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Koe is an introduction to the Japanese language in a game reminiscent of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokemon.
Koe is an introduction to the Japanese language in a game reminiscent of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokemon.
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目標を満たした!We've reached our goal!

Posted by Jitesh Rawal (Creator)

We just hit the £35,000 threshold with 26 days still to go! We've got a whole new set of things planned for Koe, and there is so much we want to do to take it further, we're going to spend every penny making this game the best (and most fun) language learning experience it could possibly be!

We want to add a few new locations, our budget currently will allow for the main game to be set in a rural part of Japan (which looks amazingly pretty) and we're going to run the revamped art style past all of our backers to give you an idea of what you have made possible. We're also currently in contact with the managing director of TOKYOPOP Germany to localize the game in to German! For now, feel free to ask us any questions, tell us your ideas or let's just have a chat! This game is for you, and we're going to do everything to make it an enjoyable and immersive learning experience.

For everyone who is interested in the PS Vita version of the game- We've laid out the plan and how much extra work is going to be needed for the PS Vita version. It will need a new UI, a lot of optimization, implementation of touch screen support (and hopefully writing recognition) and some assets will need to be remade for it. We've set the stretch goal to £50,000.

I also have one more stretch goal to add- an Akihabara battle zone! This is essentially an almost endless procedural battle zone set on the streets of Akiba. I'll go in to this further as it develops, but there's a lot of work that will be needed to be done to add this and make it look true to the source (except, you know, with monsters). We've set the stretch goal to £60,000.

We're currently looking to secure licences for Xbox One/WiiU/PS4 and I will update on this when we've heard back from them. Note that all backers will be given the option to pick the device they want the game on.

Now, some thank-yous are in order.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Rob Howland, creator of his own language-learning video game, Influent which was funded through this Kickstarter. I don't know where I'd be without his feedback and help on our Kickstarter page. If you get some time, go take a look!

Secondly, we want to thank Gaijin Goomba for making a video about Koe, and really helped push us towards our goal. Go take a look!

And finally, and most importantly, we want to thank you, our backers and supporters! Without you, we wouldn't be able to make this game and you've given us so much to smile about. Together, we're going to make a great language-learning RPG!

 (We can finally update these models, yay!)



Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Ouellette on

      Gratz, good job, you are a credit to the team, etc.

    2. Onami Federation on

      I've always wanted to learn Japanese ever since I was little. Since games are a big part of my life I nearly fell out of my chair about this game.

      If your game really is game/education related and fun then I'm sure you'll get far.

    3. Sir Jordi

      Wii U would be great!
      just imagine how many possibilities cant eh Wii U pad offer in this game!

    4. Missing avatar

      Susan Thomas on

      おめでとうございます!!!楽しみにしてます。When thinking about how to use the extra funding, please remember us intermediate and/or advanced learners. We want to be challenged with new kanji, vocab, grammar, phrases, etcetera. If you're really ambitious, you could create different modes for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners.

    5. Jitesh Rawal Creator on

      Just a few questions I'm answering in one go,

      Crowdsourced translations need to be moderated well, otherwise they are easily prone to vandalism. We want to do crowdsource them so we can add as many languages as possible, but this needs a lot more discussion.

      Akiba is the new location, but any money up to that point will also be used to create new locations. All large scale locations (such as Akiba in this case) will require a lot more work from all of us, so we're going get concepts drawn and add them if you guys are interested in them (if you have an idea for a Japanese location then send us a message and we'll ask the community what they think)

      We are currently also looking at iOS/Android support, the reason for Vita is that has fixed hardware and a lot of power, meaning we can optimize and have it run at the same quality for all Vita owners.
      While there are some Android devices that surpass the Vita, most Android devices and all older iPhones would require much lower quality assets. This would require remaking all assets again, and wouldn't look great if you had a high end Android/iOS device (unless we remade the game yet again for mobile device users with high-end phones)

    6. Missing avatar

      Antoine Chauvet on

      I was wondering if you'd consider leavings fans do a translation for other languages? I think it would make it much easier for people speaking maybe less common languages to get it in their own language.

    7. DarkDust on

      Congratulations! But why PS Vita as a stretch goal? Wouldn't it be easier to target iOS and Android? Plus, you'd target a way bigger audience than PS Vita users. I don't know a single PS Vita user! Do you have experience with that system? It will be easier to find skilled iOS and Android developers. So, I'm very puzzled by that choice.

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamen Henry White on


    9. ET3D on


    10. Ryan MacDonald on

      You spoke about adding new locations to the game as well. Are you going to include that also as a stretch goal?

    11. Thom Snow on

      Hooray! Now every update will be progress in development and stretch goals WOOHOO! Rock on!

    12. Carlos Polo on

      Is there any chance you can crowdsource the script translations (once the game is launched) ?

      I'm sure people would be willing to contribute, myself included (Spanish).
      Might not be as efficient as a professional translation, but it would help.

    13. Tonya Vrba on

      I'm so excited this is going to happen! I hope you get this on all video game system just to increase access to the game. I don't have a current gen system (I'm still rocking a PS3), so I'll probably have to stick to a computer.

      In terms of ideas, I do have one. It's probably something you would do far into the future. If this game becomes a success (and I have a good feeling it will), it's be great to see this same concept used for other languages. Learn German by playing an RPG set in Germany, or Russian by playing an RPG set in Russia. I see endless potential in this idea and I am just so excited you have reached this goal.

    14. KevinSensei on

      I live in rural Japan. A castle town actually. If you need any photos for reference or anything else to help make it a bit more authentic (well as authentic as a game with a giant octopus creature can be), just let me know. I'd be glad to help.

    15. Joachim Kaps on

      I knew you would make it!!! Congrats - and thanks for kindly mentioning us in your latest update!

    16. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      =DD Wii U~! I hope you have some luck with them!

      Also, YAY! Goal: Reached! n____n

      Can't wait to learn more about the Akihabara area!