea for sex, 50% making fun of myself for being so pathetically thirsty. It’s yet to be proven to be an effective strategy

AHAHAHAHA. Really no creeps yet? That's unbelievable. Maybe they are afraid of a "strong woman”. 

Have you ever worried about depicting "Gina" pathetic? As a person everybody has a desire to show a better side of him/herself. This of course applies to male cartoonists but not everyone worries much about how people see them. Wow, there's sexism inside me.

I don't worry about making myself pathetic because I have read too many precious autobio comics with a boring, occasionally quirky Good Guy as the protagonist. I'm a big fan of self-deprecation and not taking myself seriously.

Who are your favourite comics artists? What are your favourite Movies? Books?

Phoebe Gloeckner is my #1 hero. I love her, Simon Hanselmann, Noah Van Sciver, Ivan Brunetti, Kyle Platts, Esther Pearl Watson. American Psycho is a fave movie. For books, I like You Don't Know Me But You Don't Like Me, about the fans of Phish and Insane Clown Posse, and Kathy Griffin's autobiography

Reading Someone Please Have Sex With Me, I found out that you released a comic per a year. Your fans want more comics from you!

I have a full-time job as a secretary, and I'm a lazy shithead, so I don't make as many comics as I wished I did. Hopefully that'll change.

Now you have a wonderful collection of short comics, are you looking for a bigger thicker graphic novel? or Will you keep doing minicomics? I heard that your next book will be published by 2dcloud too.

I'm trying to figure that out now. I'm very comfortable with the minicomic format, but would like to give a longer book a try sometime.

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