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iFetch is the perfect toy for any small or medium size dog. It's an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Dogs and people love it!
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iFetch All Shipped

Posted by The Hamill Family (Creator)

All US and Canada Kickstarter orders shipped today! We do have tracking numbers but no way to send out 1200 of them individually. If you do not receive your iFetch by next Friday the 21st, please let me know and I will track it for you!


Denny Hamill

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    1. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Thank you for your thoughtful note and I am sorry for your disappointment. We are getting numerous excited notes of thanks and videos of happy dogs with iFetch, but also a few notes like yours with slobber problems. We find that balls without fuzz (squash balls for example) help the problem for some dogs but not all. Also, wiping off the ball from time to time works as well but of course that makes it impossible for the dog to play by itself! We are working on a fix for this, but that will not help you right away.

    2. David Zawrotny on

      I'm having a lot of problems with the Ifetch stopping to work once the ball gets slightly wet from saliva. Anyone else having this issue. It's a shame because the dog has learned to use it himself and as soon as he is on a role it stops working. Killing his training.

    3. Missing avatar

      Treb Bates on

      We received ours several weeks ago and a very pleased with the work that went into it. It works as promised. Now if I can just get my dog to cooperate!

    4. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Rodrigo, we are shipping to many countries. We have had problems with shipments to Brazil with very high shipping costs and serious problems with customs there. One customer had one purchase go through easily but the other identical package was going to require $100 duty. Until we find a distributor in Brazil we have shut down selling there on our website,

      Very sorry,

      Denny Hamill

    5. Rodrigo Nery Nogueira on

      Hi, I'm wondering when you guys will start to ship to other countries, I live in Brazil. Best Regards

    6. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Hello Peter and others:

      I am so sorry you are having problems with iFetch! After shipping those first units (1200) we are getting numerous excited notes of thanks and videos of happy dogs with iFetch, but also a few notes like yours with one of two problems:

      It could be a problem if the balls get too wet with slobber. Some dogs slobber so much you need to wipe off the balls from time to time or they become so slippery the spinning wheels will not grab and throw them.

      If you can, please try using dry balls without the dog. Turn the unit on at the low setting and put a ball in. If it throws the ball, wait until the iFetch stops and then put in another dry ball. Let me know if this continues to work OK. If in fact the iFetch works but only stops working after a number of dog fetches it is probably a slobber problem that needs to be addressed differently.

      If that is not the problem you may be having a problem we are now seeing on a few units. There are two “triggers” in the wall of the chute below the funnel. One turns on the unit, the other holds the ball until the motors reach speed and then it releases the ball to be thrown by the spinning wheels. It seems that in a few instances, the triggers are getting stuck in shipment or in initial use. Some of these units have been easily fixed in the field. (Actually, one of you Kickstarter supporters, Doug, was first to find this problem and fix it!).

      Firsst, if you can, take a short video of the problem operation. That would help us try to identify the cause of this defect. Look and see if one of the arms appears stuck. Then unplug the power cord and remove the batteries. If you see that either component is stuck, try wiggling the stuck component so that it releases into the default "out" position. If you can free the stuck component and verify that it does not get stuck again (by pushing and releasing it a few times with your finger while the unit is still unplugged and without batteries), then the device will (hopefully) continue to work properly going forward. If you cannot free the stuck triggers, then we need to go ahead and have your unit returned for investigation as to what is causing the jam.

      Can you do the experiments and let me know what happens?

      Again, sorry for the problems, we'll get to the bottom of this!

      Denny Hamill for iFetch

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      Peter Wuerstle on

      I recieved my iFetch. Got the dog to drop the ball in it no problem but she's a little skittish from the noise of a launching ball. Not too worried, she just needs some more practice. I have also noticed the issue with slobbery balls. It usually takes about 10 throws before the ball is too wet and iFetch struggles to fire the ball out. Any solutions are appreciated. Thanks

    8. Shaun LaGarry on

      Hi Hamill family,

      I unfortunately havent received my iFetch yet (I live in NY)

    9. Missing avatar

      Donald Jefferson on

      Received our IFetch yesterday and have to say I am really disappointed. Probably my own fault for not evaluating the product more closely but I was expecting the machine to spit out full-size tennis balls. Reading back the original description I see that it says *miniature* tennis balls but I assumed that meant slightly smaller, not TINY. These balls are only slightly larger than the kibble we feed my Lab. We will not be using the iFetch without dog because we are afraid she will swallow the balls. This machine should clearly state it is for Toy or Miniature dogs and is a potential hazard to full-size dogs. Very disappointed!

    10. Ken Oh on

      Just got ours. It's great, but is anyone else having trouble with slobber? After about a dozen throws the ball is too slick to get gripped by the launch wheels. I wonder if there's another type of ball that would work better. I'm thinking a hard rubber one like the ChuckIt Rebounce balls (hard rubber recycled material), but I don't think they make them that small.

    11. David Myers on

      The iFetch is PERFECT for small dogs! My Jack Russel loves it!