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A modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax...) and using any lens.
A modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax...) and using any lens.
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Orders Shipping, Viewfinders Available, Pre-Orders open again for one week

Posted by Mercury Works (Creator)
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Dear Mercury backers,

As previously announced, we resumed shipping orders in August.  It is a very slow process, as every Mercury camera is a custom affair: meticulously printed and hand finished part by part, assembled by hand to your specifications, then shipped to you.  But so far we are thrilled with the responses (and photographic results) you have produced!  Keep it coming!  We expect it to take about three months to finish all orders.  We ship out a batch every Friday.  When your order ships, you will in most cases receive an email from USPS with your tracking number.

We closed pre-orders for cameras and add-ons some time ago, but recently several Mercury products have been finalized, and we decided to open up a brief window of pre-orders for those of you who would benefit from these right away.  This allows you to add to your order without waiting for months for our webstore to come online, and without additional shipping charges (if your primary Kickstarter order hasn't shipped yet).

The first of these items is the Mercury Viewfinder.  This has been in the works for years, but has now been finalized and made to fit nicely within the Mercury ecosystem.  The viewfinder is an upgrade over the included sportfinder, allowing for more precise, faster, more comfortable viewing.  It also allows you to utilize simple inserts that you can make yourself to match any aspect ratio (square, panorama, etc.) and various frame sizes, giving you far more versatility than the sportfinder.  For this reason, it is highly recommended for anyone using non-standard sizes and aspect ratios (Instax, digital, panoramic, etc.).

Three different models are available, with the following pricing for Mercury Kickstarter backers:  

  • Viewfinder size 1:  $18
  • Viewfinder size 2:  $22
  • Viewfinder size 3:  $27

Each viewfinder includes a front "cap" that is black by default, but at request can be any of the Mercury highlight colors previously announced, at no charge.  If you have purchased a highlight color kit, your viewfinder can match.  Each viewfinder also comes with a rubber eyepiece.

Please read about our viewfinders here:

The pre-order window closes at the end of the month (in one week).  During this time you can order any accessories you wish to add to your order.  If you order hasn't shipped yet, there will be no additional shipping and handling charges.  If it has already shipped, SH will be extra.

To place any order during this period, email us at

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      John Robison on

      Great news Zach, looking forward to seeing how this all works. The three month timeline is for shipment of rewards is quite understandable given the custom nature of your creation. The 'air finders' (that's what I'd call them) is a good idea. I already have several optical finders hacked from 80's viewfinder cameras you can find at Goodwill and Value Village store's for $2~5. Usually the FOV is close enough to what I want them for. Thanks for you careful attention to details and not rushing just to fill rewards.