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Discover and explore beautiful alien worlds, scattered with ancient technology and cryptic puzzles that echo of a time long past.
Discover and explore beautiful alien worlds, scattered with ancient technology and cryptic puzzles that echo of a time long past.
Discover and explore beautiful alien worlds, scattered with ancient technology and cryptic puzzles that echo of a time long past.
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    1. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Randal V.: VR has not been started yet. We will most likely begin working on that around the time when PC launch’s and will come out a bit after.

    2. Randal V. on

      How is the VR working out?

    3. alcaray on

      I see the update, now. Sorry I doubted.

    4. Lauren on

      Hi, I am so excited to be getting this game! I do have a simple concern because I am not sure which platform I would like it on. I think Xbox One will be my answer but I am worried about stability, or the game just being better on a pc vs a XbOne. Sorry to be a little nit picky...

      I am so happy to see this product finishing up! :) Good job!

    5. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @alcaray: As mentioned in the update sent out to everyone previously, there is in fact a DRM free option. Please simply send a message saying you would like DRM free and we will get it to you upon release.

    6. alcaray on


      You said: "The game will have DRM free options available on sites such as Humble."

      Also: "Yes! We plan on selling the game on sites such as Humble (or Either way, the game will available on these platforms, DRM free."

      I backed your project on the basis that I would not have to feed Steam's monopoly.

      And now at fulfillment-time I am offered the choice of Steam or nothing. Have I got that right?

    7. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Sylvia: This is not within our control. This is required by Kickstarter it seems, so there is nothing I can do. If you are not comfortable sending your address please simply message us your answers to the survey.

    8. Sylvia on

      I'm sorry, but why do I need to provide my shipping address if I backed just for the digital copy? Please fix this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Olof Kjölstad on

      It looks amazing so far. I personally do not mind the waiting. Adventure games are all about mood, setting, the sense of "being inside" a consistent world... I guess "immersion" is the word I'm looking for. Those things that the Myst games gave when at their best. I find it far more important that you can make a game that feels "complete" than I find a particular release date.

      Of course, time is money, as with everything. But where an action game can be "fixed" through updates, patches, some new weapon/gadget/skill and what adventure game "is what it is". If you play it halfways and something breaks, then...half the game is lost.

      Only my personal opinion - but - don't stress it. Take your time. :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Any possibilites it might make it to PSVR? Instead of just PC VR?

    11. Arkam on

      Sounds good to me :)

    12. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Arkam: Hi! We don't have a set date just yet. However, we are in the process of getting a discord community chat available that beta testers will be given access too, and it will be available soon! Thank you for being patient :)

    13. Arkam on

      Hi! When will Beta Tester backers be able to participate?

    14. Robert Ridley

      Congratulations on getting funded and then some! Looking forward to seeing how this game develops and new releases to play!

    15. Jenocyber on

      Congrats on getting funded! Plus VR support too!

    16. laracroft on

      Congratulations Lucas, looking forward to playing the full game!

    17. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Alice Melody Robinson: thank you Alice!

    18. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Haywire Game Studios: it is! Can't wait to get into development on the VR build.

    19. Haywire Game Studios on

      VR is going to be AMAZING!!

    20. laracroft on

      Congrats Lucas, so excited we smashed the VR stretch goal, the game is awesome without VR so with VR we're looking at super duper awesomeness, the VR version will be worth waiting for :)

    21. Alice Melody Robinson on

      Congrats on breaking through 100%!

    22. Randal V. on

      Awesome! VR! This game is going to be so much more with VR, A cool place to chill when I need to escape! \o/

    23. Missing avatar

      Kristina Govatos on

      Yay Lucas!! Congratulations!

    24. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @laracroft: just about there! Super close!

    25. laracroft on

      Phew!, just $100 more for VR support, so close!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Come one just another 100 let's go!!!!

    27. Tea-Reen

      Officially funded with that VR stretch goal easily within reach... Wooohooo, Rock on, Lucas! Now we all really get to play this game, so jazzed :)

    28. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Cindy Kyser: Thank you Cindy, I think so too! Nerves of steel :)

    29. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Haywire Game Studios: Thanks guys! We're so excited!

    30. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @laracroft: Thank you Lara! :)

    31. laracroft on

      Funded, Yay! :)
      Congratulations Lucas, really pleased that Epitasis is funded, looking forward to playing the full game. Let's push for the VR stretch goal now, the game would be awesome in VR.

    32. Haywire Game Studios on

      Yay! We're funded! Congrats!

    33. Cindy Kyser on

      Congratulations Lucas... Your perseverance paid off! I am so glad to see your success with this campaign! I think the fact that you stayed so actively engaged with the campaign and its backers really made the difference. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop and building a sense of group purpose!

    34. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Ian : Adding it in now, we sure did! Arghhh thank you everyone!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      So did we reach the stretch goal for VR? :-)

    36. Michael Stein

      Just found this and added a few bucks. Looks pretty nice. I love the music in the trailer too.

    37. laracroft on

      Wow, nearly there, at last I've played the demo and love it, the atmosphere in the very dynamic world is just amazing, and the puzzles are very well designed, good luck, can't wait for the full game now! *Highfives Tea-Reen*

    38. Danny van Eck on

      Damn it's so close! Good luck!

    39. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Haywire Game Studios: getting close! Last 5%, almost there!

    40. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Cindy Kyser: nerves of steel definitely! Finally glad we're on track to hit the finish line... see you on the other side :) !!!

    41. Cindy Kyser on

      Wow... creeping towards that finish line! If I were a betting woman, I would put my money on you getting funded. 60+ hours is a long time to hold your breath, eh? You must have nerves of steel and have done a great job of generating enthusiasm for Epitasis!

    42. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Tea-Reen: yup!! We're so close! Just a little bit more and we're there :)

    43. Tea-Reen

      Need only $600 with 64 hours to go, I am confident that this campaign will succeed and that thrills me. I have played through the demo and loved it, now I'm bouncing up and down in anticipation for the full game. Cheers! *Highfives Lara*

    44. Haywire Game Studios on

      Only a few hundred dollars to go!!

    45. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Brian Cross: Thank you very much, we're getting there. The last 10%!!!

    46. Lucas Govatos Creator on

      @Cindy Kyser: Thank you! We're well on our way, we'll see you on the other side :D

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