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Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
Teleport between two battlefields and fight your way in this comic book style sci-fi adventure!
1,194 backers pledged €36,996 to help bring this project to life.
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      Lutz Osterkorn

      I see your point and I know that sometimes the creators of a KS campaign underestimate the costs and logistics of s&h (a friend of mine already successfully completed his own KS Audio CD campaign but he outsourced s&h because he had to ship more then 2000 units).

      Spending your resources towards the game development is of course way more important.

      But still my conscience won't allow me to pay 20€ for shipping for a CD and I will pass the offer.
      Probably I can visit you on a trip to the Netherlands and grab a spare copy if you got surplus ;-)

    2. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      @Lutz We now it is high for some countries. But you have to consider that we are a really small indie developer and we have to deal with shipping worldwide. Besides that we are considering shipping with secure tracking because we want to be legally covered and make sure that rewards arrive to you. We are not a shop that has shipping agreements with logistics companies.

      Probably in your case sending the CD to Germany it will cost us less than 20€. But if we start customizing shipping per country and item(s) it will be really complex to deal with this later. So, what we did is lower the price of the items as much as we could without offending people that backed at higher tiers to compensate for the shipping costs. You now can get physical rewards at a cheaper price than some of the high tiers :)

      We hope you understand that even if we want to give our backers good rewards in the end we have to be careful and work towards funding the development of the game which in the end is what you are trusting us to do.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lutz Osterkorn

      The Add-on store is a nice idea.

      But charging Euro 20,- for shipping is way too much.

      I live in Germany.That's almost next door to you and shipping a EUR 15,- Music CD for EUR 20,- is out of the question. It's more like EUR 6,-. That's the amount a Videogame shop in the Netherlands I buy from is charging when shipping CD's to Germany.

      EUR 20,- might be OK if you'll send multiple items overseas or because of weight and size restrictions but otherwise you'll make backers think twice opting for a physical add-on.
      At least I did.

      Of course adding different shipping options for different regions and/or size restrictions will make the whole s&h procedure more complicated for you but probably more backers might be interested in a specific physical add-on.


    4. 2Awesome Studio 2-time creator on

      @Windy Thanks :)

      @Michael thanks a lot for your support !!!

      @Joshua We just posted yesterday :) (about consoles, still working on it ...:) )

    5. Missing avatar

      Windy Johansen on

      Yay! So glad to see this. Good luck to you all. ^_^

    6. Michael Merrill on

      I'll definitely be adding 20+ to my pledge! Hopefully all 900 backers are just as happy to do so!

    7. Joshua Speer on

      Not sure how I missed this update previously, but love the idea of an add on store! Might need to get that artbook... Also, I hope to see this on multiple consoles!