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We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
4,242 backers pledged $287,342 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kris Cahill on

      Hi Seth,
      I am a huge fan of your books, and am nearly finished reading 'The Icarus Deception' right now. I tell many of my clients and students to read it, and a few of them have told me that they are and they love it too.

      My husband and I take turns reading it out loud to each other. We are both lifelong artists and so very grateful that the world has finally begun to learn that it's all about the art. Even with a degree from a very good art school, I've still had to create permission to not care about other people's opinions and just show up and do my work.

      Thank you so much for your good work! I'm so glad you know how to ship. :)

    2. Ricardo García Mainou on

      Hi Seth,

      It took some time, delivering from the US address to Mexico, but today, finally, I received the books.
      The behemoth is amazing. That quote on the box! I'm overwhelmed and don't know which to read first. Thanks again for the inspiration and for being remarkable!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sandy Shum on

      Hi Seth,
      A huge box of your treasures landed here in Thailand, on the Burma border! Love the boxes, love the book design of the monster book, can imagine it was so much fun to create! So much gratitude to you, Seth, for your daily inspiration, and now this supercharged dose of your amazingness. You truly do propel us to go beyond and to be and do our very best art. My partners and I, 3 of us, are moving into Burma with our new organization, Point B Design+Training. Thanks so much to you, Seth for pushing us beyond comfort and safety, to ship it now!

      So grateful that you are in this world today, creating these movements in humanity.
      Warm wishes from Thailand,

    4. Missing avatar

      Sanjay on

      Hi Seth,

      Many thanks. I received my package few weeks ago since I was away I could lay my hands on it only today! Many thanks for taking the trouble of sending it all the way to India I had a tough time lugging the package to my car!

      One small correction the statement “a book heavy enough to kill a small mammal” should be changed to “a book heavy enough to kill MOST mammals” !

      Thank you for not just the book but also for the whole concept – it was great to tag along with you while you created this work of art!

      Warm regards,

    5. Missing avatar

      Ian Gerald King on

      Hey Seth,

      Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort that you put into this project. I received mine a little late since I was in Toronto when the package arrived at my Montreal address, but everything is resolved now. I'm progressively passing on my eight copies to my tribe of nonprofit volunteers from a while back. I led a virtual team of high school seniors from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and now they're at McGill, UofT, UWaterloo, Queen's, and Western - I believe it'll be a great present for them as they move on to greater things. I really appreciated the vinyl recording (we Montreal hipsters love our vinyl) and the mug from Lori Koop - please extend my thanks to her. Most of all, I was extremely impressed with your collected writings. I lost myself one afternoon flipping through the pages. Best of luck with your future projects - I'm sure there will be more to come.

      With warm regards,


    6. Rodrigo Galvez Elkin on

      Hi Seth !

      A big THANK YOU from Santiago del Estero, Argentina for everything that this project meant for me (and for everyone close enough to me to listen to me PRAISING about your awesome work).

      I still cannot figure out HOW you did all this. I got everything you promised but it really was A LOT MORE than I expected.

      I'm not only talking about the THINGS I got from you.

      It's the MEANING contained in your message, the hard work and steady EFFORT you must have made to get this done, the focus on your vision and the STRENGHT needed to see it through, the COURAGE to do what you felt was right (AND NOT SAFE), the GREAT EXAMPLE you're setting, and the many other LESSONS each reader will make their own.

      I want to emphasize that MERELY PARTICIPATING in this Kickstarter, brought a lot of JOY and EXPECTATION to me, and I feel I somehow OWN a little bit of this, since I saw it grow from the beggining when it was just an idea. This is AN EXTRA also. THANKS for letting us be a part of it, too.

      As you say, REMARKABLE WORK !!!

      I hope you got and keep getting everything you expected out of this project, in terms of personal satisfaction, professional fulfilment, and also economic revenue (you sure deserve all them).

      Knowing about your joy is another PLUS.



    7. Sethgodin Creator on

      Armand, as you know, you only typed in your address an hour ago, which would make it really difficult for me to have shipped you anything prior to this.

      Not sure why you needed to post on this, but I'll write to you directly. And Stefano, it was a pleasure to correspond with you, and we're tracking it.

    8. Armand Aronson on

      I still haven't received any materials... the money was collected months ago...$111.

    9. Stefano Maggi on

      Hello Seth,

      it's so good to see the project has delivered, congrats! Unfortunately, I applied for four copies of the hardcover edition of Icarus, but I didn't get any yet. I bet it's because delivery to Italy takes a while, but I'd really love to check if everything's ok with it. What's the best way to do it?


    10. Sethgodin Creator on

      nope, they're all gone. Some people had their credit cards bounce, etc., Gregory Anne. Glad it resonates!

    11. Missing avatar

      Gregory Anne Cox on

      Seth, the Behemoth is beyond a treasure. The ideas flow, they challenge, and they have given me countless ideas I want to write about for my tribe. Thank you. Not bad for upper body workouts either.
      I saw that there are still some $76 sponsorships left according to the column at right. (17 of 250) If so how can I grab one? I love The Icarus Deception and would love to give it away and also love Hugh so would love to see that. Possible?

    12. Danny Pettry on

      Thanks again for the book.
      I really enjoyed it.
      I've got better art to make (like right now).

      I ordred seven/ eight copies. I had a contest to give them away at members of my very small tribe of Rec. Therapists.

    13. Missing avatar

      Cherri Pitts on

      I live in San Antonio, Texas and have pledged the $62 package, money was taken, my name is not on the list and I have not received anything yet. I'm sure it's just been overlooked but can I please get a status?

      Cherri - San Antonio, Texas

    14. PJ Westerhof on

      Fedex tried to deliver my Behemoth last week. Alas I was not home.
      Alas also for the delivery guy/girl who had to go up *and* down several flights of stairs.
      Delivery is now planned for coming Friday*.

      * I sense a slight develish streak in my personality, suggesting to repeat last weeks exercise ]:-)~

    15. PJ Westerhof on

      It seems that the 18 pounds Behemoth now comes with a 4 pounds book mark?
      How's that?

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    17. Anael on

      Hi Seth,
      got everything today in France (the FedEx guy came in friday at first). This package is awesome, as everyone else already said. I loved the Behemoth, way more Behemothic I'd ever think.
      Thank you for overdelivering!!
      Thank you for sending this through FedEx without charging it to us. I'll spread the word as far and as loudly as possible!

    18. Missing avatar

      Svante Rödegård on

      I got my stuff from Seth, a couple of weeks ago. All is fine for me ... BUT I am note even on the list ....
      Maybe its not the Total list but just a list for people that not revieved the Stuff or loot yet ?

    19. Joanna Penn on

      I received my box of goodies - THANKS! I am surprised and delighted :) I have blogged about that and what I learned from the book here:

      I'm excited about the Icarus meetup in London in Jan as well - it's great to take this offline into the real world. Thanks Seth!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Svans on

      Just got my monster volume (i think it broke the forklift at the post office) and it is a simply stunning work, you've out done yourself yet again

    21. Jane Pellicciotto on

      Got my books last week, one of which is getting crinkled pages as I read it in the tub and quote out loud to my partner in the kitchen, who I'm sure is enjoying it as much as I am. Planning to give several away through my e-newsletter to the first 3 people to submit a story of how they want to make art. The rest go to good clients and a couple people who I think really need this book.


    22. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Fox on

      Received my No Brainer package on Wednesday. Posted a picture on Twitter for you, Seth. All I can say is WOW!!!! Can't wait to start reading it all and sharing it with all my friends!!!

    23. Glen Long on

      Literally just received the No Brainer package. Wow! Christmas has come a little early here in London.

      When I opened the box containing the 'behemoth' I genuinely had to pause for a few seconds to work out the best way to pick it up - it's that heavy! And the book with Hugh just looks fantastic.

      Thanks for still managing to over-deliver even when expectations were already so high! Properly remarkable.

    24. Jonathan Nation on

      We reicved out No Brainer package today. Posted about it, with pix & video here:

      I am thrilled that Stop Stealing Dreams is included in This Might Work (or whatever it's called).
      Thanks Seth.

    25. Dark Sword Miniatures on

      Hi Seth - My $111 No Brainer package arrived today in snowy MN. My lord, words cannot describe the massive tome (it could indeed kill a small mammal). Epic is perhaps an appropriate description. I look forward to giving away 7 copies of the Icarus Deception to co-workers, friends and family so they can by inspired by your words. The value that your Kickstarter backers received for this project is immense. Happy to back you sir and will gladly do so again on your next project. Warm regards from chilly MN and Happy Holidays.


    26. Pleasure on

      The behemoth is even grander than I could have imagined, I love the weight of it resting on my lap as I flip through the beautiful pages. It deserves a beautiful stand like those found in libraries for big old dictionaries! Thank you thank you for going above and beyond! The long winter ahead just got a whole lot warmer. Cheers!

    27. Missing avatar

      Christine Vazquez on

      My box of possibilities - i.e. books - arrived today and there went my Saturday! I'm on page 85 of the behemoth and feel like I've been reading for days. Happily. Though I know a lot of time and energy went into the design for the behemoth cover, I usually take the covers off books. I love the feel of the book in my hands, without the added layer, but as importantly, I love the aesthetic. This cover - the gorgeous, vibrant yellow, with the embossed wording - has me swooning. Thank you for the beautiful way you delivered on your promises to us with this Kickstarter project.

    28. Gregory VandenBosch on

      Your shipment just arrived. Awesome work Seth! My productivity the remainder of the day and this weekend will be shot. Behemoth is an understatement ,...never seen anything like it. This is going to be tough project to top.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Heinichen on

      I cannot find my comment left several minutes ago, but I wanted to correct part of my statement and apologize to Seth Godin, and to all of you, for mistakenly saying my V is for Vulnerable books were not signed. I went back and saw my pledge was for the previous project not the $111. So please accept my apologies and I look forward to reading the books.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alan Smith on

      What a great idea (the bookmark)! (I think I ordered it. Am in Sydney, a long way away, but if I did, can't wait to heft it, and grab that bookmark!) Anyway, my nose is bleeding with excitement...

    31. Missing avatar

      Lynne Richards on

      The behemoth was in a stack of other boxes when I got home last night. The others were Christmas gifts I had ordered and I assumed this big HEAVY box contained the same (though I couldn't imagine what I had ordered that weighted this much!). When I opened it I started laughing and didn't stop until I had hoisted it out, opened the inner box and leafed through quite a bit of it. What cracked me up and made delighted me so much was the perfect manifestation of everything you preach Seth--don't follow conventional wisdom (small and digital), make things for your tribe versus the masses (where would most of them put this mammoth anyway?!), surprise and delight, go beyond the expected, and definitely deliver value! It IS art and I LOVE it--thank you for the gift and the gigantic, oversized dose of inspiration!

    32. Missing avatar

      Kristene Hawk on

      Wow, "This Might Work" is one heck of a book - called the contractor to add on to the library and reinforce the shelf. My 14 year old helped me carry it in - he is also enjoying reading it. Quite an endeavor and memoir. Can't wait to share it at the office! Thank you!

    33. Sethgodin Creator on

      Thanks Matthew. (And everyone who's chiming in with such kind words). The behemoth ended up costing nearly $100 a copy, and it was completely worth the journey. I got very carried away with it, largely because I was making it for a defined audience, a group of discerning readers who trusted me enough to make it.

      I have some extras on the shelves, but no, they're not for sale. I'll probably use them as very select giveaways, but I'm also planning on selling some of them in a charity auction, which I'll alert everyone about in case you're hoping for a second.

    34. Matthew Baros on

      The behemoth arrived last night! I am nearly finished reading it (just kidding). It looks wonderful and even just perusing it for a few minutes last night and this morning, I am so happy that I was able to receive this book (is that even the right thing to call it, it seems so inadequate a word for what this turned out to be). Thank you for the effort to build this and for your great insights. Can you tell us how many copies of "This Might Work" you ended up publishing?

    35. Ignacio Rozada on

      Arrived in Argentina! Biiiiig book, great...

    36. Sethgodin Creator on

      Thank you Janice!

    37. Missing avatar

      Janice Reid Boland on

      Inhaled the preview. Making significant progress negotiating more frequent shipping dates with my lizard brain - thanks for introducing us. Happily recommending The Icarus Deception (appropriately "id" in my short hand) to folks I know who have significant potential to make art. Thank You. And Congratulations.

    38. Dark Sword Miniatures on

      Rock on Seth! I am so looking forward to diving into the new books and sharing the extra copies from my pledge reward with my co-workers and friends.

      You da man!

      Warm regards from chilly MN....


      P.S. Any plans to follow up this massively succesful Kickstarter with another one in 2013?

    39. Missing avatar

      Suresh Iyer on

      Hi Seth, thanks for the prompt reply and for the generous offer. And yes, I do appreciate the fact that the link was live for more than 4 days.

      I just pre-ordered the ebook book on Amazon, and I am not going to take your offer :). Thanks for all the blog posts (I have read only Poke the Box) that inspired me a lot, and for introducing me to the works of others like Steven Pressfield. Thanks!

    40. Sethgodin Creator on

      Thank you Mana! I hope your daughter is feeling better.

      The good news is that we found all the typos when we went to final typesetting.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mana Allen on

      Hi Seth, My daughter ended up with a medical emergency this weekend and I was not able to finish your book...but I wanted to tell you ( as an artist and teacher myself) that what I did get to read was terrific. I will buy the hardcover when it comes out and share with friends. I also wanted to tell you that I think you have a typo on page 64...I wasn't looking for it, however:) Cheering you on...

    42. Sethgodin Creator on

      Hi Suresh

      I'm doing my best to not only honor what I promised months ago, but to exceed it. Instead of four days, seven.

      If you'd like me to refund your four dollars, I'd be happy to, as I certainly don't want anyone to be unhappy. Just drop me a note directly and tell me your paypal address.

    43. Missing avatar

      Suresh Iyer on

      Seth, the request is similar to what Tom Hawkins has -- is there any way to upgrade to get the final ebook (may be on the Kindle store)? I know it is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle store, but was just wondering is there anything you are planning for the backers (at a slightly lower price than what Amazon is charging)? I managed to read only 1 chapter (as my hands are full with work at the moment) and I would love to read it in full. Hope you can do something about this. Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kitty Wooley on

      Looking forward to it, Seth. Happy Thanksgiving!

    45. Missing avatar

      Thursday Bram on

      My address has changed and I was wondering if there's an easy way to update my shipping information.

    46. Tom Hawkins on

      Is there a way to upgrade my status? I am slated to get the digital version for 4 days. I would rather have the ebook on my iPad. What level do I need to do for that? Maybe is better just to wait until it's available in the Apple store. Just curious...

    47. Joe Ginese on

      How can I check about this survey thing? I want to make sure it was all set. Pretty sure I did it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Wojtek on

      Hey Seth, I didn't fill out the "give me your name and possibly photo" survey and it doesn't work anymore. Any way to fill that out? Please let me know

    49. Dark Sword Miniatures on

      Hi Seth - First off - you are a rock star. I have been out of pocket for a while and want to make sure you have my shipping info (I backed the $111 level and live in the USA). Is there a link or something I can click into for this? Sorry for the confusion...

    50. Lee Egstrom on

      As an Artrepreneur I am pleased to back your effort. I never had any doubts you would meet the goal.

      Best wishes!

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