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Jalapeño's, habanero, chili de arbol, and cayenne peppers lovingly grown, dried, and blended together for pure tasty pleasure.
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Jeff Blanton

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Best laid plans...


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$25 Orders, Changes with BPCO, and the web site

Good morning.

I've got a couple of things to go over and share, but I'm starting with the $25 packages. I'm still in the process of getting them completed and they will be out within the next two weeks. Yes you've heard that before, so why is this time different? I have reinforcements coming in to help me with the packaging/bottling/shipping. In fact, all of the orders will be completed at that time including the Decemeber shipments.

With the reinforcements coming in there is going to be a dramatic change in Blanton Pepper Co. Currently my dad grows and dries the pepper and ships it to me, then I package, sell, and distribute. Once our Kickstarter deliveries are made, the packaging and distribution will be moved to Oklahoma with my parents.

One of my goals in seeing if our pepper was viable was to potenitally help the Westville, OK area. It's where my mom grew up, it's part of the Cherokee nation, and as is a lot of OK, it' stuggling economically. One of the main sources of employment comes from chicken farming, people raise chickens to be sold to Fosters. My hope was that we'd be able to capitize on that structure, work with some of those chicken farmers and have them grow our pepper.

And while I've failed horribly at getting the pepper out and delivering it, I am very pleased to say that we've had four individuals who are willing to grow peppers in the coming year. With that is a commitment of about 3,000 plants. By having local farmers grow the pepper, that'll free my dad to process the peppers and do what he loves most, taste testing. The packaging and delievery will also be in Oklahoma, hopefully our sales will open the door for us to bring on a couple of people in the area to manage that.

My role will then shift back to the selling of the product. We have a couple of opportunities that I'm pretty excited about, but my first and foremost commitment is completed what was started here. Because Heaven knows without all of you NONE of this would be possible. We're boarding on a dream come true and we are truly blessed.

So, what's next? Three days after the last shipment is made our web site will launch. The reason I'm waiting that three days is simply to make sure that all the deliveries have had time to make it to their location (well, domestic deliveries at least.) How will you know if the shipments are going to be made within six months of ordering on-line? There are a couple of reasons; first, after the last package is sent fulfulling the Kickstarter orders, we'll have an inventory of about 500 bottles or so. The inventory will be tracked via the website and updated every 48 hours. Second, for our Kickstarter backers who are willing to give us a second chance we are working on a way to make sure you have the tracking info before we actually accept the payment on your order.

Several of you have been amazing in your encouragement and I appreciate your kind words. Several of you have been critical and I appreicate your words as well. For those willing to continue with us, you'll see how all of those comments have manifest themselves in the changes that are being made which will ultimatly make our product that much better. However, the spelling and grammar will always remain gloriously bad.


Only a fool


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Update on the $25

I'm going to be about a day or so behind on the $25 packages. They don't fit they way I'd like them to in the envelops that I have, so I'm going with the post office boxes. I'm going to have to track down 114 of them, which I'm planning on finishing later today. 

Once I've got the boxes, they'll be shipped out.

Everyone else? Yeah, you've been SHIPPED! (again).

Update on shipping

The remaining $12 packages are being sent this afternoon.

The $20 packages are going tomorrow.

The $25 packages will be out on Wednesday.

International orders will be sent on Thursday.