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We can brew the beer, now we need a place to serve it! Your help will build a tasting room at the brewery.
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Ian Beard

264 backers pledged $23,215 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards for out of towners coming your way!


All our out of town Helpers, Pintmen, Trendsetters & Travellers can expect a package in the next week. Thank you so much for your support from afar and enjoy the swag!

Kickballers, your hoodies are in and we'll throw one hell of a preseason party next month to make sure you have them for opening Sunday. Stay tuned!

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New fermenters have arrived!


Our stretch goal promised we would double our capacity, and as of today we have fulfilled our promise! Meet FV3 & FV4. These two 3bbl tanks up our fermentation capacity to 12bbl, and allow us to ferment four beers at a time. Not only will this allow us to offer more of our beers in the tap room, but we will be able to start brewing lagers and it gets us one step closer to distributing around town. All of this was possible because of you, and we can't wait to share the results! Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

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Reward events are being scheduled, shipping out of town soon


We've had a whirlwind first three months and have really enjoyed meeting all of our wonderful backers who have come by to pick up their rewards.  We are (finally) in a position to start hosting the events that go with some of our packages.  You'll receive e-mail notification as dates are set.  We thank you for your patience and flexibility, and hope to see you soon.

We're in the process of rounding up the second half of our schwag and after that we'll start sending out Stone's Throw care packages to all our out of town backers.  If you happen to be passing through town, though, please feel free to stop by and see us and we'll hook you up then.  Again thank you for your patience as we put this all together.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at the tap room you built soon!


Made it through the first week!


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Great Opening Weekend!

Almost half of our wonderful backers came this weekend to be the first to try out Stone's Throw beers and see the tasting room they built. We can not thank you enough for your support and encouragement during this project, and we hope we've put together something you can be proud of. It's been quite a ride getting to opening day, and we literally could not have done it without you. We cannot thank you enough. We start normal hours of 4-9 Thursday & Friday, noon-6 Saturday & Sunday this Thursday. If you didn't make it this weekend, you can come by and pick up your stickers, pint glass, shirt, and growler anytime during business hours. We will start scheduling the special reward events as soon as we have a handle on our supply and demand. We'll keep you posted! Your support has changed our lives. We are so fortunate to count you as our friend.