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Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
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    1. LiquidAg

      @Ins0mnia - You can have any color you want -- as long as it's black. :-)

    2. Ins0mnia on

      but I wanted a black one :(

    3. Windy Hill Studio on

      Since I dont check my email on a regular basis I just got this today and totally missed the April fool's joke. Therefore I could not believe my eyes at what I was reading! The tophats 3 pack was awesome. Great job. Totally confused me.

    4. Missing avatar

      edusword on

      Joer, menos mal! Y yo que me lo había creído todo. Menudos cabronazos estáis hechos ;)

    5. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      For English speakers:

      Thank you everybody for your patience with our April Fools joke. Glad to see many people got it and had fun with it. We tried to make it fairly obvious with things like removing half of the pixels at random, or the silly idea of selling hats. But if you got fooled and believed any of this was true we apologize. Nothing will be cut in the game :)

      For Spanish speakers:

      El día 1 de Abril se celebra en muchos países del mundo "April Fools", es algo similar al día de los Santos Inocentes en España. Así que toda la noticia de ayer era falsa, una broma nada más. Fue genial ver como mucha gente la pilló y bromeo con nosotros. Pedimos disculpas a los que creyeron que algo de esto iba en serio. Tened por seguro que no hemos cortado nada en el juego :)

    6. AgendaToHeaven on

      Damm! I did not read was a joke! :D

    7. AgendaToHeaven on

      As new ideas can be droped in the way of developing a game, new ones can born. Awesome Studio has allways try to reach the highest point with Dimension Drive and I am sure they will be capable to find an alternative option. As little wishes, I can say don´t bet all in player paying systems and also don´t try to meet all plataforms resources needs, because will be as hard as having all people happy. Good luck!

    8. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Jones137 on

      Ah yes. The "bad news" joke. Never ceases to please.

    9. Erick FTL on

      para los de habla hispana. hoy es 1o de Abril, dia de los inocentes. para los americanos es un dia para hacer bromas, no importa de que tan mal gusto sean. en Mexico tenemos un dia similar el 28 de diciembre.

    10. Andrew Tuckett on

      Its funny because its true. You guys had me going there for a second ;-)

    11. Solkan on

      Dimension Drive dimensionless ?!

      Even for a joke, you should be lynched with asteroids !

      There are things with which we do not laugh.

    12. Cory Fitzgerald on

      I really hope this is an April fools day joke because if not this is not the game I backed

    13. Daljit Chandi

      Hahaha those are some fancy hats!

    14. Missing avatar

      matthew hohl on

      Thanks for checking to see who is reading your updates. Joke is community approved!

    15. Nathaniel Jordan on

      Kickstarter has me so conditioned for disappointment that I believed everything except for the microtransactions (which I assumed was an awkard joke to lighten the mood), until I got to the comments. X_X

      I hate April Fools... what an emotional rollercoaster. T_T

    16. Igloos on

      Oh man, love those goofs and gaffs. You had me for a second there.

    17. Dave Forget on

      Finally! That second dimension gimmick was dumb anyways. I highly doubt anyone actually wanted it. Now that this is finally moving in a more sensible direction, keep up the good work, boyos.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner


      Nicely done. ^^

    19. Volodesi on

      Hats always make things better.

    20. Alessandro Maniscalco on

      Makes no sense you are cuttinh 2nd dimension because computers cant handle it and then sell it to us later when that is the main reason we backed this. Otherwise its just a plain old shooter. Very disappointed.


      "Sell packs of bullets"

      That's what clued me in.

    22. Missing avatar

      Boaz Pat-El on

      Good April fools joke :)

    23. Jesús Cepeda Cid on

      Love that way. I still feel we need even a less dimension!

    24. Craig M. on

      Definitely an April Fools thing. Quit it guys, I'm tired of these pranks. I'd pay $0.99 to shoot a few paint balls at you if you want extra money.

    25. Sven Neumann on

      I suggest instead of going from "Dimension Drive" to just "Drive", you could try "Dimension"? Or perhaps cut elsewhere and switch from "2 Awesome Studio" to "1 Awesome Studio", or perhaps "2 Studio"?

    26. Blarghedy


    27. Missing avatar

      edusword on

      Muy buenas. Es una putada lo de eliminar la segunda dimensión, ya que desde mi punto de vista era algo totalmente innovador y lo que realmente diferenciaba a este juego del resto de matamarcianos. Pero si de momento esto no es posible, pues hay que saber comprenderlo. Eso sí, yo desde luego jamás pagaría por cada bala o por cada enemigo, por mucho que el juego fuera gratuito. No veo por ningún sitio la gracia que puede tener eso, francamente.


    28. Timothy Mann

      I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop... Because if I'm right, I smell an April Fool's prank going on here... Good Job, 2Awesome -- I'm not buying what you're selling... Not yet, anyway.

    29. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      Thank you for being so understanding with us. The idea of one cent = one bullet is something we should have thought of from the start. If enough people like that maybe we can still save that second dimension with your help!

    30. Tommaso Pulera on

      Yes, awesome idea, really wanna pay for every bullet i shoot. How about one cent, one bullet?
      Also, scrapping the second dimension was the right call, what an stupid idea to fill the complete 16:9 screen, I want black side bar like the good old 4:3 movie on these TV's!

    31. Atarun

      Got a better idea: make the game free to play with an energy system so I can only play about 30 seconds per day unless I pay hundreds of euros. Pay to win FTW!!

    32. Jordi Kroon 'erbkaiser' on

      Of course everyone loves a season pass, but why not make use the MMO model? Pay for a monthly subscription to the second dimension.
      You can sweeten the deal by giving flying mounts. Everyone'll love Jack riding a dragon.