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Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
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    1. Jason L. 1 day ago


      His other game... Epic Dice Tower Defense. Launched a few months before this KS and was supposed to deliver before this one.

    2. RicBret
      1 day ago

      Sorry, missed what ED:TD is?

    3. Missing avatar

      Gilou 2 days ago

      Thanks donn.

    4. donnbobhardy
      3 days ago

      I volunteer as tribute!

    5. Thomas Aigner 3 days ago

      I volunteer for playtesting :D :P

      Good to know they are still on it and it's not just paused until ED:TD ships. Looking forward to both, game & expansion, no matter how late they'll be

    6. donnbobhardy
      3 days ago

      Touché. Perhaps it’s a newer policy. That was over 7 months ago, and I imagine that they’ve got a lot more developers signed since then. I can only share what they told me. Hopefully, GB or PG will chime in soon.

    7. BBW
      3 days ago

      Thanks, @donnbobhardy

    8. Soul Cyphyr 3 days ago

      Unfortunately, Golden Bell does do updates. Visit Update #33. A rather lengthy update, and not just a project update but a development update as well. Followed with advertisements of their other properties.

      No knock against you Don, but their credibility, in my opinion, invalidates everything else they’ve told you.

    9. donnbobhardy
      3 days ago

      So, here's what I know.
      - Golden Bell does not do updates. They leave it to the creators.
      - Sam is still sick. He would rather spend what energy he has on getting the games out rather than spend time on updates.
      - Regarding Sam's energy, it is mostly going into EDTD at this point. We're nearing the end there, and I believe there are just some final tidying up of the rulebooks before those are printed and everything is shipped.
      - Golden Bell is working on DD, but there are some aspects of it that only Sam can do.
      - Solo mode will involve scenarios. Golden Bell has written several. I don't know how many there will be or how many are done. Those that are written still require playtesting.
      - Coop mode will involve character cards, similar to those in EDTD. I don't know how many there will be or how many are done.
      - I had a long conversation with Golden Bell, explaining my (our?) viewpoint that monthly updates don't need to be fancy. I was simultaneously told that no progress was being made on DD at all and that progress was being made on the scenarios. I explained that IS progress and the kind of thing that we backers would like to know. I think I got through to him. I have no means of communicating directly to Sam, so I am hoping that Golden Bell passes on our conversation. I also offered to let Sam give me a brief overview of progress so that I could create official updates in his stead. We shall see if anything comes of it.
      @Golden Bell - Let me know if any of that violated my NDA and I'll edit my comment. :D

    10. Bigduke6 3 days ago

      @Rickdumdum - cheers at least that sounds promising :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Rickdumdum 3 days ago

      @Bigduke6 I've actually went to PAX East this year and confronted GB about it. They said it near completion. That the mold issue with the dice should be resolved soon.
      If you want I can repost my findings. Granted this was back in early April so I don;'t know how much progress there was.

    12. Bigduke6 4 days ago

      @donnbobhardy - as the only person who seems to have any useful information and provides unofficial updates to fellow backers of this KS, do you have any news from Origins? If I recall correctly you said you would try and speak with Golden Bell while you were there.
      PS I would prefer he (Sam) or them (Golden Bell) were working on this AND providing comments/updates on THIS project. It’s not much to ask

    13. Jason L. 4 days ago

      @donnbobhardy, Ah but see that is the problem... since they never log-in and comment or post ANY sort of update we can’t know what they’re doing or working on can we? It would be different if we had a clear path ahead and end date then know would one care, but that’s not true here. Likely the next update will simply announce they are just now adjusting focus to this campaign and tell us about a new quarter delay.

    14. donnbobhardy
      4 days ago

      What’s the concern about last login date? I’d rather he be working than browsing KS.

    15. Jason L. 5 days ago

      It’s a really bad sign that their last log-in was even more then a month ago. I’m sure hoping we get at least something for new info soon.

    16. caz
      6 days ago

      please tell us something! anything! :)

    17. Jason L. 7 days ago

      A good update probably does take longer but seriously that’s not what we’ll get. Most of us just want a bone and yes that would only take five minutes. But heck let’s say a good update takes what 2/3 hours... at this point in over two months surely they can find the time to do something and seriously 3 hours? I think that’s being very generous for anyone else who has to do similar hours and turn it around in a half hour. It’s not about time, it’s hobestly more about respect now. There’s no good news and they don’t have the respect to tell backers. I am FINE with another delay (heck we know it’s coming anyway) but give us respect and tell us. Let’s stop making excuses because this wasn’t slwayswho they were. Now it is and we all have to deal. If you’re in too deep admit it and shift responsibilities to others... don’t just keep going down with a sinking ship and tell your crew and riders all is ok and then hide your head in the sand. Most of all of us are ok with delays especially given the situation with health but we deserve to know where we are even if it’s nowhere New after over two months.

    18. donnbobhardy
      7 days ago

      Does it take 5 minutes to give an update? I feel like KS creators are always talking about how much work updates are. Stuff like “we’re working on an update, but it might not be ready until tomorrow.” I’ve heard that a lot.
      On the other hand, I had a long talk with Golden Bell about this last night. I’m hoping I have convinced them of the value of more frequent communication.

    19. BBW
      on June 14, 2018

      No update until we hit 10K comments.

    20. Jason L. on June 13, 2018

      Regardless of what new modes and barriers this created to cause a delay I think most of us understand that... what I do not understand or tolerate is piss poor communication. It takes five minutes to give a quick update and not go over two months without a word. No excuses and we shouldn’t have to tolerate that. That’s disrespectful to backers that place their trust (and Money) in them.

    21. donnbobhardy
      on June 13, 2018

      This delay IS fairly abnormal for them. And probably due to a number of factors, like his illness and the magnitude of adding two new game modes that the original game isn't really suited for.

    22. Happy Sunshine on June 13, 2018

      Really glad this is the last expansion that they're doing for this game so other people won't have to deal with this type of delay

    23. geekahedron on June 13, 2018

      I'm disappointed by the lack up updates, but as a [happy] backer of all of the previous Dungeon Dice projects, I have faith that they will deliver on this one. Eventually.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ddgas on June 11, 2018

      Do you guys think we can hit 3 months without any update?

    25. Dan M. on June 10, 2018

      I'm going to go away for awhile and hope for the best. I generally like to think positive and that 99.99% of people set out to do the right thing. So that's what I'll think here. Maybe he's so busy getting things tied together. This is kinda a huge project that maybe he's waiting to give us a huge your game is coming here is time line x update... Fingers crossed :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Dyson Gibson on June 10, 2018

      I hope Golden Bell has a GenCon booth I can run by to get some info on this project. I thought by partnering up with them Sam would be able to tackle both projects but Golden Bell doesnt seem to be helping at all....

    27. donnbobhardy
      on June 10, 2018

      My understanding is that Sam's sickness is preventing him from multi-tasking, so he is focusing his energy on EDTD, They might not have an ETA to give us at this point.

    28. caz
      on June 9, 2018

      No new updates for a while :(

    29. Anders T.N
      on June 7, 2018

      At 250$ in I really would like to hear a delivery date from them. I mean if your uncertain just use the worst possible scenario for the date rather than giving us a 2-3 month time frame and then no means of tracking the progress.

    30. Decottignies
      on June 7, 2018

      Hello , first and most important thing to me: I hope the health of Potluck is good, and for this i dont care to wait for christmas to have this game !

      Of course the sooner the better !

    31. Dustin Hulsey on June 6, 2018

      Do we have any update on what's happening with the game? ETA at all?

    32. donnbobhardy
      on June 5, 2018

      In all fairness, I don't believe that Sam is going to the con, and he is likely doing most of the work on the game.

    33. Jason L. on June 5, 2018

      @Ander T.N. At time of last shipping update we’re supposed to see it sometime from July to September... that being said we’ve not had s single update in over 2 months and seen nothing new so we’re likely to be more realistic by saying best bet by end of the year and more likely Spring 2019. We can hope for some luck though

    34. Anders T.N
      on June 5, 2018

      Have they given any sort of delivery date yet. I can understand the earlier delay due to illness and all but seeing them prioritise some convention when the project is this overdue is honestly just insulting. Your health is one thing. Another PR opportunity is something else entirely.

    35. Anders T.N
      on June 5, 2018

      Perfectly OK to have the solo and coop rules together, but if they diverge a lot it might be a good idea to keep them as two distinct parts even though they are in the same book.

    36. Thomas Aigner on June 5, 2018

      100 pages? so it’s a scenario book then?

    37. donnbobhardy
      on June 5, 2018

      Honestly, I've heard the solo/coop rules are going to be 100 pages. I actually DON'T want that in the same book with the rest of the rules.

    38. Missing avatar

      Fro on June 5, 2018

      @Donn and @AFrag - I disagree. I want the solo and coop rules as part of the book. The whole point of the comprehensive rule book is to have all of the rules in one book. I don't want to have this rule book along with an extra pdf documents for the other rules.

    39. AFrag on June 5, 2018

      @DONN - I completely agree. Coop/solo play can be a PDF as far as I am concerned, let’s get the game out the door and release the other game modes once we have dice in hand!

    40. Missing avatar

      nightwishpower on June 4, 2018

      it is the last time I back any potluck games

    41. donnbobhardy
      on June 4, 2018

      As frustrated as I am by their silence, I've dealt with far worse. At least with this one, I know it will deliver. With my 4- and 5-year-late campaigns, I'm pretty sure those are just lost money.
      I think we should campaign to have the coop/solo rules as a PDF instead of a physical book. That should help them get the game out sooner.

    42. Missing avatar

      Cory on June 4, 2018

      @Jeremy I agree, I honestly don’t have any desire to play this game anymore or support Potluck. I’d much rather have my money back and use it to support a more responsible company.

    43. Thomas Aigner on June 4, 2018

      @Mark, one Year now since funded and we are waiting on an update for a new production timeline and state of the rulebook/solo rules.

    44. Mark Mitchell on June 4, 2018

      I've just come here for the first time in what... 2 years is it? Whats going on?

    45. Jeremy Dutchess - Dudes and Dice LLC on June 3, 2018

      I've completed lost any excitement for this game now. It's been over a year since we backed this.

    46. Jason L. on June 3, 2018


      I don’t know if it will be quite that bad, but they are hiding another huge delay. There current timeline puts it anywhere from next month to three months away max. Now obviously we’ve barely seen anything and have not heard a single thing in over two months so that’s not going to happen. BEST, and I do mean BEST, estimate would put this by Xmas but that time of year is crazy busy for most factories and even worst for shipments so it is much more likely it’ll get hit with the dreaded Chinese New Year and be Spring 2019 but I don’t think it’ll be summer. (And as I mentioned if they get their butts in gear there is a small chance winter 2018. Nonetheless this is passpoor communication and they should be so embarrassed by that. Delays are a way of life (especially with the given circymastamces which make them understandable albeit regrettable) communication like this is frankly negligent for this many supporters and down right insulting as it takes one minute to give us a well deserved update.

    47. Dan M. on June 3, 2018

      Just waiting for that update to tell us early 2019 time line. Which will get delayed by Chinese new year. So really summer of 2019. :) Calling it now. Don't be surprised.

    48. Silver Bowen on June 3, 2018

      2 months is too long for no updates.

    49. Thomas Aigner on June 3, 2018

      @Donn, make sure to hit them with your bag of bags of dungeon dice until they give you all the answers ! ;-) And have fun there too

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