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We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
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    1. Missing avatar

      John Indovina on

      Happy to be a member of the Tribe
      I'm looking forward to see you speak in Vegas later this week

    2. heidi l spiegel on

      Your complementary coloring is great - nice outfit.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rachel Stroud on

      Hey Seth! It's Rachel... We met in Chicago a while back at your talk - Shuling filmed, and I took still photos. I still continue to be inspired by that day, and by you. I just want to take a moment to thank you for bringing FEARLESSNESS to your art.

      This is incredible. The good stuff. Walking the path.

      Keep doing your art. Keep being the linchpin.

      Be free!

      Thanks for encouraging others to be free, too.

      Rachel @

    4. Devil's Due Ent on

      Seth, in no small part due to inspiration from your writings, this is exactly the same business model I recently put into my comic book publishing company, which previously had been a major "traditional" print publishing company. The new role of publishers and music labels is to facilitate the need the creator has to interact with his or her fans. If we can't do that going forward, we're obsolete. Congratulations!

    5. Holly L on

      You inspire, you motivate, you encourage...of course I'm onboard!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris G. Baker on

      Seth, glad to be part of your tibe. Thanks for what you do!

    7. Dana Phillips Tucker on

      Seth, you are re-writing the rules and I love it! Proud to be a part of it.

    8. Jerry Charles Toops on

      Thanks for breaking new ground again, Seth. I'm looking forward to where this goes. World changing stuff here!

    9. Francesca Gianaris on

      Your sage viewpoint, and creative mind, have given me loads of inspiration, much to contemplate and super advice. As an aspiring author myself, I'm wise enough to know to follow only THE BEST!
      Thank you Seth...YOU ROCK!

    10. Maria Pergolino on

      Congrats - happy to be a supporter.

    11. Desiree Murphy-Palmer on

      {Doing the cabbage patch dance} Go Seth, Go Seth, Go Seth!!!!

      What an amazing feeling to know that your words have inspired this showing of love. A true artist. I refer to you as one of my KoolAid makers, we have lifted our overflowing cups in agreement with the truth you speak and drank with a hardy gulp.

      Thank you for your Art Seth!

    12. Joseph Ratliff on

      I suppose this is why you told me to "stand by" via email when I asked you about your next book Seth... congratulations, happy to be a "Backer". :)

      I'm excited to see the digital edition.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alex Garner on

      I was just thinking about the number of minutes I wasted hovering between a link to buy a single book and a link to buy four copies (at about only twice the single book price). Even with me being a reader of the Domino blog from its inception, I was doing a silly mental justification dance.

      Of course it should only have taken a few seconds! Of course I'll have people to give the other three copies to! What have I read that Seth has written that I didn't enjoy or take inspiration from? At least the irony of the hesitation I just went through while thinking about backing a book about standing up and standing out was not lost on me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sallie Lee on

      This is a great example of what's possible now. Thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan OLoughlin on

      Wow! 90 minutes! Glad I could be a part of it. Seth, you're a rockstar!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      This is history Seth congratulations, please join this linkedin group to discuss the success and the future of this method of going to market

    17. Issamar Ginzberg on

      did it in your honor, Seth.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hall on

      Seth, Linchpin turned my world upside down and opened my eyes to possibilities I could not have otherwise imagined. It is a pleasure and an honour to be a part of this great experiment, thanks for the inspiration.....Kevin

    19. Halley Suitt Tucker on

      Pinning you and your yellow glasses Seth. BTW, you got me at the $76 level with my pal Hugh MacLeod being part of the project.

    20. Missing avatar

      kelly alford on

      you inspire me every single day with your wise, intelligent words. and just about every day, i need that inspiration to keep my creative flame burning, and to remind me to practice my craft. thank you, thank you thank you.
      kelly alford

    21. Missing avatar

      Lionheart on

      I am happy to be a part of this experiment.

    22. Sethgodin Creator on

      I love the word Enhorabuena. Thanks Andres.

      Mitch, great to have you here--your consistent support means a lot. And thanks James!

    23. Missing avatar

      James Spradlin on

      Thanks for letting us be a part of helping you help others!

    24. Mitch Joel on

      Great art finds a home. It always does. Thanks for teaching all of us that business is art and that we can all be artists. We appreciate you, Seth!

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Meehjan on

      Seth - you rock yet again - making things happen and helping us see the possibilities.
      Andy Meehan

    26. Jason Smith on

      congratulations. experiment successful!

    27. Missing avatar

      Graham Troup on

      Any Time, It's well worth it