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Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason 6 days ago

      Yes, as a previous backer I know the fun of eventually receiving that weighty package of beautiful dice. I for one am extremely encouraged to see the attention being paid to the rule book, and the solo/co-op modes.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hawk139 7 days ago

      @Rastl- I couldn't agree with you more. I also can't wait to get my hands on the new dice (especially to try out some varients with the shrines and traps) but until then I am showing off the base game to get other people excited about this game of quality dice

    3. Rastl 7 days ago

      @Chris - Kickstarter is not a store and ship dates are always, always, always estimates. I understand the disappointment if you were planning this as a Christmas present but you've backed 23 campaigns so singling this one out for not making their estimate is a bit much.

      They're going to deliver the same high quality game as every other one I've gotten. I'm not sure when it will arrive at my door but I'll be very happy when it does.

    4. Missing avatar

      Hawk139 on November 7

      @Dan- Estimated ship date should be made clear by December once all the remaining playtesting and such are finished. That was my impression from one of the last updates at least

    5. Dan M. on November 7

      Do we have an estimated ship date ? I really hope it's not a year from now. That seems super behind.

    6. donnbobhardy
      on November 7

      @Chris - Sadly, you can't count "late" as "failed". If so, I've only been in a handful of "successful" KS campaigns. I hope you decide to forego the route of raising a stink to get your way. I feel you'd be much better off keeping the game yourself, or reselling it after the fact. Good luck either way.

    7. Chris Henthorn on November 7

      @donnbobhardy Thank you for your feedback but in the case of what was promised vs what is delivered some would say they "have failed" they have made many changes which has resulted in a delay that is so great that it no longer fits within a viable time frame from which they indicated they would meet. I guess pulling teeth is the only way to get a refund and making a big stink on the comments thread? its weird that they would reward someone with a refund for being a jerk but not someone with a justifiable reason for refund and someone that has been kind and respectful prior to airing it out in comment threads. Seems a bit crass and prejudice.

    8. donnbobhardy
      on November 7

      I can't speak as to the specifics of this case, because I don't know them. I will speak about the generalities of refunds. First, no KS creator is ever required to give refunds unless they have failed, and even then, no-one enforces it. Some do it as a gesture of good will. BUT, --- Second, theoretically, all of the money pledged is earmarked for production, artwork, or development of the new game modes. As such, it is possible that there are no funds available for refunds. I could imagine that they refunded Peter out of pocket just so they didn't have to listen to him anymore. Third, any refund that they did give would be no more than 90%, because 10% was already lost to fees.

    9. Chris Henthorn on November 7

      I am confused. I have to be an a-hole to get a refund? I was expecting this game by Dec 2017 and its been delayed almost a year and I no longer can use this as a gift as intended. Someone guy speaks his mind and potluck bands him and offers him a refund. This does not seem very fair. I was kind and respectful in asking for a refund and have been denied. Has anyone else had issues requesting a refund?

    10. Chris Henthorn on November 7

      @potluck. I was expecting to get this game in time for Christmas and the delay is so long that I no longer need the game. Would it be possible to get a refund for my pledge? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    11. donnbobhardy
      on November 6

      The advertisement about Tony's game was being used to sell more Dungeon Dice? In an update to a campaign where everyone already bought Dungeon Dice? Pretty sure it was exactly what it claimed to be, an advertisement for the Keys to the Capitals game.
      I can't blame Golden Bell for wanting to promote their other games, but I do agree that there are probably better ways. Like I said before, I'd encourage them to create a newsletter for some of these advertisements. Opt-in is probably less offensive, but I imagine that adding all DD backers to a list by default that could be easily opted out of wouldn't be too bad either.
      We all backed a Potluck game. Let's keep the updates for news about Dungeon Dice and future Potluck games and a separate newsletter for Golden Bell games. That should make everyone happy.

    12. Queenie (aka Marcia K)
      on November 6

      mmmm, I am looking at my previous kickstarter experiences with Potluck Games and frankly found no issues. I received in a suitable amount of production time, the items I backed for. I expect that It will most certainly happen again. I have lost plenty of money on kickstarter, you win some you lose some, but havnt been disappointed by Potluck Games. As for slandering, wow Peter what do you think you have typed on this forum. You can say what you like, but they cant defend themselves from you attack. Rubbish. If you are going to dish it out, you should be able to tack it. As for these threats, really.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter on November 5

      For those that know or care - yes we are technically talking about libel here but 'libeling' is a harder read than 'slandering' so pick your poison.

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter on November 5

      @Potluck - I would advise not slandering me further when it is so easily captured and documented on a public forum. There is more than enough legal ground and precedent to show the updates and messages advertising other games can and is being used to promote your product and company. It does not matter where the proceeds of Tony's game go - even 150% to him - I never spoke ill of him and use of his game is arguably being used to sell more of something else he does not receive proceeds from. Period.

      I have documented these comments to and about me and had them notarized as well as the publicly stated intent to expel me when you could have handled everything privately.

      If necessary I will seek damages for continued slander and any billable hours used to protect myself from defamation as well removal from the good faith investment in this production.

      Tread carefully.

    15. Missing avatar

      Hawk139 on November 5

      Ok. Even if voting is still open (I doubt it), as it s not a one use this is not likely to win, however if everyone wants to help the universe in it's attempts to always prove me wrong, go to the contest on board game geek and vote for adding harmless rabbit to the game!

      Harmless Rabbit. Four sides level 1,1,2, 2 blue, all with fear. One face level 5 gold with quake, execute 2 and equipped artifact. One use for reward

      Otherwise someone help me get one copy made for my own game that matches the quality of the other monster dice.

    16. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 4

      I've tried to respond to everyone who mentioned in the comments that they were overlooked. Some of you sent multiple e-mails that didn't get any attention. I'm sorry for the frustration.

      If any backers are still waiting on a response, please post here. There have been some issues with receiving e-mail alerts from Kickstarter. (Part of the problem is on our end, with multiple people looking over the notifications).

    17. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 4

      @Darksurtur - It looks like your comment went unnoticed. You WILL get the rare Guilds dice if you order Guilds. There are no exclusive dice in Colosseum or Lost King.

    18. BBW on November 3

      Thanks, @Potluck. That's really the most important thing--hearing from the person behind the brand while things are being worked out.

    19. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 3

      I know I haven't been communicating as well as I have in the past. I'm trying to remedy that.

    20. Missing avatar

      on November 2

      I'll give a more intelligent comment later but in the mean time..... I've been waiting for EDTD since it's first Ks debut and cancellation due to unforeseen issues. Potluck always seems to strive for the best product and outcome both for their games and customers' satisfaction. Would I like DD and EDTD in my greedy little paws right now?!? Of course! But, I trust that the product will eventually arrive and be worth the wait.

      Could they do better at communicating things? Yes, but that's something that goes for all of us.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 on November 2

      While I don't know much about Golden Bell, I trust Sam to deliver a product with high quality. There has been delay in the past, but the games that I have received have been satisfying. No one want delay, but I am okay with Sam in this case, because he always wants the best for his customers. And I take quality over speed any day of the year.

    22. Missing avatar

      Fro on November 2

      @Potluck (Sam)
      In that case, thank you! I am probably more excited about the co-op mode than anything else from this expansion. Although, I do think the dual artifacts and relics are sweet.

    23. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 2

      This is Sam. I personally made the call to invest extra time in the coop and solo modes. I want them to be as high quality as the rest of the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Fro on November 2

      I'll throw in my two cents. I own Dungeon Dice and all of the expansions so far and have been very pleased with the high quality of the dice. I've had a few questions about the rule books in the past, but these have been answered and I'm confident that the new rulebook will be much better.
      I am very excited that there will be a solo mode and co-op mode for this game. It might take a little longer for Potluck to flesh these out, but I think they will be well worth the wait. I'm looking forward to playing co-op games with my wife. Potluck has done an excellent job with this game and these variations will make the game have even more re-playability. Personally, I am fine with any delay since I am confident that we will receive a quality game.

    25. Joe F. on November 2

      Miniatures seems to always delay KS projects, doesn't matter the company or the quantity, any time miniatures are involved they seem to be the (one of) primary reason for the delay.

    26. donnbobhardy
      on November 2

      There was quite a bit about stuff that was not Dungeon Dice, but I think they were also quite clear that they had no estimate about when Dungeon Dice would be ready and explaining that it was the result of the Mystery Box die, the miniature, and the coop and solo modes. Honestly, other than the Mystery Box die, I kind of wish they'd left those others out. All of them were obviously not even started until after the campaign ended. I think Golden Bell got a little too excited during the campaign and offered far more than they should have.
      But they did offer it, and they are trying to meet the promises that they made. Surely, no one can fault them for that?
      As for promoting their other products, I can see why people might be frustrated by getting advertisements for other products of Golden Bell that bear no similarity to what was backed. While I actually have a couple of their games, most of them aren't my cup of tea. I'm far more interested in hearing more about Potluck's new stuff (of which I imagine there isn't much of at the moment). However, using past KS projects to advertise new ones is fairly common, and Golden Bell can't just drop everything except DD until its done.
      My advise to Golden Bell would be to create a newsletter for the non-DD stuff with an optional signup (or at least an optional opt-out) and leave the updates for DD (or at least Potluck) stuff.

    27. Soul Cyphyr on November 2

      While Peter’s message is a bit harsh, I have to agree with his point. You head your update with a “Delivery Update”, but instead I read a wall of text about other games I’m not interested in. Nothing in your update is even an approximation of when Dungeon Dice will see completion. And then you finish with enhanced artwork for another game I’m not interested in.

      I’m fairly patient and understand delays. But I’m here to see Dungeon Dice updates.

    28. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 2

      @Freddy thanks so much for your support. It means the world to all of us! Glad you're enjoying everything and hope we continue to live up to your expectations. Let us know if we missed anything and we will aim to address everyones concerns so there's no little holes. Thanks!

    29. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 2

      @Peter That is incredibly rude, disrespectful and uncalled for. I am asking you to accept a full refund because we will not accept this kind of behavior quoted below for everyone to see. It shows your lack of tact and it is something we will not tolerate as a company. Tony created his game by himself years before we were involved. His mission is to increase awareness for Autism to show that anyone can do anything. I find it extremely insulting and quite disheartening to make such insinuations. If you aren't happy here you're welcome to leave as I will not tolerate posts like this. You have every right to ask questions about what we're doing and criticize a work and offer suggestions for improvement but to put down Tony like that is unacceptable. We work with Tony everyday and he has built a huge following all by himself, we aim to help him do just a little bit more outside of just selling on Facebook. If you don't support that, that's quite alright. That is your prerogative and right. The way you're talking though? Nope. Please next time do your research and see that all the credit goes to Tony for making his game a success and he's tried to run a Kickstarter several times and never quite made it. We are behind him 110% and aim to make sure his dreams and visions can be realized. Thanks for your support through the years, and we're sorry to have to see you go but this is complete grounds for expulsion from the campaign.

      "Also - shame on everyone involved for using someone's Autism to sell more crap. I mean seriously - SHAME ON YOU! That is embarrassing and low to sink to slapping that all over and expecting it to drive up your revenue." - Peter, please message us for a full refund of your pledge.

    30. Freddy Jensen on November 2

      I have to say that even as this is only the first Dungeon Dice campaign I've backed, but Potluck and Golden Bell have been pretty transparent thus far. Yes, it's true, they've been better recently, but everything from the manufacturing with the molds to the upfront honesty about developing things further. Honestly, the amount of care and attention we are getting is exactly why I think we should continue to support and enjoy the amount of immediate feedback we can provide here on Kickstarter. Some people have already soured my experience here, where instead of supporting and understanding smaller businesses and publishers, we have some backers calling for a feeding frenzy. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see the intelligent responses here, and I won't name names, but some of the discourse here is unsettling. I'll give my overview of where I stand.

      I'm happy they're taking time to address the rule book. As a first time player I want an experience partly curated by the fans so my family and me can have the best experience possible. I can't wait to see more of the art and I know they're working hard on it. Great things take time. Hope we get to even go over the rule book together here before it's fully published.

      I've been worried about production too, but I started to do my homework. Apparently their game Movie Buff (one I haven't backed but purchased through Amazon) had plenty of updates about the production, including pictures and information covering what was happening. If that's the style of updates Golden Bell has in store for us I think we're in safe hands. As to what Potluck has done before? Why doubt them now? He's always had a passion for games and I can't wait to get my hands on Epic Dice too, and that's been quite a long wait now too. I know waiting sucks, but some of my favorite companies have had delays for their video games and movies.

      On the solo and cooperative versions of the game now, I believe that this will be something fun in the making too. While we could see more about it, as long as they're still doing it then I'm sure we'll see updates as they come along. It's one of the reasons I got excited to jump on board as now my son and daughter will be able to play as a team rather than solely against each other. It's fun and adds value to what looks to be an interesting addition to the franchise!

      Finally, on my experience with Golden Bell, I think it's interesting how some have just allowed themselves to leap to conclusions. I ordered a Movie Buff on their Amazon and then messaged on their website about the Marshfellows for my daughter. I had a very pleasant email exchange with the rep of Golden Bell. I had to wait a little longer for the shipping on the Marshfellows, but my daughter was given bookmarks and stickers. They support their other products and I don't believe that's shameless. Quite the opposite in fact, they want to succeed and they're proud of what they have to offer. I enjoyed Movie Buff and had a great experience playing with my family. If there's something shoddy about that then I don't know what else to say. As we get more updates I'll continue to trust that we'll be taken care of as customers.

      I'd like to just voice this and show my support for this game and the fans supporting it. We all deserve to experience something special together.

      Thank you to the others in the comment section. Your passion and insight into the game has made me excited for it and I can't wait to play.

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter on November 2

      Wow- that was a LOT of words to say NOTHING in the knee-jerk update. So July 2018 then?

      GB needs to stop with the grandstanding and 'we are creatives' malarkey and just speak plainly.

      Also - If Potluck (the original team) or anyone else seasoned in DD really, truly, thought the KS would only be 10K and done in December then they are even more clueless than I ever thought.

      Read between the lines here - Epic Dice is falling further behind than they have let on; they are REALLY tied up in gobbling up as many creators, IP (being generous here), and the various media they create as a new-age version of the 1800's gold panning hordes hoping day after day after day that they finally find that nugget of gold in the infinite pan of dirt they have rinsed out. Not to mention the '100's of hours' spent on a rulebook that was supposedly being polished up back in 2013...2014...2015...2016 but is still consuming two people for this amount of time only for them to decide they can't actually deliver whatever it is they feel everyone wants (um it's just a usable / functional rulebook guys/gals).

      Aaaaaand a 3D miniature that is being worked over by artists to ensure the 'ultra fine detail' is truly captured... for a dice game where said miniature is all-but-literally useless.


      Transparency, honesty, accountability. I would take 2 of the 3. Or even 1 at this point.

      Hopefully the line about same molds (how - they are different dice thus molds will be different and how those will be made and by whom was not addressed but I digress) and same factory producing the same exact quality hold true. With the snake oil merchants taking over though I will not believe a word until the dice are delivered... in July 2018.

    32. Potluck Games 10-time creator on November 1

      Hey all! I posted an update for everyone to review that I believe has been communicated through various updates and comments but now is all encompassing in one big mega long post. Thanks!

    33. donnbobhardy
      on November 1

      @BBW - While I'm still confident that we'll get everything (at some point) and that the quality will be good, I whole-heartedly agree that a lot more transparency is needed.

    34. donnbobhardy
      on November 1

      @Chuck - No boosted dice in the player pack.

    35. Joe F. on November 1

      I would agree with April being the earliest we will see this, we have the Chinese New Year coming up soon and unless production is done before February we can write off that month. We should have an update soon on the mystery box die, and what die is being added from the contest awhile back. (Doppelgänger was last I heard).

    36. BBW on October 31

      As a first-time backer, I'll admit to having no background on the DD series. I did (and do) give credit to those who've supported the product and Potluck in the past.
      Here are the stats on my own experience: Since the campaign closed in May, I've heard updates about the new publisher (2x), the pledge manager (8x), box art (2x), delivery delays, individual extra dice (2x), dice molds being Shanghaied then rescued, and other Golden Bell games unrelated to my pledge (3x).
      I think I've passed the point where I can be expected to be comfortable based on vague assurances from Golden Potluck, or endorsements from long-term backers. I don't distrust anyone, but I have precious little to go by in the way of concrete facts.
      Can we please get a *detailed* update on the following basics?
      - Status of physical production.
      - Status of the rulebook.
      - Solo and Co-op variants.
      - What the current delivery projection is, based on some tangible benchmarks?
      This is by far the costliest KSproject I've backed, and I know the least about it.
      Thanks in advance!

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter on October 31

      Also - shame on everyone involved for using someone's Autism to sell more crap. I mean seriously - SHAME ON YOU! That is embarrassing and low to sink to slapping that all over and expecting it to drive up your revenue.

    38. Missing avatar

      Peter on October 31

      LOL at this pathetic update. The Bell site is chock full of no-name, z-rate crap that makes Dungeon Dice look worse by being listed alongside.

      The only updates that should be given for Dungeon Dice are updates about Dungeon Dice and it has been some time since we got anything meaningful. This update is useless and the previous update does not actually tell us anything aside from the need to lock down a pledge manager that should have gone live and been closed back in the first half of the summer.

      I would love it if anyone wanted to place odds on when this will actually be delivered. Since December was never a reality we can safely assume January is a miss now. February is very unlikely as well as March. I would say April is the absolute earliest this gets delivered... and where I was previously confident that at least the final product would be equal in quality as prior DD purchases I now fear that the poor quality on show will spill over to Dungeon Dice.

      Any brave soul want to wager when this will get delivered? And since it is obvious to many that it will be quite late then there is ZERO reason those that are actually in charge of this can honestly say they 'had no idea x/y/z reason would cause a delay' or even not communicate that fact NOW.

      Anyway - April at the earliest, crossing fingers it matches what has already been produced and stop sending out updates begging us to buy something or Kickstart something from the bell's kiosk.

    39. Dan M. on October 31

      Can we stop spamming my inbox asking me to buy other games published by yellow games or w/e the stupid company is. k ? thanks.

    40. Missing avatar

      on October 31

      @Potluck also awaiting feedback from messages before I can finalize my pledge. Hope you're having a Happy Halloween!

    41. Missing avatar

      on October 31

      I cant lock down my pledge until you message me back.

    42. Chuck Hurd on October 31

      Thanks Donn. So I'm thinking that add-on is the same base game mat (cardboard) but offered to those that want to expand to 5+ players. Got it.

      Do you happen to know if the extra player pack includes and Boosted Level Dice?

    43. donnbobhardy
      on October 31

      @Chuck - Only the mats in the base game are cardboard. And the extra player pack will have a D10 tracker.

    44. Chuck Hurd on October 31

      @Potluck - does the Extra Player Pack include a D10 XP tracker?

    45. Chuck Hurd on October 31

      @Potluck - is the new player mat offered in the backerkit made of cardboard? or mouse pad material like the originals?

      Maybe anyone else knows offhand?


    46. Missing avatar

      on October 30

      I messaged your a few weeks ago and then again last week to followup about questions for locking my pledge down.

      I read you were having difficulties with messages so hope you can get back to me now.

    47. JKP
      on October 30

      Well, I finalized my backerkit. I've been in several of the KS for this game and every time I'm lost on what I need to have it all. Same this time. I have a confession to make. I have yet to play the game. This puts me at a disadvantage since I don't know what all came when and what all I need. Hopefully when its all here I can put it on a big table, figure it out, and have everything. Then tackle the rules.

    48. Missing avatar

      on October 29

      Hoping for some guidance as I try to finish my pledge. I am currently pledged for only the base game. If I get the Guilds expansion, will it come with the 4 exclusive dice? Are there any other exclusive dice associated with Lost King or any other add-ons?

    49. Missing avatar

      Hawk139 on October 29

      @ Potluck. I sent you a message a few days back. No rush, just checking in

    50. Potluck Games 10-time creator on October 28

      I just responded to both of you. If anyone else feels like there message hasn't been answered, you're welcome to post here.

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