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Looking for an ascended general to lead your armies of ruin in the material world ? This Plague Demon Prince is yours to summon !
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G'day Fellow cultists !

The favors of the Dark Gods are flicker, But a well led army can bring you  the glory your corrupted heart desires !

This 8cm tall Plague Demon Prince is a mass of putrified flesh, covered in bubons and armed with a Hell-forged sword. It will answer your call as a 3-part resin miniature. Before the end of June, he will travel to the material world, eager to sow rot and despair into whatever battlefield you wish.

So tell your friends, share it on social medias to succesfully bring this monstruosity into existence !

*fades away in outrageous laughter...

The green, ready for casting
The green, ready for casting
First resin cast
First resin cast
The Prince, next to one of his minions
The Prince, next to one of his minions

 700 € : First stretch goal unlocked ( plaguelinette )

1000€ : Second stretch goal unlocked ( scythe )

1500€ : Third strech goal ( second claw )

Risks and challenges

First Kickstarter is of course a challenge itself. Keeping up with comunication, dealing with the burst of shipping ... So I chose to go easy and make this simple campaign: 1 miniature, 1 weeks long. The manufacturer is GRX so no bad surprise are to be expected. I have some experience in shipping miniatures and so far no package arrived late or damaged.
No project is immune to unforseen issues, but i'm confident that with work, honesty and transparency, no problem can't be solved.

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