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MARCELO GOMES: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer's video poster

Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes. Read more

New York, NY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 3, 2012.

Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

New York, NY Documentary
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About this project

Thank you to all of our backers on Kickstarter!  If you would like to support our film after the campaign is over, please visit our Dance Films Association page.

After 2 years of funding production ourselves, we are seeking your support so we can continue and complete shooting of this passion project.  Please watch our video and read more about our journey below.

Born in the heart of the Amazon, trained in Rio de Janeiro, Boca Raton and Paris, Marcelo Gomes is one of the most sought-after male ballet dancers today.  A Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre in New York City, Marcelo also performs with the world's most prestigious ballet companies and star ballerinas.


Currently in the prime of his career, Marcelo’s artistic ability matches his technical prowess.  Our documentary will capture this dynamic equilibrium with a mix of rehearsal, performance, interview and verité footage of Marcelo traveling the world as a guest artist in Asia, North and South America and Europe.  Although we have enjoyed the many films about ballet and particularly ballerinas, to our knowledge no one has really tackled the subject of the male dancer experience; what it is to be one, and what makes a great one. The film will examine this theme by delving into a brief history of the male ballet dancer -- focusing on a few key figures like Nijinsky, Nureyev and Baryshnikov.  Marcelo is recognized as one of the best partners in the world and we will also explore what separates a good partner from a truly great one.

Marcelo is a dancer in transition.  Despite his tremendous work ethic, Marcelo knows the career of a dancer is brief; and like all dancers, he worries about what he’ll do next.    After two major surgeries, how much longer will his body hold up?  With his reputation on the line, does he have the talent and drive to become a serious choreographer?  These are also questions that will be explored in the course of the film.


We have been shooting with Marcelo on and off for the past 2 years, following him to Rio de Janeiro and Manaus (his birthplace), California, Ukraine, Denmark and Greece.  As you can imagine, production is wildly expensive; shooting performance footage outside the U.S. really is our only option given the prohibitive union fees required to shoot in theaters in this country.  So far, we have funded all of this ourselves but unfortunately we can no longer continue production on our own dime.  So we are turning to you for help to complete shooting of this passion project.

Without your support, we cannot make this a reality.


Funds raised through this campaign will go towards covering remaining shooting costs including overseas travel as well as the staging of 4 outdoor performances involving Marcelo and/or his choreography.  Any contribution, however small, is much appreciated.  We need all the good will for this project to flourish -- forward this to your friends and colleagues and spread the word!  For those of you who love ballet, dance and the athleticism and beauty of the male dancer, this project needs you!!

As Alastair Macaulay recently wrote in the New York Times: "Mr. Gomes is a hero to believe in."

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Camera & Editing: Retribution Media
Music: Samba Batucada (Traditional/Arranged by Vamanos Samba)

Marcelo Gomes :Anatomy of A Male Ballet Dancer






日々の努力を惜しまないマルセロですが、その一方でダンサーとして踊っていられるのはわずかな期間であることも承知しています。他のダンサーと同じように、引退した後はどうしようかと悩むことも。二度の大きな手術を経て、体はあとどのくらい現役ダンサーでいられるのでしょう? 美しいラインで知られる彼は、振付師として自立できる才能と意欲があるでしょうか? 本作品の中ではこれらのことについても追求していきます。








10ドル以上 (ファーストポジション)映画配給時に使われるポスターを高画質でプレゼント。2012年11月ごろ配信予定

25ドル以上 (セカンドポジション)上記プラス、完成作品をデジタルダウンロード。2013年7月ごろ予定。

50ドル以上 (サードポジション)上記プラス、未使用のシーンから、普段のマルセロなどの映像を配信。2013年7月ごろ予定。

100ドル以上 (フォース・ポジション)上記プラス、ニューヨークで行われるラフカット版の試写会にご招待。最終作品に持っていくための意見を募ります。(交通費、自己負担)2013年7月ごろの予定。

250ドル以上 (フィフス・ポジション)上記プラス、ニューヨークで行われるマルセロのスタジオリハーサルに一回ご招待。(交通費、自己負担)2013年7月ごろの予定。

500ドル以上 (プリエ)上記プラス、制作スタッフと出演者たちが出席する、完成作品の試写会にご招待。(交通費、自己負担)2013年8月ごろ予定。

1000ドル以上 (ルルヴェ)上記プラス、プロデューサーたちとの、飲み物懇親会にご招待。映画の最後のゴールデンサークルのクレジットに名前が入る。(交通費自己負担)2013年8月ごろ予定。

5000ドル以上 (アラベスク)500ドル以上の特典プラス、マルセロ本人も交えたプロデューサーたちとの飲み物懇親会に招待。映画の最後のダイアモンドサークルのクレジットに名前が入る。(交通費自己負担)2013年8月ごろ予定。

10000ドル以上 (ジュテ)500ドル以上の特典プラス、プレミア試写会とオープニングの日に行われる製作者、出演者たちのパーティーへご招待。またマルセロ本人も交えたプロデューサーたちとの飲み物懇親会へご招待。映画の最後のプラチナサークルのクレジットに名前が入る。


Precisamos do seu apoio para terminar as filmagens desse documentário sobre Marcelo Gomes - bailarino, parceiro de dança e coreógrafo emergente. Nos temos trabalhado com o Marcelo há dois anos e temos financiado esta produção com nosso próprio dinheiro. Agora precisamos da sua aguda para terminar a filmagen.

O que é Kickstarter?
Kickstarter é uma comunidade na internet que conecta diretamente os idealizadores aos patrocinadores.  Seguindo a linha do crowdfunding (financiamento coletivo), o Kickstarter possui regras quanto às doações e ao uso do dinheiro. Ou seja, uma multidão (“crowd” em inglês) contribui e o idealizador transforma sua causa, projeto, criação, idéia ou desejo em realidade.  Lançado em 2009, o Kickstarter é considerado um novo fenômeno virtual e já possui mais de 20 mil concepções cadastradas.

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Marcelo Gomes – “a embalagem completa de dançarino, ator e partner.” (NY Times)

Há 15 anos, Marcelo Gomes, bailarino principal do American Ballet Theatre (ABT) se tornou o primeiro brasileiro contratado por uma companhia de fama internacional. Marcelo entrou para o corpo de baile do ABT em 1997 e foi promovido a solista em 2000.  Dois anos depois, passou a bailarino principal. 

Segundo a crítica de dança Gia Kourlas, Marcelo é "o Cary Grant do balé" pela capacidade de pôr de lado todo seu carisma em favor de sua Julieta, Gisele ou Odete. E entre as bailarinas começa a surgir uma pontuação especial: além de quantas vezes dançaram Gisele ou A Bela Adormecida, por exemplo, que são considerados alguns dos balés mais difíceis, elas agora contam quantas vezes dançaram com Marcelo, o melhor dos partners.


  • The REWARD listed for $25 and up for the digital download of our completed feature will only be available after our film is finished and released. We are still in the production stages of our feature film. Please expect a summer 2013 release of our completed feature film. Portions of other awards above the $25 level may be available before summer 2013 including the rough cut screening ($100 level) and the private in-studio rehearsal ($250 level).

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  • Our biggest challenge at the moment is to get the film in the can. But we have a plan for post. We believe that the popularity of ballet and dance in the U.S. and abroad can help us with sales to networks around the world which will defray finishing costs. We did this successfully with our previous film. After delivering a feature doc to networks around the world and 2 seasons of a TV show we feel confident in our ability to deliver.

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