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iFetch is the perfect toy for any small or medium size dog. It's an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Dogs and people love it!
iFetch is the perfect toy for any small or medium size dog. It's an interactive, on-demand ball launcher. Dogs and people love it!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stanley Zreinike on

      hoping for a solution - slobber is inevitable

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Wuerstle on

      I am also interested in a solution to the issue with the product unable to launch balls once they become damp from the dogs mouth. I bought a case of squash balls but they didn't fix the issue. The balls will just sit above throwing wheels and spin. Wish I could get this thing figured out. Please let me know if there are any break through. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Ray Russell on

      Love my Ifetch. The ball turned out to be a hazard for my lab. So I gave it my niece to play with her minpin. Perfect match. Let us know if you plan on doing one using regular tenis ball size. I realize this would be much harder to do. I.e. bigger motor bigger housing, etc..

      Very good quality and workmen ship. Packaging was great too.

      Thanks ,
      Ray Russell

    4. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Thank you for your notes and I am sorry for your disappointment. We are getting numerous excited notes of thanks and videos of happy dogs with iFetch, but also a few notes like these with slobber problems. We find that balls without fuzz (squash balls for example) help the problem for some dogs but not all. Also, wiping off the ball from time to time works as well but of course that makes it impossible for the dog to play by itself! We are working on a fix for this, but that will not help right away.

      Daver, extensive summary of all our experiences coming soon in an Update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      @klandau, if you find a solution let me know, my american cocker loves the iFetch but gets the balls slobbery and the machine fails to throw them after a few minutes of fetching.

    6. Daver... !!!(⊙.⊙(☉o☉)⊙.⊙)!!!

      Dear Hamills, any response to the comments below for all of us backers to read?
      Thanks for the iFetch! :c)

    7. Missing avatar

      klandau on

      Has anyone figured out what to do with the slober problem? Tried squash balls to no avail. My Boston does drool, but not enough that I would have thought it would be an issue, but she is only able to play 5 or 6 times before it stops working

    8. Missing avatar

      Emily T on

      My dog LOVES her iFetch!!! She gets sooo excited when I bring it out her whole body wiggles!! Thank you so much!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Altoe Matamoros on

      Both my iFetch arrived,
      One with the proper declared amount, and the second one I had to send back.
      Brazilian customs were charging me over US$100 in taxes.
      Denny can provide you with a tracking number..

    10. Rodrigo Vinciprova on

      I'm from Brazil and I haven't got my iFetch yet, could you check on that, please?

    11. d freymann on

      @hiroshi awesome!

    12. Missing avatar

      Lei Guo on

      I haven't got mine yet, could you check on that, please?

    13. Missing avatar

      Hiroshi Horii on

      @d freymann I took your advice and took the iFetch apart, indeed one of the trigger was stuck inside. Now i put them together and all seems working fine. Thanks for the advice!

    14. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Altoe Matamoros on

      I've PMd you...
      Could you check on that?


    15. PsycoCavr on

      I have my Ifetch. now to teach my Boston Terror to use it .. and not be afraid of it.
      It looks great, runs great.. just need the dog to play with it.

    16. Robert Erlick

      My dogs love it! What more do I need to say?

    17. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      @John Horn - That is cool that your cat is playing with the iFetch and brings it back to you and drop it.

    18. John Horn on

      Although I know this was made for dogs I'm finally starting to get my Savannah to play with it. He's been hitting the trigger last couple days trying to get random balls to shoot out. We usually play fetch all day but he hasn't last couple days until today. The balls are kind of big for him but he got them back to me. Baby steps. Here is a video for you.

    19. d freymann on

      @Hiroshi Our iFetch exhibited similar behavior - one shot when turned on, then unresponsive. Turns out that the ball-sensor flaps were stuck in the 'on' position, out of the box. When you look down the funnel you should see three plastic flaps - the two on the side are the ball-sensors, and the central one is the latch. In our case we only saw the one latch because the two ball sensors were stuck, retracted in the 'on' position. I've fixed ours, but it required taking the unit apart and loosening (then re-tightening) some screws in the center of the unit. Now it works great. Soon, one of our small-dog friends is going to be a happy pup.

    20. Missing avatar

      klandau on

      Great idea, great looking product, but I'm not sure if it was a lack of testing our the construction, but the wet/drool ball issue makes the iFetch unusable.

      The training with my Boston was fun but after she was able to play herself, it only took about 5 tries before the ball was too wet and would not launch. I bought squash balls as recommended on the comments and unfortunately they are even worse.

      Unless there is a fix that someone comes up with, I fear this will be gathering dust.

      I'm happy to support an entrepreneur and end up with a doorstop, but I fear that anyone buying this in the store will be returning it before long.

    21. d freymann on

      Looks great, but these balls are a choking hazard for any dog larger than 15 pounds or so (guessing - my dogs are 55 lbs and I will not let them play with this). Suggest you call it 'iFetch for Small Dogs' in its current incarnation. Thanks.

    22. Curtis on

      Congratulations Hamill family. Your product is amazing I think my weiner dog might actually be addicted to it. I have to take it away from him out of fear that he will run him self to exhaustion. It took about 20 minutes for him to figure it out. Once he found out he could put it in himself there was no stopping him. I'm also having the ball drool issue but I'm going to try the squash balls and see how that work. Thanks again for the amazing product.

    23. Suzanne Schiller on

      As someone who was critical of the lack of communications during this project, let me also be one to give positive feedback when appropriate -- very nice job, all of it. Works exactly as advertised, looks good, packaged well. I'm very satisfied although my dog appears to be a bit terrified -- plus, she doesn't want to return the balls -- but we're working on that : -)

    24. Ken Mencher

      Got mine last night, and my Boston is still figuring it out. He got hit in the chest a few times while he was trying to figure out how to get the ball out of the hopper.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam Enright on

      We are loving the iFetch so far! Its working great and after a couple sessions working at we finally have our jack russell dropping the ball in on his own once in a while. I am sure he will have it mastered very soon.

      Only one problem we have faced is that the balls get too slobbery and won't shoot? Is there an alternative we can use?

    26. Missing avatar

      Hiroshi Horii on

      Just got mine but it seems NOT WORKING correctly.
      After I press the power button on, the device automatically shoots a ball, if there was one in the shoot. Then NOTHING. It seems that the device is not detecting the ball.
      Anyone have the same problem, or are there any workarounds, troubleshooting method?

    27. Missing avatar

      Serena Reagan on

      Got mine today! My dogs LOVE it. I have 3 small dogs and one large one, so I would also be interested in a version 2 for large dogs!! GREAT PRODUCT!!

    28. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Just received my iFetch here in CA.

      It looks great, nice packaging. I do like the "Throw Speed Adjuster" button function in the rear.

      The balls are a bit small and probably best for small size dogs, which I have 3 of them.

      It does throw out a bit of a sound that could scare certain dogs, but with time and training we all should be able to enjoy this with our pets.

      I would love to see iFetch back on Kickstarter again with Version 2. A larger iFetch for Medium to Large Dogs using Tennis Ball Size Rubber balls.

      Also with maybe a simple clip to disassemble the unit for cleaning after each use, cause you know there's gonna be some bacteria growth in the unit, if not cleaned after a certain amount of usage.

      I would cautious with this version on medium dogs as the balls are small enough to be a chocking hazard for your medium to large dogs.

      I would be totally in for version 2 of iFetch for large dogs. :)

      Great job on this project. So far, so good.

    29. Missing avatar

      Derek Bender on

      Definitely need those rubber balls, these get slobber heavy after about 5 throws, then the fun stops. :(

    30. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Robert, you might check out our training video at:\

      Denny Hamill

    31. Robert Haleluk on

      I got my iFetch yesterday, but my dog is a bit afraid of it. Does anyone have any training tips to get them to play with the iFetch? I've tried treats and even rubbed some peanut butter on the inside where they drop the balls, but still no luck. I think it's because the iFetch makes a squealing or whining noise as it winds up and throws the ball. My dog just jumps at it and knocks it over because I don't think he likes the sound. Now, I can't get him to go anywhere near it, let alone drop the ball into it. Any ideas on how to get him to trust it? I don't want him to keep having a bad experience, because then he'll never play with it.

      I have a bigger dog, but he loves the small balls and loves playing fetch.. He doesn't like his new toy lol. I'd love to hear how other pet owners got their dogs to use the iFetch.


    32. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Anyone in CA got theirs yet? Still waiting for mine..,

      And has anyone found a Brand of Rubber balls that work with the iFetch. Any link or info on the rubber balls would be much appreciated.


    33. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      You can order more balls at

    34. Rita O'Neill Gosman

      Is there a way to order more balls through you? Thanks!

    35. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Ada, we are actually working to have rubber balls made without the fuzz. In the meantime squash balls work great!


    36. Missing avatar

      Ada on

      Got mine yesterday night, haven't try them yet but reading the comments below I think I am going to go to the pet stop to see if I can get rubber balls of the same size.

    37. Diane Bekel on

      My mutant Maltese boys love their iFetch! My question is about the 5 ball add-on...that did not arrive with the iFetch. I assume that the add-on will ship separately?

    38. Kathryn Hall on

      Got ours! Dog loves it, she's had a go dog go for outdoors, so understood what needed to be done, and she took to it right away. We have the same problem with the balls getting "slobber stuck" in the unit every 5 fetches or so. So I've had to either be very diligent about swapping and deslobbering the balls, or fishing them out. I'm hoping that swapping them out for non-fuzzy rubber balls of the same size will solve that though!

    39. Cory Dudley on

      So I got mine today (Phoenix AZ). I agree the balls are small and after only a small time in use, it's clear that mine is either defective or not to par. The balls spit out about 2 feet if at all. They roll a bit so I guess that's fun. But for $75 I would have thought it did more. When the balls are slobbery they don't shoot at all so after about five min of play it then transitions into a game of fetch for me. (To try and get the ball put of the machine) after that it wines and vibrates and yes the occasional ball that goes more than 6 feet out... Please help. Is this normal?

    40. Dan Panetta on

      Got my ifetch today. Located in nj outside of philly. My weiner dog loves it.

    41. Shaun LaGarry on

      I'm in NY, hasnt arrived yet but hopefully will get it tomorrow. I've got 2 french bulldogs waiting with baited breath for it! :D

    42. Matt on

      We got our I fetch today. It's well worth the wait and I was thrilled with everything about it. Congrats to the hamill's for seeing this through I'm sure it was no easy task. Yea the balls are small. No big deal. Can't see how your dog could swallow one. Made in the US is a nice goal, I would like a lot of things to be made in the US. But I'm sure it's a process and that it's an added cost that maybe a small start up couldn't do
      right away. I hope Vince gave the hamill's a chance to rectify the missing parts issue. All in all I'm happy to have backed ifetch!

    43. Vincent O'Brien on

      I'd like to share my iFetch experience.

      I was thrilled to finally receive my iFetch...and my Cairn Terrier was sooooo ready to start playing with his new toy! And I was happy to support a local startup with a great design concept..

      Very disappointed to discover:

      1. External Power Supply was missing.
      2. No manual or brochure was included.
      3. The miniature tennis balls are too tiny to use safely with my dog...seems like an obvious choking hazard.

      (Here's a link to help give scale to the iFetch ball size)

      4. The battery compartment requires a tiny screw driver to access.
      5. Made in China.

      I would highly recommend producing an iFetch within the USA that is scaled up to use full size Tennis Balls like Kongs. In my excitement to back this product, I was mistakenly under the impression the iFetch used full size Tennis balls and was manufactured locally.

    44. Missing avatar

      Doowop on

      Got my iFetch today; have not tried it yet. I'm afraid my dogs are too big for the tiny balls; will have to give this to my m for her Westies. By the way; since the supplied balls are tiny can replacements be purchased at say my local PetSmart. I know they will easily be lost.

    45. royblumenthal on

      Thanks so much for an astounding piece of animal gadgetry! My dog loves it! Now we've just got to teach her to drop the ball in the chute.

      Thank you very much indeed. You guys rock! I really hope this product takes off! Well done!

    46. Jason Curtis on

      Hey guys, got my iFetch in Australia! all 3 of my dogs love it to bits! thanks heaps, great product. will be ordering another one for my mother in law after taking it over there for a demo with her dogs, they didn't want me to leave! on a side note has anyone experienced the same thing I have when using the 30 foot launch (3rd light) It seems to have allot of vibration at that speed and is quite loud, seems to still fire the balls out a long way, just wanted to know if this is normal or if anyone else has had this also

    47. Missing avatar

      Sofia Pham on

      Just received mine!! I live in Houston, TX though haha. This is one of the best kickstarter projects that I've ever funded. The only thing that would be better if you could have an option for to turn off the sleep mode. Sometimes, my dogs take awhile to put the ball in the launcher because they're fighting over the ball, and when one of them finally puts it in, the launcher is in sleep mode :/

    48. Keats on

      Received it today, the shippers did a number on the box - pretty big hole in the side of it. Everything inside was undamaged. Works great so far, my puppy already lost one of the tiny balls outside when he took off out the doggy door, I'm sure it will turn up. Thanks for the great product and packaging it to where the shippers couldn't hurt it.

    49. The Hamill Family 2-time creator on

      Yes, all US and Canada units are shipping from Outlander in Austin, Texas.

      Denny Hamill

    50. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jordan on

      Is this coming from a place called OUTLANDER?

      I think I just got a notice that mine is coming from my UPS MyChoice alerts.

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