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Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
2,012 backers pledged $252,810 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bigduke6 about 13 hours ago

      @donnbobhardy - I'm glad you are part of the 5% as you probably know this game more than most and should be well placed to spot what mistakes there are :)

    2. donnbobhardy
      about 18 hours ago

      @Robert - There were missing items/discounts, so the other 95% will probably be after those are fixed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Hall about 18 hours ago

      Are we still in the 5% trial roll out stage of the Backer kit?

      Just checking because I haven't received a backer kit email yet.

    4. donnbobhardy
      about 21 hours ago

      Although the option to get an odd number of sets is currently missing.

    5. donnbobhardy
      about 21 hours ago

      @Mike - They're not $5 for each additional pair. They're $5 for each additional set. In order words, they're $5 per set, but you need to buy at least 2 sets.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Gingold
      1 day ago

      I started to go through the pledge manager and the prices do not seem to be 100% accurate. I was going to add 2 sets of reference cards. They are supposed to be $10 for a pair and $5 for each additional pair. The pledge manager wants to charge $10 per pair. Will there be any fixes to this?

    7. Thomas Aigner 5 days ago

      Yes the pm isn't open for all yet

    8. Alexandre Legros
      5 days ago

      When does the PM open for everyone ? Is it still limited to a small number of backers ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Mass
      5 days ago

      @Don I didn't even think of it. I'm sure I can just send a message along to clear up the confusion. I kind of assumed that because the player packs were being phased out and the bonus one use dice were super optional that they wouldn't appear in the pledge manager at all.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tim French
      5 days ago

      I am glad to see progress. I was not trying to be negative just trying to hear some good news. I hope it keeps coming

    11. Eric Stine 6 days ago

      Does the price come down for add-ons like dual artifacts? I started filling out the pledge manager and since I backed the completionist level, the price should be $8, not $10. Any updates or similar problems?

    12. donnbobhardy
      6 days ago

      @Joshua - Did Potluck tell you to do that? If not, I would wait for feedback from them. I would expect them to put the missing items into the pledge manager.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Mass
      6 days ago

      Immer.i I also noticed this but put the money for it (and for the player packs) as mystery box funds at $20 and $15 respectively.

    14. immer.i
      6 days ago

      I'm missing the complete one use add-on from the Update Nr. 13 at the pledge manager. Is this a mistake?

    15. Bigduke6 6 days ago

      @Peter - I have noticed that Potluck Games Full Bio on the Kickstarter App on my Phone is now listed as Marc Goldner and not Sam Coates

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter 6 days ago

      Co-opted, not so-opted. whoops

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter 6 days ago

      It is interesting that the game Potluck ‘stumbled upon’ back in Update 23 just happens to be listed as an item on Backerkit... along with a bunch of other questionable stuff.

      Also interesting that the comments are now being handled by the new partners… and their language that the creator has been freed up for family and design time while they (the new partners) handle all that icky-hard business-y stuff is the biggest red flag of all.

      Yes, yes, yes dear creator please divest yourself of all the hard stuff you were clearly in over your head with and go focus on the stuff you really enjoy. This in-and-of-itself would be okay if the writing were not so clearly on the wall for Potluck. This is a classic strategy so-opted from organized crime that has been perfected through contract law and the difficulty of actually running a business that services like Kickstarter have obscured from creators.

      I have no doubt that this expansion will be delivered. It will be late though and probably later than usual. There will be some surprises along the way in the next 6-8 months – mostly bad but some good – that they happily explain away and feed backers more tat to appease them. Just re-read that comment from Potluck right before this one… “Delays can sometimes be expected with any project this size but we are making great headway and have a lot of free bonus content that will be given to the backers”… they are already planning on the increased delay and are preparing you for it… but hey here is some free crap to keep you quiet.

      Potluck is essentially finished as its own entity and hopefully the creator does have success with this new partner… but the most likely scenario is after his next game with this group goes sideways and his situation becomes clear… he will come back all-the-wiser under some new company name and free of the partners grasp.

      All this points to the simple fact that Potluck was in way over its head (as pointed out numerous times before) and has taken the life line handed to them. The 'partners' saved the captain but they stole his boat.

      Just hoping for a good product to wrap up Dungeon Dice and salute what once was… i.e. the original wonderful campaigns before it became all too obvious the creator lost control of his creation.

    18. Potluck Games 10-time creator 6 days ago

      @Tim we can assure you the project isn't at risk even slightly. Delays can sometimes be expected with any project this size but we are making great headway and have a lot of free bonus content that will be given to the backers :) many projects don't even release a pledge manager until the shipment has started from overseas; in that regards we're way ahead of it!

    19. donnbobhardy
      6 days ago

      @Tim - Update up and the first of us are starting to get the pledge manager. Potluck has delivered on all previous projects, so don't worry on that regard.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim French
      7 days ago

      Can we get some positive news on this project soon. I personally am pretty bummed out about this game. I realize still lots of time for everything to come together but most projects have milestones that are met early such as pledge manager and any design variables then we sit patiently and wait and get the mini production updates to put excitement in the project but with these early goals not being met it does give the feeling that the project might be at risk.

    21. Potluck Games 10-time creator on August 14

      I thought I would have it out by now. Trying to pull a lot of things together.

    22. Bryan J Emerson on August 11

      We did get an update after the last "update soon" post. Keep in mind that he doesn't want every other update to be "no new info, we are still working on the pledge manager and playtesting".

    23. Missing avatar

      Big ugh on August 10

      *soon not sun. Autocorrect is fun.

    24. Missing avatar

      Big ugh on August 10

      Can we get an ETA on what soon means? The last get an update sun was nearly a month ago.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andreas B. on August 9

      Thank you potluck

    26. Potluck Games 10-time creator on August 9

      I'll get an update out soon, and respond to the questions here.

    27. Bryan J Emerson on August 8

      There are lots of molds to be made, and they won't all be made at the same time. While he is making the "known-molds" he does not need to know every die that will be in the game. Eventually he will *need*to know that, but he has plenty of work that must be done before he *has* to know to that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andreas B. on August 8

      @joe: everyone needs to declare their pledge in the pledge manager first to know how much $ went into Mystery Box for additional dice.

      What i found in the comments: "Contributing to the box gives you right to comment on what those dice will be ... additional picks from backer requests"

      Lets wait until potluck releases the pledge manager, maybe he has some idea about mystery box dice to stay in the time window.

    29. Joe F. on August 8

      Since production of the molds started in early July as per update, has anything been announced about what die/dice are added as result of the Mystery Box additions?

    30. Bryan J Emerson on August 4

      @ Andreas, I agree 100%. A quick keep-in-loop bi/tri-weekly would be nice.

      Also keep in mind that Potluck is working on 2 projects, and this one is not the primary one (EPIC DICE finished quite a while before this one started). Maybe he over-extended himself, but I believe he will recoup, it will take time though. Patience and forgiveness on our part will be the best thing we can do to help speed it all along =]

    31. Missing avatar

      Andreas B. on August 4

      you are right.
      I would like to read exactly this (just short statement/message) from potluck every 2-3 weeks ...
      Is that too much to ask for?
      It more the limited information what bothers me, precisely because we know about the pledge manager problems and no solution nearly 3 months after successful end.
      How is the pledge manager/playtesting/idea about dice contest/rules going ?

    32. Missing avatar

      on August 4

      @Dallan Christenson The last update in which the pledge manager issue was touched upon was July 12. July 12 - Aug 3 is officially less than a month. This project is not scheduled to ship out to backers until December I do believe. Plenty of time to get the pledge manager figured out and released with no errors. In the meantime, I do believe the team is continuing to work on playtesting, art and other more important (priority-wise) issues at the moment. All things will come in good time :)

    33. Dallan Christenson
      on August 3

      Officially has been one month since the update about the pledge manager....still waiting....

    34. Ian on August 2

      @Andreas Yeah, same here.

    35. Missing avatar

      Andreas B. on July 28

      The pledge manager is not up yet.
      In the last update two weeks ago potluck said: "The pledge manager is on its way" ...
      Hopping for another update soon

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim French
      on July 28

      Is the pledge manager up and running yet

    37. Thomas Aigner on July 28

      Does anyone has found a table that can handle this? :p and better to distribute the dice evenly in the whole appartement, my old house can't handle more than 200kg per square metre :p of in other measures under one die per Ticket to Ride box :p

    38. Michael D. Hensley
      on July 27

      @Bryan: wow! The shipping cost was a REAL bargain!

    39. Bryan J Emerson on July 26

      A normal die has 21 pips. A pip generally weighs about 5 pounds according to this unrelated google search

      so we are looking at 30,555 pounds?

    40. Michael D. Hensley
      on July 25

      OK, I have a better way of estimating the total weight. 291 dice, times 6 sides per die, equals 1746 sides. Now we just need the weight of once of a die.

    41. Thomas Aigner on July 25

      42 times the RGB value of the dice?

    42. Kit Warren on July 23

      A typical neuron fires 5 - 50 times every second. Each individual neuron can form thousands of links with other neurons in this way, giving a typical brain well over 100 trillion synapses (up to 1,000 trillion, by some estimates).

      So, taking the average time it takes to pull a die, roll die (including the wind up), choose and roll player dice, reroll dice, get rewards, and pass bag, what does a player's turn translate into neuron fires?

    43. Michael D. Hensley
      on July 20

      I do tend to use measurements like "milli-furlongs per micro-fortnight". I'm disappointed in myself for not coming up with a "mass-to-KB" conversion of some kind. And I'm sure there's a "mass storage" joke waiting to be written...

    44. Bryan J Emerson on July 19

      We should really work on getting those last 789 comments...

    45. Thomas Aigner on July 17

      Oh and 2.2 kg in 5.25" HD Disc is ~225,000 KByte ;-)

    46. Thomas Aigner on July 17

      We all are so used to autocorrection errors, we implemented an autocorrection correction in our brains :P

    47. Potluck Games 10-time creator on July 16

      I didn't feel it was my place to make fun of you.

      I also thought there was a chance you had successfully converted the dice to kilobytes.

    48. Michael D. Hensley
      on July 16

      @Thomas: thanks! Was I off on the number of dice, or the wild guess on the weight of each die? 5 kg seemed like a lot. And why is nobody making fun of me typing "4.947KB" instead of kg?

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