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Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
Something Terrible is a short, autobiographical comic about recovery from childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes.
1,768 backers pledged $48,269 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nawori

      @Phill Thanks for replying. Still no word on my book though. Such a shame, I thought this was a really great project.

    2. Kyle Augustine on

      No update on additional rewards and its been over a year since Dean has updated anything. This seems to be typical behaviour of Dean.I'm going to post a message on his Facebook page, but I won't be holding my breath for any positive feedback from him.

    3. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      @Nawori I got my book in the UK a long time ago, but the extras have never appeared and I suspect never will.

    4. Stacy Catherine on

      The copy I got didn't even have finished panels in it, and the dialogue stops around page 5. I feel like I got ripped off at every stage of this project.

    5. Nawori

      Has anyone in the UK (or anywhere) actually gotten their book?

    6. Glenn Møane on

      Dean Trippe, in a few months it will be three years since I should've received my book. I know you've handed the campaign responsibilities over to Iron Circus, but communicating with them hasn't gotten me anything, neither a book or a refund (and I do prefer a refund at this point). The PMs I've sent you have also been ignored. Do you have any plans at all to make good on the rewards promised way back in 2014?

    7. C C on

      Anyone still waiting for all the "extras" we were promised. Don't hold your breath, Dean will never follow through with those.

      At the end of this campaign, Dean didn't even have enough money to fund the print run - ICC had to bankroll the production of the book or we wouldn't have even gotten that much. That's right folks, Dean Trippe took in over $48 THOUSAND DOLLARS for this project and he SPENT THAT MONEY on himself and his family. Then he let someone else pay for his mistake and print this book for him with THEIR own money.

      Now Iron Circus Comics did a very nice thing in coming to the rescue and printing the book for those that had paid for it, but you can almost guaranteed they now own the publishing rights for the book.

      Has Dean ever acknowledged them for their help in saving his campaign by bankrolling the print run? Not once (to his Kickstarter supporters anyway) - to do so he'd have to admit what he did, and his ego won't allow him to say he spent that money on something other than what was promised.

      Dean Trippe may very well have been a victim of abuse as a child, but that doesn't give him the right to lie, or to steal people's hard earned money. He took advantage of a lot of people, a lot of whom are also victims of sexual abuse and/or rape. He is a predator, plain and simple. He wove his tale, and we all bought in, and at the end of the day he profited on our shared pain and trauma, and many of us have little to nothing to show for it but a little less in our bank account and a lot of undeserved frustration.

      Did I get my 10 copies I paid for? YES.
      Did I get my promised extras? NO.
      Were they autographed as Dean Trippe promised me via e-mail that they would be? NO.

      Will I ever sell them in my shop. NEVER.

      They will never see a spaced on the shelf in my store. I will not donate them so others can praise his name without knowing the whole story behind the making of this book.

      What I will do with them is keep them until Dean Trippe decides to visit a convention close to my hometown. Then maybe I will return them to him after running them though a paper shredder. Maybe he can paper-mache himself a nice bat cowl out of the pieces so he can go on pretending that he's a superhero and not a thief.

      Shame on him, and shame on anyone who willingly makes excuses for what he has done.

    8. Kyle Augustine on

      Hi Dean, could we please have an update on the other rewards.

    9. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      I'm guessing we'll never see the prints or stickers that Dean was responsible for sending out.

    10. Nawori

      I haven't received my book yet either, (also UK, like Hamish). I emailed but never got a reply?

    11. Mathieu Doublet on

      I don't remember if I received the bookmark or the You'll Be Safe Here print, but I finally received the book, sadly slightly damaged in a corner.
      I'm in France.

    12. Hamish Steele on

      I haven't received the book yet (in the UK).

    13. Amy-J on

      Still no sign here either. I've emailed Matt about it and was told he was looking in to it. Emailed again, told the same thing. Get the feeling I'm being fobbed off. Fed up with the whole thing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc Laming on

      no sign of mine in the UK

    15. Amy-J on

      Anyone in the UK got theirs? I've emailed Matt, he said he'd look into it and then I heard nothing. This whole process has been a disappointment.

    16. Kyle Augustine on

      Received mine in South Africa a week ago.

    17. Jodie Wood on

      In the UK, got absolutely nothing. Really disappointed. It's been two and a half years.

    18. Amy-J on

      Still not received mine, in the UK

    19. Kyle Augustine on

      thanks for the update Phill - hopefully I receive mine in South Africa soon

    20. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      Received mine in the UK on Friday.

    21. Kyle Augustine on

      Anyone outside of the US received their books yet?

    22. Jose De La Mora on

      How do we access the digital copy?

    23. Jose De La Mora on

      How do we access the digital copy?

    24. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      Anyone received anything in the UK?

    25. Missing avatar

      J P on

      Dean is probably in hiding ducking bills from iron circus now

      Hold your breath on this bonus materials.

      L. O. L.

    26. Stacy Catherine on

      I got the book, but I think I got a bad version or something. Some of the panels are just sketches and there is no dialogue/narration. My digital copy has the whole story, so what gives?

    27. Kenneth Mulrooney on

      sat down to read your book today. a big thank you sir for sharing your story and your beautiful art.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave Caolo on

      Got my book finally. None of the bonus items were included, and I expect I'll never see them. Whatever at this point. What an ordeal this has been.

    29. Rosie Elizabeth on

      Got my book, finally.

      I'm not credited as a backer.

      So, thanks for nothing... and bonuses? not like I even remember what those were.

      I spent $30 supporting someone who wasn't who I thought they were. I hardly want to associate you with someone like Batman now.

    30. Missing avatar

      pud333 on

      Got my book. It's been over two years. What else is there to say? Nothing much I guess except that I am done with anything Dean. Bye.

    31. Don The Idea Guy Snyder on

      Received the book and think it looks great. I was looking to see if there were any comments or updates regarding the bonus items, but it looks like those are being abandoned (though I haven't seen any official word yet)? It's too bad the project took so long, but the end result was sharp and it looks like it helped the artist get his message out into the public about abuse (and that's a nicer bonus than a poster, bookmark,or sticker -- at least in my opinion.)

    32. LateToTheParty7

      Got mine in the mail yesterday.

    33. Missing avatar

      Phill Warren

      havent received my copy int the UK yet - but I wont consider the matter closed if I dont get the additional items - there's a $40 difference between getting just the book and getting the book + prints etc

    34. Richard Vu on

      I emailed Iron Circus and already got an answer back. All they are doing are the books. Everything else - extras and sketch goals are up to Dean but he's not in the position to do it now. At least we got the book.

    35. Miluette on

      I received my book today, which fulfilled my reward. Thank you for a beautiful book, and for sharing your story. I cried... I love messages of hope.

    36. Brandon Lieu

      Got my book today too, but like others, looks like the other rewards (bookmark, stickers, poster, etc) weren't with it.

    37. Richard Vu on

      Got the book today too but none of the rewards. I think Dean is a fantastic artist but the worst business person.

    38. Paul Schwarber on

      Got my book today (finally) but none of the "promised" stretch goal rewards Dean has promised. I'll never do business with him again, attend a con he is at and will ensure that he is not invited to the con I help out with, but at least this bullsh*t is over.

    39. Michael Howard on

      I..I.. got it. It's over. Wow......never will I back another of his project.

    40. Ronnie M on

      I received my book and it looks fantastic.

    41. Brandon Myers

      got it

    42. Missing avatar

      Duane Murray on

      Got the book. 2 Years, four months and a day. Wow. WOw, wow, wow. Like Nick says, at least it's over. Oh, BTW, I pledged $25 which was supposed to include, on top of the book, a mini print and a bookmark. I received neither.

    43. Nick Tarnow on

      I received my book yesterday. (Chicago) When you get it, I assure you that you'll all be saying, "2 years for this? Really??" But at least it's over.

    44. Mot Buchanan on

      So... the last update said that the books would be at their location on May 9th, and that they'd be going out soon after.
      Has anyone gotten their copy yet?

    45. Fred Chamberlain on

      Celine, that may be the most ridiculous comment That been payed on here.

    46. Celine Lux on

      Considering the lateness, the lack of professionalism and the fact that this project exploded its target multiple times, shouldn't every backer receive their reward regardless of whether they have been given a refund?

      I'm fairly certain my name still features on the Thank You page if the printed edition matches the digital version. Therefore I should still get my reward, right?

      ps: is it too late for an April's Fool? Because this is all such a joke!

    47. Missing avatar

      PS on

      I think this is a worthwhile Kickstarterer to have supported, but respectfully, being nearly two years behind on the projection date is pretty ridiculous and really just bad business. I appreciate the updates, but they've honestly really been nothing but excuses.

    48. LateToTheParty7

      Well, per Iron Circus's instagram page the books are due in on 25 April and then their warehouse on 3 May for fulfillment.…

    49. Nathan Wainwright on

      Also need to update my shipping address...

    50. Ronnie M on

      @J P - Hahaha. I've kept fairly close track of everything. The last update near the end of February had layout proofs from Iron Circus. I was wondering if any progress had been made since then. I have the digital edition but am still hoping for the physical book.

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