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We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
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Welcome to week two, post-launch!

First, and most of all, thank you to each of you. The positive comments, word of mouth and heartfelt stories of real change have been extraordinary, and they mean the world to me. You guys are worth writing for. Thank you.

After the first week hoopla, a book settles into a glide path that determines whether it's going to reach the audience it was intended for. And that's where you come in. If Icarus (or V is...) resonated with you, will you share it? Either hand over your copy or send someone to a store or online to pick one up... If you email twenty people you care about, that will have a huge impact.

The affirmative act of sharing from reader to reader is the #1 way that books get sold and ideas spread.

Here's a simple link:

Keep making a ruckus, guys. And thanks.


    1. Creator Desiree Murphy-Palmer on January 11, 2013

      A friend who lives out of state was laid of this week. I sent her a copy of this and linchpin and dated her to dream bigger! Thank you for writing for us! I have given away all my copies form the no brainer level, and bought the digital and auto version :)

    2. Creator Elizabeth Crook on January 11, 2013

      Everyone seems thrilled with the books. I pledged at the $111 level. Should I have received books by now? Can't wait to get them.

    3. Creator Ben Nesvig on January 11, 2013

      I love the books. The behemoth is the best designed book I've ever (barely) held in my hands. I took a picture with the ridiculous book wearing another ridiculous item I got from Kickstarter.