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Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
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Alpha build

Posted by 2Awesome Studio (Creator)

/* Last public Alpha */

All your base are belong to us
All your base are belong to us

Hi awesome people!

These months have been one hell of a ride and we are very proud of what we have achieved in a major part thanks to your support. We have reached a point were Dimension Drive is ready for the next step: closed alpha.

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple the amount of content that Dimension Drive alpha has now is getting too big to be given away publicly (it would be a disrespect to you and bad for business). However, we still want to keep the community involved and use your feedback and support to keep building an awesome game together. In the next update we will let you know how to access the closed alphas.

But before we move to closed alpha, we release today the last public alpha (alpha build )

Get it here:



  • Story Cut-scene level 1-2 
  • Story Cut-scene level 1-3 
  • Story Cut-scene level 1-4 
  • Localization to Spanish (press 2 in keyboard, 1 goes back to English)
  • Localization to Japanese (press 3 in keyboard, 1 goes back to English)
  • Mission report scene 
  • Ashajul Tracker enemy
  • Level 1-4
  • Level Checkpoint shown after crossing it
  • Data cube pickups


  • Player speed adjusted (-30%) for tighter control
  • Enemy turrets art updated
  • Shield pickup art
  • Power-up pickup art
  • More awesome


  • Solved issue "Music filter is not disabled after Pause"
  • Solved issue "Level results screen only works in Full HD"
  • Solved issue "End level menu, when dying is not localized"

Known issues:

  • Story cut-scenes do not play after finishing one level. They only play when the level selected from menu screen.
  • Heatwave effect not working on Mac/Linux
  • Build crashes on certain Slackware Linux distros
  • Resolutions that are not 16:9 not working

As usual, we will be extra grateful if you could send us some feedback about it. Feel free to use the comments here, email, Twitter or Facebook, we check everything.


/* Tokyo Game Show and Madrid Games Week recap  */

For those of you interested in the adventures of Alejandro showcasing Dimension Drive around the world we want to point you to our website where he wrote two posts with lots of details and pictures. 

Tokyo Game Show

Madrid Games Week


/*Shout-out Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age */

Megamagic is Diablo meets PKMN meets Zelda meets C&C, with 80s vibes all over it!

Megamagic is in the last hours of their Kickstarter and could use your help if you like what you see, we definitely do! 

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