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The ultimate guide to Epic Level 5th Edition. Bring your characters and DM arsenal to new heights of power beyond 20th level!
The ultimate guide to Epic Level 5th Edition. Bring your characters and DM arsenal to new heights of power beyond 20th level!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dennis S. on December 3

      Congratulations everyone for great KS! Looking forward to receiving this and seeing how the rules work with the othe KS - Tyrants and Hellions. :)

    2. Miguel
      on December 2

      Unofficial SG reached. Yes totally unofficial.

    3. Chris Anderson
      on December 2

      Nice! Another stretch goal achieved! :D

    4. George
      on December 2

      so close to that next SG

    5. Miguel
      on December 1

      @creator I am very interested in the relic competition however is a relic so I need to read your parameters well this weekend to submit something. Will be in contact.

    6. 2CGaming 7-time creator on December 1

      Hey @Miguel!

      There has been ongoing community discussions about what features we are considering now that we have hit our goal. The idea of a spell contest is very cool, so that is definitely something worth thinking about. Have you check out our Relic Design Contest? The concept is similar, but instead allows you to build a Relic (Epic magic item). I'd recommend checking that out, details here:

      In regards to the stretch goals, because we weren't confident that we would hit the 20k mark until we examined the Kickstarter's state a few days ago, there wasn't as much time as we would have liked to have the community help craft the additional goals (It can take a long time to determine the pricing of a goal accurately, which is hugely important to make sure you folks get what you pay for). We dropped the most recent new ones in our Discord Server a few days ago for folks to give their feedback and help us decide which ones to prioritize (these goals were ones we had done financial analysis for well in advance as alternatives or backups).

      If you would like to give your ongoing feedback about what we are working on or pose suggestions directly, I'd strongly recommend joining our Discord server (its much better at facilitating discussion and sharing ideas).

      Link here:

      In these last few days and a few weeks after the Kickstarter are the best times to give your suggestions for what you folks would like to see, so please drop in and let us know your thoughts! If you can't do Discord, messaging us directly through Kickstarter is also an excellent way to submit your ideas for consideration and get feedback from other Epic Legacy community members.

      Looking forward to hearing from you. The spell competition sounds very cool, so if you have more thoughts on it please share!

      The 2CGaming Team

    7. George
      on December 1

      Nice I log in to check on pledges and see we broke 20K

    8. Miguel
      on December 1


    9. Miguel
      on December 1

      (that you said)

    10. Miguel
      on December 1

      He said final, I say, do you remember that some ideas could be considered... :)

    11. Miguel
      on December 1

      Well unofficially I will say that if we reach $22,500.00 @creator is willing to consider a spell creation competition (best 3) to be included. Epic cantrip anyone?

    12. Miguel
      on December 1

      BTW I am... Minority Stock Holder. I have the Charlatan Background and this is my alter ego.

    13. Chris Anderson
      on December 1

      And there is 20K!!!! Is there another super secret stretch goal come????

    14. George
      on December 1

      Getting close

    15. Miguel
      on November 28

      We need to brake $20k just to see what @Creator will offer.

    16. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 28

      @Mad Doctor

      We are firing on all guns, so to speak, so lets see what happens!

    17. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 28

      @Dennis S! We made it, so more monsters for all! In regards to your rules question about Tyrants and Hellions, we do not have any immediate plans to have a direct integration between the two books, however....

      Within Tyrants and Hellions, there will be a system for designing and building your own villains to have them match that book's formatting, design, and play ability.

      And within the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook there will be a system for designing and building your own Mythic Monsters!

      With their powers combined, you can build a Mythic villain (or convert one of the pre-made Mythics into a villain) for the ultimate foe to grind your players beneath its heel. Personally I am very exciting to try this out and to see what folks come up with. If you make your own using these systems please share it with us, we would love to see that!

      Ryan, the 2CGaming Team.

    18. mad doctor on November 27

      Looks like we crossed a stretch goals threshold! Hopefully we'll see a surge in the last days that knocks down another.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dennis S. on November 25

      Woohoo.... Just USD 300+ more before the next SG.... Looking forward to seeing the 6 epic monsters.... :)

      @2cgaming: I wanted to ask if the rules here will also scale/add to the material in the Tyrants ans Hellions book as I had backed that as well...

    20. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 21


      Hey Greg! The book is in full color, we just wanted to make clear that the illustrations added to the book will not be black and white sketches, but rather beautifully colored works. Sorry for the confusion. I'm glad you found us! Welcome, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you have interest, I'd also recommend checking out our Discord community, they are fun folks and can share with you their experiences using this system in games. Join our Discord here:

    21. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 21

      @Benjamin Maillet

      Thank you! Sorry about the delayed response. We've been at PAX Unplugged and things got a little crazy (it was an amazing event though). We got very fortunate with our shipping options. You do NOT need to add your pledge for shipping costs, that will be done separately.

      Looking forward to sending you your copy!

      Ryan Servis, the 2CGaming Team

    22. Missing avatar

      Greg on November 21

      Hey there! Never heard of you guys before, but boy am I glad this book came up on my recommended list! Quick question (sorry in advance if this is mentioned somewhere and I missed it): Will this book be black and white, or will it be in full color? Only reason I ask is because Art Expansion I says: "3-5 full color illustrations and sketches [...]". Thanks in advance!

    23. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Maillet on November 16

      First of all, what a fantastic project !

      Secondly, your management about shipping and the shipping fee is extraodinary ! At last i don't have the i ky feeling when i see a project i wanna back, but think "erf, i gotta spit 25 more buck to receive it ...".
      Yet i have a question. Should i add now the 7$ for shipping to Eu in my pledge, or will i pay it when the backerkit happen ?

    24. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 14

      @dtmahanen I think I can best answer your question if I divide it into two sections, as there are two contexts where I think we could talk about races in an Epic Legacy game.

      The first is in a world building context, which we are certainly considering. When it comes to putting your Epic game together, a races origin, the leaders of nations, and individuals seeking to fulfill a races destiny could all be related to epic power or characters without too much trouble.

      The second part is the idea of providing epic progression for races, or opportunities to improve their racial abilities. As of this moment, we do not have any concrete plans to do this. However, if we reach our highest stretch goal (at $20,000 funding), we will open the floor to the backers and see what people would like us to add to the book at that point. If a lot of folks are looking for an epic expansion to races (such as Epic racial feats, new epic races, potential progression of racial abilities), we will see what it takes to develop and whether or not it fits into the kind of system we are looking to create.

      Hopefully that answers your question. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know!

      Ryan Servis, 2CGaming Team.

    25. Missing avatar

      dtmahanen on November 14

      So, more out of curiosity than anything else, are you going to mention anything about the multitude of races in 5e? I know that there aren’t any traits that go much past level 5 or so, but there are races in multiple different rulebooks, such as the PHB, the DMG, even Volo’s and the EEPG. Is there anything necessary that you would need to include to accommodate for that, or are we good with just using the official rules for stuff?

    26. George
      on November 14

      YAY More Loot

    27. Chris Anderson
      on November 14

      Not wanting to jinx it...but...first stretch goal unlocked!!!!!

    28. Marko Žilić on November 13

      So close for the 1st SG! :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Whitt on November 12

      Thanks so much for the answer, I was in just to comment, but now I'll certainly be getting the book. Looking forward to it too.

    30. Miguel
      on November 11

      Well, about multiclass PC, in essence your level is the sum of all classes and there is a multiclass spell progression table. I bet @creator will come with a interesting solution for that issue.

      I know that 2nd edition had stats for avatars that clearly showed that those avatars had multiple classes using multiclassing and dual class.
      Exploring dual class maybe a way to fix ( or complicated more) this.

      I bet that; if allowed, few players may be willing to lvl those multiclass characters like dual class ones just for the challenge of it.

    31. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 11

      @Benajmin Whitt

      No worries, there is a lot of content to ingest when exploring Epic Legacy. We do have a sidebar variant that includes suggestions for multiclassing in the Epic Legacy Player's Guide, and its a subject we are looking to explore more while completing the Core Rulebook. The long story short, is it is possible to multiclass (particularly if you are only dipping a few levels into a secondary class), but it requires a conversation between you and your Dungeon Master along with some negotiating. Not all multiclassing options are compatible however. I would say incorporating features from up to three classes is the absolute limit using the suggested rule variant.

      However, as I said we are going to give a long hard look at what we can do to accommodate multiclassers. Even though its technically a variant in base 5E (and Epic Legacy by extension), we acknowledge its importance in 5th Edition and the love for it by some communities (such as Adventurer's League).

      Its a great question, so thank you for asking!

    32. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Whitt on November 11

      So.... I apparently did not sleep long enough after our gaming session last night and just re-read my question. It's obvious you have to hit level 20 in a single class to move beyond that.... sorry.

      What I meant to say is this: For a multi-classed character, will there be advantages or any wording specifically addressing how that character will progress past level 20. I assume proficiency bonuses will be universal across the board. But what about ability score increases and/or feats, etc.?

    33. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Whitt on November 11

      I just read over the epic cleric .pdf you provided as an example and I have a question related to how your rules/material will work with multi-classed characters. Mainly, will all of the epic characters require reaching level 20 in a single class to begin using this system? My DM and I have been talking about our party progressing past level 20 and this seemed perfect at first. But because we have a small party, almost everyone has multi-classed for one reason or other. Most of us have 6-8 levels of 2 different classes currently. As an example, I'm the cleric in our group. I would have to take 12 more levels of cleric to reach level 20 and then with my other class levels, I'd already be level 27 before I hit "epic". Am I correct in the way I'm reading that, and is that how all the epic classes work?

    34. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 10

      @Miguel Those are some interesting ideas! Once (or if) we reach our last stretch goal, we will have a community based discussion to determine what our backers would like to see next appear in the book. We will certainly want to hear suggestions like these as we are coming to a consensus, and one of the reasons we'd really like to see us get that far is so we can potentially bring some of the awesome backer ideas to life.

    35. Miguel
      on November 9

      @creator Time for backers NPC stats blocks as stretch goals? You will have more than enough NPCs for another volume. What about backer summited spells? Do a backer spell pool and add best 20. You have a lot of players that may submit good ideas for content...

    36. George
      on November 9

      YAY Grats On Funding

    37. Chris Anderson
      on November 9

      Sweet!!! Funded!!! Now for some stretch goal goodness!!!

    38. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 9

      @Heath Dobson That option will be available after the Kickstarter ends through Backerkit!

    39. Missing avatar

      Heath Dobson
      on November 8

      Will we be able to do add ons, like getting one extra copy?

    40. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 5

      @Marko Zilic, You will do it later through Backerkit, no need to up your pledge for that! More details on shipping can be found down at the bottom of the Campaign section of the Kickstarter.

    41. Marko Žilić on November 5

      Hello, question, do we add shipping costs on our pleadge now or should/can we do it later?

    42. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 4

      @Miguel I believe you are referring to the Tell Your Tale Tier, in which case the spell will not be of your own design. The Ultimate Tier is able to design a fresh spell from the ground up in collaboration with us.

      An example of what you get with Tell your Tale if you wanted to name a spell, would go something like this. We would provide you with the list of spells available in the book (With the exception of the ones that are already named), and you would select one of your preferred theme and design. You would then choose a character of your own design and their named would become of that spell's title (we may also change the name of the spell to accommodate a character name if we are able to provide a suitable alternative).

      For example, if your character was a Wizard named Rathgar, and you liked the Epic Spell Reverse Magic, we would change the spell's name to "Rathgar's Reverse Magic" or something to that similar effect.

      You may also choose to have your character referenced in some other form (such as when describing an Epic Feat) or have their name associated with an Epic Ritual in a similar manner.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions and I'll be happy to help!

    43. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 4

      @Rabah Abu Khadra

      Welcome to 5th Edition, its a great system! Your campaign can transition to Epic levels using this system from the base 5th Edition Rulebook. However, your campaign will either need to be very long running (advancing from levels 1-20 can take quite some time), or you will have to speed up the character progression. My persona favorite is to start from level 5 instead of level 1 in my games. I find that overall increases the pace quite significantly.

      Hopefully that answers your question, let me know if we can be of any more assistance!

    44. Miguel
      on November 4


      Can my named spell be a spell of my own design?

    45. Miguel
      on November 4

      @creator Will my spell named is a spell of my own design?

    46. Missing avatar

      Rabah Abu Khadra
      on November 4

      Hi, I’m new to table top RPG style gaming. Would this campaign be suitable for for me just starting ie level 1 as opposed to the level 21-30 mentioned in the description?

    47. Oliver Peltier
      on November 4

      Glad to be the 100th backer, just heard about this Kickstarter.

    48. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 3

      @Jeff - the standard book will be printed full-color on 50lb matte white (similar to our printing for the Trap Compendium). The deluxe edition, in comparison, will be 70lb semi-gloss white.

    49. Jeff Wandler on November 3

      Thank you! Also, in regards to the Epic Legacy, what sort of paper is used in the Standard Core Book?

    50. 2CGaming 7-time creator on November 3

      Hi @Jeff - thanks for the support! After the Kickstarter, we'll reach out to everyone who will be including their content in the book directly and work with you to develop your concept.

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