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Highly detailed 32mm resin sci-fi miniatures - digitally sculpted, 3D printed and cast in resin.
Highly detailed 32mm resin sci-fi miniatures - digitally sculpted, 3D printed and cast in resin.
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    1. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on March 14

      The rules have not been released yet. I'm waiting to hear back on a few pieces for it, then the initial release should happen.

    2. Bill Stilson
      on March 10

      Have the “beta rules” been released? If not, what’s the status on them?

    3. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on March 5

      I am waiting for an update status from casting. I'll also have a more official update, no later than Friday. At the moment I'm just waiting for completion but should have a better update hopefully in a day.

    4. Paul Graves
      on March 4

      update please - it is March and you were speculating shipment end of January. What's up?

    5. Jeremy Herndon on March 4

      I really hope this project is happening please give us an update on when we can expect to see some progress.

    6. David B Clegg
      on March 2

      any progress to report?

    7. Mike Welch on February 9

      How's it going?

    8. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on January 9

      There is not a whole lot to update yet. We are still production, waiting on casting to be completed.

    9. Mike Welch on January 5

      Update please

    10. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on December 4

      Yes, we had planned a big update this weekend, unfortunately, the household is currently hit pretty bad with a nasty flu. We will split the update, so at least some of the information and news will be out there while we recoup to finish the rest.

    11. Paul Graves
      on December 3

      Can we get a status update - you folks have been 'dark' a long time.

    12. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 22, 2017

      That it does. Fortunately, most of it is already sculpted and 3D masters printed. The two new Corsair mercs are the only thing left to go to sculpting.

    13. Paul Graves
      on May 21, 2017

      Now the real work begins.

    14. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 20, 2017

      Thank you for backing! You will also be able to upgrade your pledge level or add more in the pledge manager later if you wanted to as well.

    15. Paul Graves
      on May 20, 2017

      Just found your campaign. I'm really short on funds but I'm in as a Private. All the best.

    16. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 20, 2017

      We have updated the images on the main page.

    17. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on May 20, 2017

      Thanks, just added them.
      Couldn't find this info anywhere else.

    18. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 20, 2017

      That is correct, it would be $20 to add the pair to any pledge level.

    19. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on May 20, 2017

      The 2 mercs that unlock at 2k: $20 to add the pair?

    20. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 19, 2017

      The Kickstarter main focus is the miniatures. However there is a game/ruleset to go along with them as well. All backers get access to the beta version and will also get the final versions for free as well. The reason we say "beta" is because when these models get delivered, the game is still in a beta point still.

      We have taken a different approach to Kickstarter, which varies than what has become the traditional method.

      The normal means is go all in for a medium to large campaign, with lots of miniatures, and rules. The project tends to take 2+ years before backers get a final product. That is if they don't multiple waves, then it is 2+ years for Wave 1 Core Game, then however long for the rest. That is pretty much standard for most KS especially ones with miniatures. Rules although good, because they didn't get as much testing as they should, usually have a few issues. So then they release an errata or reprint a new version to release months later.

      The plan was to change it up a bit.

      We went for a small campaign with a few miniatures. We will produce, cast and deliver within roughly a 6 month period. Along with the first batch of miniatures, everyone gets access to the beta rules. They get product to them faster and can play, while we continue to test. We can then also (once delivered) launch a new Kickstarter, using the miniatures we created but the goal to add more and continue expanding the line.

      In the end it ends up doing the same thing as a traditional KS, but in 2 years, backers have multiple pieces of our products, been able to play the games. It also lets us fine tune things better.

      An additional plus, any complications or issues we encounter with designs and castings... allows us to easily make changes for future campaigns. We don't risk getting so overwhelmed, which allows us to keep things more reasonable and realistic. We also get a unique relationship with backers as they the ability to have actual input to influence future campaigns and decisions. When it comes to what factions, which ones we bring to the next Kickstarter the backers have input on it and can influence things to make things they want to see come out faster. After-all without any of the backers, none of this is possible.

      You can get a playthrough of the rules from the old campaign:

    21. InTheLaz on May 19, 2017

      Is there a game in this? Or is this kickstarter mainly for the models? I couldn't find a link to the rules - or any content, really.

    22. Garage Gaming 3-time creator
      on May 17, 2017

      We really appreciate it, thank you for your support. We hope we continue to impress. Please let us know if we ever step out of line. ^_^

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Kourik on May 17, 2017

      Saw your comments to questions/criticisms on Tabletop Gaming news. I was so impressed with your professionalism and politeness that I had to back this.
      Good job.