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By S.L. Gray
$1,107 pledged of $3,000 goal

People of The Dragon Undone #1 -- Berdhan

Curious about the characters in The Dragon Undone?

I thought it might be fun to give you a little more insight into what makes them tick, so for the next few days I'll be posting some background about them.

Feel free to ask questions, of either me or them!

And be sure to check out the new goal incentives. If we reach them, I'll add a new short story, a novella, and who knows how much more?




The lone survivor of his little family.

The older brother.

A farmer turned soldier turned dragonslayer.

A failed protector.

A lover of good ale, and the less expensive stuff when the coins run out.

Berdhan never wanted to be a hero, but stepped into the role when his village needed help against the threat of destruction by dragon. He would much rather have left the glory to his younger, charismatic, much-loved brother, Deorward. Unfortunately, Fate had other plans.

And now? Now that he's once again been put on a path he didn't choose for himself, will he follow through on the promises he's made? See the girl back to her people and ensure peace for both human and dragon kind?

Or will he crumple under the weight of responsibility and the haunting whispers of ghosts of the past?


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