Koe (声) - A JRPG with Japanese at the core of gameplay

by Jitesh Rawal

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      Adam on

      There have always been lots of delays, but really the worst thing that could happen is that the game never gets finished. Seems like the Earth town and surrounding area. After the earth town how much more of the game is left? Maybe 20% or so?

      I really enjoy the game and have done a lot of playing and reporting on bugs. Looking forward to the next build.

    2. Missing avatar


      Will this ever move over to the iOS platform?

    3. Strawberry Games Collaborator on

      @Adam, after the Earth town the remainder of total gameplay is about 50%. We worked almost in reverse order so a bunch of this is already completed. Thank you again for all the gameplay feedback and bug reporting.

      @Thomas, it's likely but a little too early to say.