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A mobile, edible garden planted in the back of a pickup truck, Truck Farm Chicago engages kids in conversations about food and health.

Join us in Kickstarting Truck Farm Chicago's 2012 Tour! Donate to help us teach Chicago school children how to creatively grow, eat, and live healthier lives.

Thanks to our backers and supporters for donating, tweeting, and promoting our campaign. We've gotten more momentum each day!

Can the momentum can take us past $4,000?

Each additional $115 beyond our goal funds the materials we need to visit a crew of children at a school, community organization, or library without them paying a penny. 

We have a list of organizations and schools in Chicago's food deserts and underserved neighborhoods waiting to receive a scholarship when funds are available. With your help we can serve them all!

Truck Farm Chicago is a biodiesel pickup truck with a mini-farm planted in its bed.  This traveling, edible garden brings a unique, rural experience to urban students through educational programming, gardening and cooking demonstrations.  Truck Farm Chicago, a creative and innovative project of Seven Generations Ahead and Green Sugar Press, shows that good food can be grown anywhere there's sun, space, and creativity.

Last year, Truck Farm toured Chicago for the first time, prioritizing food deserts and Chicago's under-served communities. Truck Farm successfully:

  • Educated 2738 children at 47 schools
  • Visited 5 local farmers markets
  • Exhibited at 16 Chicago festivals, Millennium Park & McCormick Place

Media coverage included TV, radio and print media outlets including NBC5, ABC7, WGN, WGNTV, WCPT, Edible Chicago and Time Out Chicago.

Chicago couldn't get enough Truck Farm! This year we hope to start up the project again, all we need is to get our truck on the road (as Willie Nelson would say!). Our goals for this year are to educate 3,000 children, create more comprehensive programming for a deeper impact and spread awareness about the importance of good food.

WHY GROW PLANTS IN THE BACK OF A TRUCK?                                        We didn't have space for a garden, so we planted seasonal produce and fresh herbs in our truck instead. Our wheels can take us anywhere so we can:

  • Inspire children to start their own creative food projects
  • Teach the benefits of good food
  • Show how food grows
  • Encourage children to make healthy choices

YOUR PLEDGES                                                                                                        Not only do our bodies need to be healthy, so does our truck! By donating to our campaign, your pledges will fund:

  • A trusty Triple AAA membership
  • Insurance
  • Plates
  • Plants
  • Compost
  • Hoop houses

Without money to keep Petunia (our truck) healthy, we will not be able to keep Chicago's children healthy! A successfully funded campaign will help make it possible to bring our truck to over 3,000 children. Help us get back on the road for the 2012 tour!


The more exposure we receive, the more likely we'll achieve our goal!  In addition to donating (backing our project), here are more ways to help:

  • Encourage 3 friends to donate to our campaign
  • Share the campaign with your friends, family, colleagues & neighbors
  • Post our link to your social media site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blogs, etc.) Use Tiny URL:

SHIPPING INFORMATION                                                                                  Please help us with shipping costs for t-shirts and books by donating a few extra bucks. 

All donations are tax deductible. If you would like a copy of Seven Generations Ahead's 501(c)3 IRS letter or a receipt for your donation, please contact us.


Lettuce have peas,                                                                                                    Truck Farm Chicago


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    Join us at a school, farmers market or festival, see the truck up close and experience the life of a truck farmer!

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    Receive a published children's book reflecting Truck Farm's mission of environmental mindfulness written by one of our very own farmers! We'll even autograph it for you.

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    Receive a one-of-a-kind Truck Farm Chicago t-shirt!

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    Free entrance for you and a friend to Truck Farm's Mid-Season Celebration at a local bar. Enjoy one-hour free drink specials and schmooze with others who support good food! Out of towners receive a Truck Farm t-shirt and a children's book!

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    Sponsor a Truck Farm plant! Plant something in the truck with us or pick one to be planted on your behalf (must be seasonal for IL). You will be recognized on our website as Truck Farm Crop Sponsor.

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    Sponsor a Truck Farm harvest! You will be recognized on our website as a Truck Farm Harvest Sponsor. If you're local, you will receive a basket of fresh produce harvested from local community gardens and farms. If you're from out of town, you can donate your basket to a Truck Farm school!

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    Give a free Truck Farm visit to a school in need in the Chicago area! Receive pictures of the lucky kids with Truck Farm. You will be recognized as a Truck Farm School Sponsor on our website.

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    Experience a cooking demo using fresh ingredients found in Truck Farm's garden! You and 4 friends will learn how to prepare a healthy Truck Farm snack that we teach our children. Taste testing encouraged!

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    Enjoy a freshly prepared dinner with you and up to three friends with the Truck Farm founders, a tour of the truck, a t-shirt and a book!

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