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Koe is an introduction to the Japanese language in a game reminiscent of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokemon.
Koe is an introduction to the Japanese language in a game reminiscent of traditional JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokemon.
4,169 backers pledged £75,167 to help bring this project to life.

みんなさんありがとう!Thank you everyone!

Posted by Jitesh Rawal (Creator)

Wow! I understand how cliché it is to start of a sentence like this but I honestly can't believe this is happening. It's been less that 48 hours and we've already passed 60% of the goal, it's crazy to think an idea that I had to help me study Japanese is getting this much exposure. Sorry for the wall of text, this is an update on the implementation of Koe.

This update is for a feature that a lot of Japanese learners who have passed the beginner stage were interested in, as well as a few people who wanted words that are well.. um.. not suitable for children. It's a system for players to add their own moves and words to the game, as well as create animations for that move for players on the Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. It'll be available post-game and will have its own editor, where you'll be able to pick the damage stats for the move, what effects it has and you'll also be able to import and export moves to share between your friends! We needed to find a way to make this not game-breaking, which is why it'll be available post-game but we'll add some post-game baddies that you can try your moves on. This is not a stretch goal, this is happening regardless!

There's so much more we want to do with Koe if we successfully get funded, and we are so very grateful for your support. Please keep your feedback coming, this game is for you and we want it to be the best experience we can possibly make.

Thank you to all our backers, supporters and friends, let's make an amazing language learning RPG!


Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan

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      First of all thank you for this great Project and it would be great if you could make this game extensible like that.

      Perhaps you should also consider to make it easy to localize, because I think there are a lot of not-native english speaking people (like me) out there who would also love to play this game and learn Japanese. And I think it's the best to learn another language in your one native language. (I don't have problems with that but I know many People who would.

      And last but not least perhaps you could save the game from braking with this new Feature by just offering a fixed, random or variable(by number of strokes or something similar) number of Points that the Editor can divide between the stats of the move if there are more then just one value or perhaps they must be spent on the effects you mentioned (the more effects the move already has the more expensive they get and the less power they get except there are spend more points on them) - or something like that just a suggestion.

      Sorry for this long Text.
      I wish you all of Luck for the Campain ;-)

    2. Christopher Parker on

      Just one thing - when this flies past the requested amount, please don't become too ambitious. That seems to be one of the bigger mistakes made by people on kickstarter.

      Speaking of money, I notice you don't have anything down as to how you plan to eat over the holidays - I know you're a student, but you don't get loans over the holidays, so unless development slows to accommodate work...

    3. Missing avatar

      BrawlX on

      Wonder if they'll make some sort of best of list of the best custom cards

    4. Missing avatar

      Clément Risso on

      First thing I decide to back. That would be really awesome. Good job, man! Seriously, it seems to be rocking.

    5. Andrew Butschli on

      I have never actually backed anything on Kickstarter until I saw this. Probably the first time I've had a "shut up and take my money" situation. A JRPG that teaches Japanese? Uh, yes please! Keep up the great work!

    6. Taren Skie on

      Its amazing how fast the backers have poured in. 24 hours ago there was around 800 people, now its over 1,200 and climbing! That should tell you something about the work you have done so far.

    7. Jonasan Lee on

      It's nice to know a lot of people are interested in this genre of gaming.

    8. Kyle Franklin on

      This is the quickest I have ever backed a game on kickstarter. Can't wait to hear more.