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Fallen Frontiers is a sci-fi miniatures wargame where powerful heroes meet in futuristic battles!
Fallen Frontiers is a sci-fi miniatures wargame where powerful heroes meet in futuristic battles!
588 backers pledged $109,578 to help bring this project to life.

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Up next... Jason Ramires!


$80,000 – Jason Ramires [ADD-ON]

Jason is a very special case. Although he is just an artillery sergeant his words are taken into much consideration by his superiors on the battlefield, something uncommon in the Sayx army.

In several missions in which the plan was ruined within minutes of entering combat, Jason managed to keep his team alive showing great talent and a great ability to improvise. No wonder he ended up getting the nickname Jason "Plan B" Ramires.

Up next... expand your battlefield!


We just unlocked the first two heroes, now for something else!

$70,000 – New gaming mat PDF [FREE]

If we unlock the next stretch goal, we are adding a new gaming mat in PDF format. You can take this to your local copy shop and print a high quality version not only cheap, but also as many times as you want, allowing you to combine and expand your playing area as you wish

Bitsie is coming...


Incredible effort everyone, you have blown through our first stretch goal before we were even able to put the first update out, amazing! You can now add Feral Senn to your pledge for $15.

Lets see how long until we unlock the next one...

$60,000 – Bitsie “Operator 31” Alternative Pose [FREE]

Bitsie is one of the first operators that were captured. She is one of the 3 legendary Operators freed from the yoke and began the struggle to free their people from the domination and begin construction of what is now the Ares Condominium.

Bitsie has seen the death of many of her peers, some she had to kill herself. So much struggle has forged such a tough character that her own armor has no room for sentiment. But behind that security she is terribly afraid, afraid of what she has discovered in her years of fighting against operators and afraid of what moves the strings of Operators.

Fallen Frontiers funded! Up next... Feral Senn!


Hello everyone,

We are very happy to say that the Fallen Frontiers kickstarter has just reached its funding goal, and we will now start working our way toward unlocking a lot of awesome stretch goals!

$50,000 – Feral Senn [ADD-ON]


This is the word that Feral repeats in his head most often. A monstrosity for the Riff race, an unholy hybrid with the humans, and even worst stll, a Sayx halfblood. For humans he is not much better, a guinea pig that confirms that Riff genes can be added to the genome of the inhabitants of earth. Another experimentof dubious morality perpetrated by the Sayx corporation.

Feral and his race have lived away from everything for many years, shunned by all as something that should never happen. He has lived as a monster, he was treated like a monster, and so he became a monster.

The main page has been updated with an FAQ which should help answer some of the most common questions. We are also providing some avatars you can use to show your support for Fallen Frontiers all over kickstarter