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Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
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    1. Andreas B. about 1 hour ago

      Any update ?
      Locations dice done ?
      All other dice done ?
      How is rulebook going ?

      When will factory production begin ?
      Golden Bell involded in other kickstarter projection (Unbroken), is that good or bad ?

    2. donnbobhardy
      4 days ago

      It would have probably cost a fortune to split this up. I wonder how many people it would irritate if coop/solo rules became a PDF instead of physical booklet. That might get us the dice faster, because I'm almost positive the coop/solo rules are the hangup.

    3. Jedi_Gunslinger
      4 days ago

      They should've just finished the base game first then the stretch goals

    4. Dan M. 6 days ago

      I want to play the game Obviously. However I am looking at this game like a collectors piece honestly. I backed for everything and I look forward to being able to enjoy and play this game for hopefully decades to come !

    5. Tyrell Wood on April 17

      I think they mentioned early on that Q3 2018 was their projected date. I will admit, I was really hoping to have my content by now but I am still looking forward to getting the game.

    6. Dan M. on April 16

      I see that. Thanks for taking the time to ask them for some info and filling us in.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rickdumdum on April 16

      @Dan I gave a small update based on my encounter with golden bell in the comments below.

    8. Dan M. on April 16

      Any chance of a small update on the status ? Even a little "Hey guys we are waiting on production to start at factory" - the Silence is annoying when a project is late. - Thanks !

    9. Eric Stine on April 15

      @Anmol I believe it to still be in the realm of possibility, otherwise why would Sam have put the following at the end of an update:

      “We're still discussing ways to compensate everyone for the wait. For example, we're looking into the possibility of doing multiple shipments as some items will become available before others.”

      Hopefully something can be done. I’m also a EDTD backer, and there has been zero communication there as well. Even just the occasional update stating “No word from the factory yet” or “nothing new to report, hang tight” would do wonders for both the community and their reputation

    10. Anmol Chhabra
      on April 15

      @Eric Stine, although that might sound like a good idea, that might end up costing them a lot more for TLK as well, because they will likely have to restructure the entire manufacture and shipping plan. I don't think they would do that. At least no unless all backers agreed to it and were willing to pay a substantial premium

    11. Eric Stine on April 15

      Perhaps PG could do something like other games have done. Pay a small shipping fee to have the base game / expansions already molded ship out while we wait for the designs and production to finish on TLK. Personally I’d gladly pay extra to ship SOMETHING within the next few months. This lack of communication is unbearable.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rickdumdum on April 10

      @Afrag I did not directly, but gave a slight nudge about it.

    13. AFrag on April 10

      @Rickdumdum - that is encouraging to hear. Did you suggest to them that perhaps a little more communication via KS updates would go a long way in curing any perception of incompetence and/or apathy. I personally have every confidence that the product will ship eventually, but this is my 4th round with Potluck so I have history to lean on. We have others here that dropped a large chunk of cash on an unknown publisher and they are getting nervous and frustrated, understandably. Regular updates isn’t too much to ask...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on April 10


      Thanks for the info! It's good to hear GB seems on top of it. I don't mind hearing about delays or issues, as long as things are still progressing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on April 10

      Thank you for the update Rickdumdum

    16. Missing avatar

      Gilou on April 10

      Thanks a lot for this message Rickdumdum.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rickdumdum on April 9

      So I just returned from PAX East. I was able to get a little more information with Golden Bell about the status of Dungeon dice.
      How accurate they are, I'll leave it up to your judgment.
      So one of the first question I've had for them is the launch window of when they will send it to backers.
      Golden Bell: projects to be Q3 of this year
      I asked them if they had production issues or delays.
      Golden Bell: Yes, we did. On top of the Chinese New Year we had issues with the dice mold for the Lost King expansion. In fact it's mostly what's causing the hold up.
      They went in said how now it should be nearly resolved and make head way for that projected Q3 release.
      I asked them about the model/ figure for the Lost King.
      Golden Bell: (* My Memory is little bit hazy but take this news with a grain of salt*) that the figures are mostly produced and look very similar to the art work displayed in the kickstarter campaign.
      They then proceeded by showing me the box for dungeon dice and epic dice.
      I really liked the art work for both boxes, it has a lot of character to it. The box itself is very decent size, and should fit all the expansions. One thing I noticed is the inside of the box is just the manual and big bag of dice. I didn't have enough time to ask them on the whether or not if the expansions will be in its own separate big bag or if it will be clumped in the big white bag.

      Other things to note:
      So the guys I've met at PAX were pretty cool dudes. They even said they want to reward me with an extra dice for meeting them at their booth and asking about DD. I felt like they didn't shy away to any of my question and were more than happy to answer them.

      My take on this...
      Not to bash on PG or being a slave driver, but when there's hardly any details of what going on and then coming out with a another Project after mentioning your personal issue, it seems a bit disappointing.
      There's nothing wrong mention about issues going on in production. Many companies face this issue, an even the greatest ones suffer these problems.
      Yes people who back on kickstarters are not customers expecting our exact products. We are investors who want to see this succeed. We also like to know what the status of development and production of DD (we don't need to know the nitty gritty details just the big scope of it).

      If there's any corrections PG or GB want to make on the data I shared, I'm all ears.
      Once again I really want to have this succeed all the way. Also I wish for the best of luck.

      Thanks :D

    18. donnbobhardy
      on April 6

      @Anthony - FWIW, the addition of solo and coop modes invalidate any comment they may have made about having most of their stuff together. Did they actually say that? I agree with everything else you said, though. Really just want my dice at this point. I think they're earning a lot of ill will at this point. Which probably won't stop me from backing other Potluck stuff. I just wish some of the GB stuff that they plug was even tangentially related. "You backed a dice RPG game! Here's an advertisement for a casual card game!"

    19. BBW
      on April 5

      I have come to appreciate the occasional heads-up on whatever else GB is producing. So I can steer clear of it.
      Still looking forward to DD, though. And on the bright side, by the time it gets here, all my kids will be old enough not to eat the dice.

    20. Anthony Hyde
      on March 31

      @Afrag currently it is not that late but we were already told that they THINK it will be delivered sometime in Q3. That is pretty late for a Ks that claimed to have most of its stuff already together. Additionally it could go even later, look at the other game that funded first. It is having all the same issues.

      I am additionally on the wagon disliking having to ask and ask for an update just to get a minor update and then immediately plugged by GB for another KS.

      It’s the combination of, radio silence, projecting being pretty darn late, and refusal from Golden Bell to read the room, that has me (and I think others) frustrated.

    21. AFrag on March 29

      Truthfully, this KS is not that late. I mean, several month delays are almost common place in every KS project. Some have gotten better for sure, but I have several right now much later than this one.

      The bigger issue here is one of communication, which in this case seems to be due to illness. Still I agree, regular communication once a KS is late is a must. Delays are fine, just keep us informed of the progress regularly so we can see there is actually progress.

      I can say, this is abnormal when compared to other Potluck campaigns I have been part of, which Is the reason I am not panicking as others may be. I am confident we’ll get our dice, although considering the design process is just now finishing, i wouldn’t plan on rolling these suckers until fourth quarter. So be it, but regular communication should make 85% of the angst in this campaign away in my opinion.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter on March 28

      So golden bell are just completely tone deaf on the near unanimous disinterest in their self-interested promotional updates?

      Back in some update after the golden bell fiasco was announced it was stated the rulebook was being worked on by multiple people...and yet it is still clearly a mess if nothing can be shown to backers and requires yet more work.

      Nearly a year after this kickstarter began and there has been essentially no progress made on it.

      But keep promoting other things while this one burns - that is a really savvy business move.

    23. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg
      on March 27

      @Kyle There are some decent references on BGG that help too.

    24. Jared Bond
      on March 27

      Are there many more designs left to finalize?

    25. Kyle Schleich
      on March 27

      Have not played this game in a while, pulled it out last weekend and the session promptly fell apart in about 15 minutes after i had to juggle all 4 current rule books to re-remember all the symbols, which made me remember why I stopped playing in the first place. Waiting very patiently for the fulfillment all-in-one rulebook!

    26. Soul Cyphyr on March 27

      Yes, please promote more Kickstarters of other games in your awesome updates.

    27. AFrag on March 26

      Really happy to see the update here. I hope this means that Sam’s health has stabilized. Looking extremely forward to getting this one to the table, but not at the expense of Sam’s health. Hopefully this can be fast tracked through the factory! I do think that we are likely looking for a 4Q18 delivery for this though.

    28. Happy Sunshine on March 25

      and because those Golden Bell morons are involved it will be the end of 2019, if we are lucky.

    29. Missing avatar

      Cory on March 25

      I’d guess that we’re probably going to get this game 1st quarter 2019. Luckily there’s a ton of great games out to tide us over.

    30. Missing avatar

      Big ugh on March 25

      Considering the fact the dice are not firmed up design wise. And given personal experience with production in overseas factories 3rd quarter of 18 seems like an unrealistic delivery date. Can you please provide a more realistic delivery date.

    31. Missing avatar

      on March 25

      Personally I have complete faith in Potluck. Sam has always been rather upfront and transparent.

      This is slated behind ED: TD as that game funded first. Which makes sense.

      Sam has been having health issues.

      Sam had previously stated that things were taking a while as well to create good Solo and Co-op (I believe) rules, plus all the new content that had to be thoroughly playtested,& balanced.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dyson Gibson on March 25

      Any chance we can get a small update on production?

    33. Missing avatar

      on March 25

      I think it's rather appropriate to receive an update that starts by showing us a cat expelling something out it's rear end.

    34. John Sherman on March 24

      Great to see the new designs and how they will integrate with the Game. Looking forward to seeing the final results. Thanks for the update!

    35. Kirk Grentzenberg
      on March 24

      Would appreciate hearing an update as well. Thanks!

    36. Joe F. on March 23

      and Golden Bell doesn't seem to be picking up any of the slack. NOT impressed...

    37. Missing avatar

      Brian Cherry on March 23

      Well, I gotta say... this one surprised me. After 3 successful Kickstarters I was pretty sure this one was going to run smooth too. But for the creator to disappear for 2 months without a word? That's really inconsiderate.

    38. Andreas B. on March 22

      @Sam @potluck @golden bell

      Any update? any news? any news about rules?

      Multiple shipments possible?
      [Edit: We're still discussing ways to compensate everyone for the wait. For example, we're looking into the possibility of doing multiple shipments as some items will become available before others.]

    39. Dan M. on March 22

      That would be nice... But I think they are only going to do one wave of shipping.

    40. Missing avatar

      DiscoStu on March 22

      I put $100 into this an I'm getting antsy. Since one of the things I wanted was the base game, can't that be shipped early because it already exists?

    41. Dan M. on March 21

      Any update ? Even if it's a no news update ? Been awhile since we have heard anything.

    42. Missing avatar

      Josh Neveu
      on March 20

      there was a comment from the potluck games account 4 days ago. I'm not a backer there, so can't comment, but any communication would be nice. Their twitter seems unused, not sure about if they have a facebook page or not. I'd imagine reaching out through other methods might be better ways to get a response.

    43. Wesley Corkum on March 20

      2 months with no communication is unacceptable when the game is this delayed.

      Expensive lesson on my end as a completionist backer but I’m not holding my breath anymore.

    44. Johnson Taing on March 20

      Sam, where you at? Talk to us

    45. Jason Elliott
      on March 12

      It is time for an update!

    46. BBW
      on March 11

      +1 for an update. I understand physical production is queued behind EDTD. What's the status on pre-production (rulebook, playtesting, finalization of dice)?

    47. Byron on March 10

      An update would be great. Thanks.

    48. Eric H
      on March 9

      @ Those asking about ED: TD ....

      No news of any kind on that project. I think most of us backing that realize that production did not beat CNY. I am hoping for some news there now that China should be back in full production mode, but the silence is not promising.

      Hoping for a "loading it on the boat" update soon ... preparing for a "shipping delayed until summer" update.

    49. Missing avatar

      Glen Murley on March 8

      The longer it takes to get this game the more excited you are? That's a kickstarter's dream backer. The longer I wait for this game the more infuriated I become. I knew it would be delayed because the Dungeon Dice kickstarters have never come close to meeting their deadlines. But this one has me really wondering. I appreciate health issues, but I worked a lot of hours to come up with the money I pledged. I would like the product I backed.

      If there is a health issue that is haulting production then it needs to be turned over to someone who can take the reigns. There's an awful lot of money tied up here. You would have thought the designer would have had a better idea of production timelines after all the other projects were either tragically late or just cancelled.

      When they were looking for backers the communication was flowing like a tsunami. Now it's nothing. Eventually it'll spin sideways. Not everyone is willing to throw a chunk of money down the drain, regardless of the reasons.

    50. Soul Cyphyr on March 8


      I’d imagine you will be extremely excited for some time to come.

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