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iFetch is the perfect toy for any small or medium size dog. It's an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Dogs and people love it!
1,271 backers pledged $88,221 to help bring this project to life.

Kickstarter Project Over - Wonderful Support!

Posted by The Hamill Family (Creator)

Well, our thirty day project has now ended and we greatly appreciate the support we recieved from so many people. We especially liked the enthusiastic comments about how much fun this is going to be for everybody's dogs!

We did get many excellent suggestions and requests and we will be reporting to you regularly when we can incorporate some of them in the first-to-be-released products.

Finally, as we move ahead now with the product launch process we will report to you regularly about our progress.

Again, many thanks from the iFetch Team!


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    1. Jonathan Barnes on

      My two toy poodles are going to love this! Can't wait!!

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      Mary Whitledge on

      We can't wait till ours arrives ... my dog loves playing ball and is obsessed with balls to the point she takes one to bed with her every night. I have to spell the word "ball" if I don't want to get her excited about the prospect of a new game of fetch. Your design is so attractive and is the perfect size. We're really hoping you find an alternative to the tennis-like ball. If it doesn't work out, please let us know why so we don't try to use balls (such as ChuckIt) and risk harming the iFetch. Congratulations!

    3. Missing avatar

      Francesca on

      @Jennie You can find a an automatic ball launcher for dogs @ We have one for our 55 pound pup, it works with different balls and sizes.

    4. Stacey Spies on

      Looking forward to get this for my (very) high energy terrier! I am also hoping you can make a smooth ball available. My dog is a puppy and likes to chew. He pulls the fur off tennis balls and destroys them. I need something pretty durable to last more than an hour around here! I found your page today and was able to get a spot that someone gave up at the last minute. You've come up with a great idea here, hopefully you will be able to incorporate some of the feedback you have received.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jennie Ridler on

      Larger size would definitely be preferable...I worry that these smaller sized balls might be a choking hazard for my 60lb dogs :(

    6. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Congratulations on your successful campaign :D
      Just to clarify something you stated in the comments section on July 9th;
      Would us international folk who don't use the United States standard 120V still need to stick to batteries/source our own converter? Was just a little confused about what you guys said back then.

    7. Missing avatar

      Maiku on

      Hope to see a larger model soon. Congrats!

    8. Simon Hodgkiss on

      Thank you so much guys! I can't wait to play with this with my dog!! Hope November comes soon!!!!

      Rubber balls are a great idea too!