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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 13 2015 11:38 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of €30,000pledged of €30,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 13 2015 11:38 PM UTC +00:00

What happened in the last hours of our campaign


/* The fraudulent pledge */

Hi folks,

First of all, before explaining what exactly happened, please allow me to THANK YOU all. The support we received over the last 24h really has helped the team to cheer up after all what happened yesterday night. I personally need to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

We are really sorry that it took us so long to give you an official statement of what went down yesterday during our end of campaign. As you know we were live streaming the end of our Kickstarter. At some point we got a pledge of 7000 euros, the exact amount needed to reach our goal. As you can imagine we partied,  shouted  in social media, congrats were in order.

All that disappeared 30 minutes (more or less) before the end of the campaign. The Kickstarter guys sent us an email informing us that the pledge was fraudulent and that they had to remove it. Meaning that we were not funded anymore. Apparently, the user that pledged was a troll that wanted to play a really bad joke on us ( and some other Kickstarter projects ). 

Honestly speaking it has been a extremely exhausting month for us. We have been working really hard to make our campaign a success. The last hours have been a rollercoaster for the whole team and the supporters(especially those that saw all of that livestreaming). To see that the glimpse of hope was taken away was a shock, and one of the worst experiences I had as a indie developer (is the worst with no doubt).

It has also been an exhausting 24h since all of this happened. We hope you will understand that we are still in shock and we need a good night sleep  before we decide how we will continue (probably tomorrow we will announce some news).

Below the link to our twitch stream when we though we were funded, so you can better understand how do we feel right now.

For sure we won't let this end this way!!! 

 The Dimension Drive team


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    1. Nathaniel Jordan on

      OUCH! That's horrible! Rest up and recover from that, it's been well earned.

      I still believe in you. I'd love to know what the future holds post-campaign after you've had time to think about it.

    2. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      @SpellShell we were in the same situation but in like 3h difference time. It was devastating, and still trying to recover, but yes we will try to do better and have another celebration party at the end of the second Kickstarter.

      @Kim Vleeshouwer hugs are really appreciate it. We got a lot of them in the last Indievelopment (indiedev conference in The Netherlands last Friday). We can only say, THANK YOU guys, it really cheer up us a lot !!!

      @Cory YES we are relaunching on Monday (will let you know by mail the exact details soon). We tried to reach as much media / youtubers in the first one as we could, and we will try this second time (even harder).

      @Edward We also do not understand how people can behave like that. If you have been the video of our last stream you would imagine how we felt when it happened. I honestly do not understand how people can do this kind of things.

      @Chris Yes will do (sorry it took us so long to decide, but we were really devastated after all of this). Yes we will have some deals for our old backers, but still working on them :). Will let you know tomorrow more by email.

      @Lutz what can we say other than we agree with you. Of course we do not know exactly how the Kickstarter system works, and how this "troll" found the way to do what he did. What we know for sure after a phone call with had with them is that they were genuinely unhappy about all this situation as we are. About Indiegogo or Kickstarter we decided in the first place to use Kickstarter for reasons that does not matter right now (this is another discussion). We think that both platforms are awesome helping projects like ours come to live. We decided to relaunch in Kickstarter because we don't want to make all this issue to be a kind of Kickstarter vs Indiegogo fight as well.

    3. SpellShell on

      Only good thing that I can say is what I went to sleep happy, then project get 30k (because of 7k that pledged troll wast enought and some guys with me wait fo last 500 euros like an hour) and have dissapointment only for next morning... But it was be great night anyway. I want to celebrate it once more, then second compaing will succes! I sure it will! =) wait for it guys!

    4. Kim Vleeshouwers on

      Oh that's so nasty guys.. I'm so sorry that happened.. I'll be looking forward to trying to help you again. Here's a big virtual hug, you've done so, so well. *hug*

    5. Cory Fitzgerald on

      I am waiting for you to relaunch, I want in. have you thought about reaching out toyoutube stars like Super Best friends? Many of themlove this style of game, and even off hand comment would do wonders for publicity.

    6. Edward Petersen

      That's absolutely horrible. And how do you respond to such a thing? A person like that wouldn't understand a rational punishment for such behavior. If that is what gives them pleasure, then they are just not wired to understand. I hope you are able to compartmentalize that as being an anomaly to the Kickstarter experience and remember that there are a great number of people here who want you to succeed.

      Well ... know that if you try again, I'll be there to back you again.

    7. Chris Skuller

      Wow, what a dick.

      Here's what I think you should do. Start the kickstarter over. This is a VERY fertile time on kickstarter (due to the presence of two million dollar game campaigns), but you guys started too early.

      You start the kickstarter over, encourage everyone to come back and pledge again. Maybe do one of those 48 hour special deals for old backers. This will give your kickstarter a huge boost, likely pushing it past the 50% mark in the first couple days.

      As everyone knows, the kickstarter campaigns that are most likely to succeed are the ones that can get past that first 40%-50% hump as fast as possible. That will show everyone else on the fence that your project has "legs", so to speak.

      Then, you'll have the next month to raise the last 50%, which won't be as hard because people are more likely to back a campaign they think will win!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lutz Osterkorn

      Damn such a shame. I’m sorry to hear that some idiot has fun destroying the hopes of many.
      He's truly a very poor soul. Especially if done repeatedly.

      I might not be an easy task for KS to implement a system that prevents this kind of abuse at least to some extent in the future or even take some legal actions against trolls like him.

      Its one thing to withdraw a $20 at the last minute but something totally different with a high pledge like this (which was probably a little to good to be true).

      KS should implement a "Wanted for fraud" link on their homepage and supply all the personal info they have on trolls like him as a warning to everybody.

      I hope you'll find some other means to continue the development of Dimension Drive or start a new campaign with a different approach to reach your goal.

      Btw. I'm not a friend of Indiegogo flex campaigns like Michael Merrill .I only support fixed funding campaigns.

      I wish you good luck.

    9. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      @Wayne, as far as we know the user was suspended and all the fraudulent pledges removed. (yesterday) About the extension, the kickstarter guys told us that this is not possible because the system doesn't work in that way.

      @Michael, we are considering options now, but today has been a long day with almost not sleeping last night.

      We are considering options now, and probably tomorrow we will let you know more

      Either way, thanks for the support guys :) !!!

    10. Wayne Sung on

      Kickstarter should give you an extension. Or actually fine that user anyway for the amount "fraudulently" pledged. (I used quotes because that user went through the actions of pledging, right?)

      Either way, sorry to hear it and good luck!

    11. Michael Merrill on

      So uncool. :( I was disappointed when I got the not funded email. Hopefully you guys can still do something. Maybe start the campaign again and hope everyone comes back and with the extra time enough new people fill in the remaining 7k.

      Or try Indie GoGo's flex campaigns. You get to keep the money even if you aren't fully funded, so you can still go forward with it if you come up a little short.