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A modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax...) and using any lens.
A modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax...) and using any lens.
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New Essential Accessories Guide and more

Posted by Mercury Works (Creator)
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Today saw a significant set of updates to the Mercury website.

We have now published our final buying guide. This one focuses on essential accessories that will make your Mercury fully capable and save you a lot of time and effort.  While most are not required, all eight items discussed are highly recommended for the best experience with your camera.  We recommend that all Mercury backers read this guide.  You can find it here.

Another major update was made to the newly re-titled "Compatible Lenses" page.  The page now features up-to-date, detailed information about all compatible view lenses, medium format system lenses, hybrid lens systems, and 135 (35mm) SLR system lenses.  Perhaps most important, however, is that a new version of the View Lens List has been uploaded.  This spreadsheet has been significantly expanded with many new lenses, the latest formulas for all lenses, and now a color coded section that clearly shows which rear spacing configs each lens can capable of.  Look for the heavily colored section of the spreadsheet.  Green indicates that the lens can handle the RS value (from back adapter or back) with its standard config.  Yellow indicates that the config is possible, but extra lens mounting components are necessary.  Red indicates that the lens is not compatible with that particular RS value.  (Remember that certain back adapters have RS values greater than 0, such as all 4x5 back adapters.  Some backs also have RS values greater than zero, such as Instax backs.)

Check out the new Compatible Lenses page here.

Finally, we have now added a Downloads section to the website.  It currently contains printable masks for our new viewfinders as well as masks for our ground glass backs.  More content will be added in the future.

This represents a big step forward in our attempt to provide full documentation for Mercury.  Only the full User Guide and supplemental instruction documents remain.  We hope to add those to the site soon.  Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who have already received your cameras and provided such valuable feedback on your Mercury adventures as you've trekked forward without full documentation!  As always, the Facebook group remains an invaluable resource of answers by and for the community.  Mercury users have been incredibly helpful in helping each other with recommendations and advice.

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    1. Mercury Works Creator on

      Yes, we seem to be on track! We are getting about ten cameras made and shipped per week. At #20, John, yours would have shipped already, but not all lens kits are complete. More get finished each week, so I'm sure yours will be ready and shipped soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      How goes the rewards shipping? With so much new stuff available are you still on track to finish shipping rewards from the original KS campaign by the end of November? That would be great if you could. Still waiting eagerly for a basic Rezza unit. Since I'm backer #20 I had hope it would be along rather early in the cycle but hopefully not later than the end of November.