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A short Sci-fi film about a woman that discovers she is not human. Read more

Boston, MA Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on May 24, 2012.

A short Sci-fi film about a woman that discovers she is not human.

Boston, MA Film & Video
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Hello - friends, family, people of the world! Please take a few minutes to watch our pitch video and read below. Much Thanks.


Meet The Filmmakers

Scott Ray Director of Photography

is a senior Cinematography student at Emerson College. He was born and raised in Temple, Texas. Scott's interest in film production came about during high school, where he studied Film Theory and History through the International Baccalaureate Program. At Emerson, Scott immersed himself in the film culture by doing countless student sets and joining multiple film organizations on campus. He looks forward to continuing his study of lighting and camerawork after graduating this May.

Micaela Mielniczenko Director

is a Film Production major at Emerson College. While at Emerson, she has enjoyed getting very little sleep on the weekends so that she can devote her time to working on various student film productions. Although Micaela grew up in sunny Los Angeles, during her summers home she decides to coop up indoors while working at production companies. Yes, she loves making movies that much. Micaela currently studies directing and producing. 

Please feel free to check out previous work from the filmmakers:


Behind the scenes image from "EVE" above.

"EVE" is a short sci-fi film that tells the story of a woman who discovers she is not human.

A woman wakes in a bright and unfamiliar room. Medical tools and strange looking instruments surround her. She must escape.  When she does-- the memories flood in. She was a test subject, operated on and her humanity taken from her. Now she is half human / half machine. She must come to terms with her new identity. 

Why We Need Your Help!

Making movies is expensive for student filmmakers-- actually it's expensive for anyone. For our vision to make it to the screen we need your help!

Donating any amount you can will help us purchase and rent the supplies we need. Your donations will directly go into our budget helping us with:

THE CAMERA PACKAGE - We want to shoot on 35mm film so we are renting the ARRIFLEX 535B

LENSES - We are renting 2 cooke lenses and a fisheye !

TRANSPORTATION- a good portion of the film takes place in a car as the woman tries to escape.

FOOD FOR THE CREW- we need to feed the actors and crew members generously donating their time and energy.

INSURANCE- we have some expensive gear and we want to be covered.

SFX MAKEUP- the sci-fi element in the film is really brought out with the effects created for the film. Remember the character is half human, half machine.

PROPS- we are creating a futuristic hospital on the Emerson College soundstage. 

Behind the scenes image from "EVE" above.

COSTUMES - the characters need to look the part- we have doctor, nurse, and of course the patient. 

If you believe you can help us out, please pledge the item you think you can help us with.

The Incentives -->

As you see to your right we have offered many awesome thank you gifts for your generosity. Any amount that you have to offer, even if it is $1 is wonderful and we love you and your support. 

This film will be completed by end of June 2012 and we plan to submit it to festivals in the coming year. That being said-- we will not be able to make this video available on the internet for a least a year. So the digital download option and the DVD copy are the only way to watch the film before it is officially released. We only have a limited number to give away so keep an eye out for that.

We also have some other great limited edition prizes like the personal photo shoot! 

What is Kickstarter and How does it work?

kickstarter is a way to help make creative ideas happen-- by allowing a large group of people to take part in it. Films are a collaborative process and this venue opens up that process to a large group of people - with money and with encouragement. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Kickstarter is all or nothing-- meaning if we don't reach our goal. We don't receive any funding. 
  • Kickstarter has been featured on CNN, Wired, Pitchfork, NPR, and the New York Times 
  • You can pledge from outside the US
  • Your pledge amount is not made public
  • you can always change or upgrade your amount!
  • we can exceed our goal amount!

Contact Us!

 You have any questions please feel free to email the filmmakers:


Thank You For Your Support! 


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    You are a cool cactus! Thank you for supporting our film! You just helped us buy a prop for the movie. For this you will get a personalized thank you email from the producer and director of the movie!

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    You are the bee's knees! You must really want this movie to happen! That's why you just funded a costume worn in the movie. You get a "Special Thanks" on the film's webpage!

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    You are the belle of the ball! You have helped us fund water and coffee for the crew! For your donation you will get to view the film as a digital download before it is released!

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    You are the cat's pajamas! You're a true supporter of student films. You've just funded meals for the hard-working crew! To show our thanks, you will get the above rewards and a signed still image from the film!

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    You're a sweeeet tea! Wow! You really made a difference in the funding of this project by funding the special effects make-up! We will give you the above rewards and we will make you a personalized "thank you" video! There is a limited number since it is a personalized video.

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    You are the best thing since sliced bread! You are such a big supporter of this film. You just helped us fund the transportation that took this film to it's amazing locations.
    You will receive the above rewards and limited edition DVD copy of the film before it is released online.

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    You are sunshine on a cloudy day! We couldn't shoot this movie without insurance, and you just funded it! For this amazing gift, we will give you a "Special Thank You" in the credits of the film!

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    You are the big cheese! Your support is sincerely making this film happen. You just funded the lenses that captured the images on screen! For this gift we can offer you portraits taken by the filmmakers- we will come to you (if location allows) and take professional pictures of you, your family, or friends! We can only offer five people this special reward.

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    You are the apple of my eye! You are obviously a true supporter of the arts. For FUNDING THE CAMERA PACKAGE you will be given the above and an Associate Producer credit in the film! You may also chose any of the other rewards-- no limitations.

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    You are a HERO! You have made this film a reality. You've made the dreams come true for a group of wide-eyed, optimistic film students. For this outstanding gift, you will be given the above and an Executive Producer credit in the film!! You can also chose any of the above rewards regardless of availability.

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