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Part Two of the Fate of the Forebears adventure - experience intrigue, form alliances, and delve into the mysteries of the Nartheneen!
Part Two of the Fate of the Forebears adventure - experience intrigue, form alliances, and delve into the mysteries of the Nartheneen!
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April Monthly Update

Posted by 2CGaming (Creator)

Happy April Fools! We're jumping in here with a fairly-comprehensive update on the status of City of Sands and what we've been up to during the month of March. No jokes here - let's get cracking!

Art Updates

Some great progress on the art fronts here, including:

We've started on the Token and Map artwork as well (haven't forgotten), but the process on these can sometimes take a little longer, so we don't yet have post-able updates on those fronts. Check out the art progress below!

From the Object pack, we're most-excited about the extremely modular functionality of the market stalls. With many types of goods (food, weapons, clothing, etc.) and a variety of awnings, rugs, and carts, there's all manner of options. The pack will include several pre-made markets for easy placement as well as all of the components used to build them.

Acquiring the Scepter & The City's Lamplighters
Acquiring the Scepter & The City's Lamplighters


When Mimics Attack
When Mimics Attack


The City of Archensheen - With Faction Overlays
The City of Archensheen - With Faction Overlays

Writing Updates

A few notable updates here:

  • We've finished the writing on the first Act of three.
  • We've a tested, working draft of the simple faction & intrigue system to be used for the module (and other 2CGaming projects), which we'll go into a bit below.
  • Monsters, Objects, and Outline for the module are selected and completed.

As is the rest of the project, the writing is ahead of schedule - we're expecting to have the remaining two acts finished up by the end of April, which should put us in a good place for review, copy editing, and formatting through May, delivering the PDFs in late May or early June.

Intrigue and Rumors in Archensheen

The Intrigue system you'll find in City of Sands was designed with one priority: ease of use. As a Dungeon Master you have a lot on your plate, and we want to make your life easier, not harder. All you need to use it is to track one number for each faction in the city, called Influence. This number represents the relationship of the faction and the party, and it (usually) begins at 0, a neutral relationship. It can increase or decrease, with positive values reflecting a good relationship, and negative values reflecting a bad one. As Influence reaches certain thresholds, either positive or negative, events will occur. These events are specific to each faction, and can be as simple as a percent discount on all services or as involved as two minor houses teaming up to replace the ancient artifact the party was planning to steal with a worthless replica.

As these events occur, the party can put their skills (or their coin) to work asking about for rumors and information during downtime. This involves a skill check, with better results revealing more information. They'll have the option to spend some coin to improve their results, meaning a skilled party can get information cheaply, and a bunch of brutes will need to shell out quite a lot of coin to learn the same things.

The system is simple, the implementation in the module will bring the world to life, rewarding or punishing your players by their choices, as the world tangibly alters in response their actions.

Music Update

We're working with Kole Hicks of Kole Audio Solutions on the second and final track for City of Sands, building off the themes from the first track. No updates yet, but expect a snippet from that by the May update.

Module #3: The Lion's Vault

With your generous overfunding through Kickstarter and Backerkit, we've collected enough funding to start on some of the art for the third module in the Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path - The Lion's Vault. As soon as the artists are freed up (likely late April or early May), we'll get started on the following items, funded through this overfunding:

  • The Cover by Ambrose Hoilman (Illustrator for the Cover of City of Sands)
  • One track by Kole Hicks
  • Three illustrations by Jason Strutz
  • 15 Creature Tokens by Natalie Kelly.

That's all for now folks! As always, let us know if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.


Jon Kelly - The 2CGaming Team

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