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Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!
2,012 backers pledged $252,810 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Psychotron about 4 hours ago

      News from delivery date?

    2. Chris Maser on February 9

      What's the autoimmune condition, out of curiosity? As someone with a handful of them myself, I know what you're going through..

    3. Brett Michael Joseph Bossier
      on February 9

      Tim, that is how Kickstarters work. It isn't a store. They may refund you, but I would advise not gambling with Kickstarter anymore.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Ayres
      on February 5

      Can you issue me a refund? This is too long of a delay for me to still want this game.

    5. Rastl on January 26

      I have every faith that we're going to get our dice and everything else that was part of this Kickstarter. He's taking care of the one that finished before this - as he should regardless of relative pledge values - and then this one will complete. Health issues happen to everyone and they take a toll. But we'll get what we pledged to get and the quality will be the same high level as all the other sets. I have no concern whatsoever about his ability and desire to fulfill the pledges.

    6. Brett Michael Joseph Bossier
      on January 26

      So about getting an 'informal' or 'latest and greatest' PDF version of the Comprehensive rulebook, or even a more fleshed out vision of The Lost King rules. Is that going to happen?

    7. donnbobhardy
      on January 25

      It's amazing how much difference a single word makes. "If I were JUST concerned about money, then I would prioritize Dungeon Dice." He's not saying that he's not concerned about money, but he's got two projects that need to be finished, and he's prioritizing the one that funded first. Frankly, this makes a lot of sense to me. I can imagine how someone who didn't back EDTD might want TLK to jump the line, but that's hardly fair to the EDTD backers.

    8. Wesley Corkum on January 25

      I haven’t really been following the comments or known if any of the issues, I backed this project because it looked cool. I had never heard of the creator or other games, but I went all out and got the completionist package.

      That being said, the latest update really doesn’t make me feel good about this project. I read alot of excuses and not slot of answers.

      You said if you were concerned about money you would do this first. I hate to break it too you but you are a business so you should be concerned about money. If that statement was in the project description I would have ran away faster than I could close my wallet.

      Quite frankly the fact you say you are making decisions without considering money makes me think that I will never see anything for my pledge.

    9. donnbobhardy
      on January 24

      @Soul Cypher - No, they've only been available on his website. Making it easier to get to retail is the main reason for the boxed base game.

    10. Soul Cyphyr on January 23

      Curious, but has any Potluck product ever hit retail? Can’t say I’ve ever seen it sold anywhere except Potluck’s website.

    11. donnbobhardy
      on January 23

      @Anmol - I would guess that once backers get their copies that EDTD will make its way to retail. Worst case should at least have it on Potluck's website.

    12. Anmol Chhabra
      on January 23

      is there any way to still get a copy of tower defense?

    13. Grammaw on January 23

      For those complaining about a project running late, you can always wait for the games/items to hit store shelves. That way, you'll be able to get your game/item immediately.

      My only complaint was a lack of communication. A little communication goes a long way. While this project is delayed, the work that Sam and others have put in to ensure the previous part of this product are of high quality can not be discounted. Things happen, delays happen, life happens.

    14. Soul Cyphyr on January 23

      If the project was not handed to Golden Bell (after the KS was funded, which in my opinion was shady to begin with), I would totally understand Sam’s real life issues and dismiss the lateness of this project without a second thought. Sam is a good guy and the quality of his past projects (which even then were never on time) were superb.

      However, with dubious issues from entities attempting to claim ownership of the die molds to various other KS projects peddled through updates and now delays that quite honestly Golden Bell should have been on top of (if even just with an update stating the current problems), backers have every right to be vocal and critical of the current situation. We just aren’t being shown any progress toward completion, whether it’s happening or not, and that’s a big issue.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Clubb on January 22

      Wow, this is one tough crowd!

      On average, from a small publisher, KS projects are 6 months to 1 year late. Heck, even Ogre Designer's Edition from Steve Jackson Games- a very well established publisher-was a year late!
      Remember, the date given is a estimate, not a definite release date. Delays happen and I am sure, based on their track record, that the Lost King/boxed version of Dungeon Dice will be in our hands by Fall.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that Potluck hates the delay more than we do. Dungeon Dice is finally going to have a box release, which means shelf space...copies sold....income for Potluck. They are still a business and getting a game on store shelves is critical for the future.

      So...just relax people!

    16. Tim Poley
      on January 22

      Sorry to hear about your condition. I have friends with similar issues so I know how much it sucks.
      For everyone who's been voicing concern. This is my first time backing a Potluck Games game, but I've backed a lot of games from a lot of publishers on kickstarter and so far 1) Every one of them has come through and 2) Every one of them was delayed. Sometimes the delay is fairly short, sometimes close to a year. And no matter how much a publisher tries to mitigate it, there's always a problem/delay caused by the factory. It sounds like Sam has run into multiple issues, and these have been compounded by having multiple games in the pipeline. Hopefully these will turn into lessons learned that he'll manage either through planning improvements or finding a different manufacturer. But it also sounds like he's determined to get this game finished and out to us as soon as is possible, and I for one trust that he'll get there. I'll be it several seasons later than intended.

    17. Kirk Grentzenberg
      on January 22

      Having backed a few Potluck campaigns, I am pretty confident that a bit of patience will be rewarded. Very sorry to hear about Sam experiencing such trouble! Hope things improve soon!

    18. Will
      on January 22

      @Nogard05 +1

    19. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 on January 22

      It turned out that I have asked a good question (What happened to Sam?) That has been my guess that something must have happened to him. My suspicion was that he handed his projects over to Golden Bell and they messed up. But by the newest update, Golden Bell has been helpful, and Sam has been having health issue. I trust him.
      As long as Sam is still in charge, I have no reason to doubt that the game will be delivered. I have not been disappointed by Potluck, and don't think I will with this one either.

    20. Will
      on January 22

      @Dan - Potluck has (had) a good track record, so I think it's worth just waiting. It's more likely than not that they will deliver, even if it's quite late.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on January 22

      Potluck has delivered in the past and I was impressed with the quality of the dice. I am going to remain optimistic here. This will be a KS that I will likely forget about and then will be happily surprised by a package in October 2018.

    22. Dan M. on January 22

      Hmm.... This puts it's estimated delivery past the 90 day fraud claim for my credit card... Now I have a choice to make. Run the risk. Or make a claim and get my money back before the 90 days is up.

      On another note. It is very disheartening to go from some minor expected delays to what was posted in the update. I guess I can't complain I got the estimated ship date I asked for. Just very very dissapointed that it will take that much longer. I was lead on to believe this would be painless by all of the previous backers.

      I wonder how the creator feels about this. He seemed to care this has to be hitting him hard. Idk if he is to blaim or this golden bell company.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 on January 21

      What happened to Sam?

    24. donnbobhardy
      on January 20

      I'm still a diehard. Still looking forward to this and EDTD. Would I love more information than has been offered? Absolutely. But I still expect to get both and enjoy both. Better delayed than rushed.

    25. Tev
      on January 20

      Are the manuals anywhere near done, or just being started?

      Having access to early proof pdfs would be something tangible we could use, and we could help with finding typos/confusing text.

      That would help both by showing progress and by making backers feel more personally involved with the process. Super Dungeon Explore: Legends, which is also way behind schedule, has been taking this approach.

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter on January 20

      L.O.L. *clap clap clap*

      Looks like everything I predicted was spot on. Funny how an outsider can look at the signs given out by Pot(un)luck(y) and Tarnished Bell and call them out and make accurate predictions yet the people actually working on the product claim different until they have no choice but to admit what they've known all along.

      Now all we need is for them to keep refusing to issue any kind of updated rulebook since it's obvious it has not received the kind of attention claimed back in Update #whatever.

      Bravo Potluck and the (now silent lol) die-hard supporters. B.r.a.v.o.

    27. Soul Cyphyr on January 19

      But not the box. We’re good! 👍

    28. Missing avatar

      Fro on January 19

      @Potluck - I think it would help ease tension if we had some updated information on the solo rules, co-op rules, rule book, doppelganger, etc.

    29. Soul Cyphyr on January 19

      Gah. At least send us the box. My gaming shelves trigger my OCD every time I see the DD bag lying on them. :-(

    30. Missing avatar

      Cory on January 19

      Wow, not even sure if I want this game anymore. I’ve backed a decent amount of Kickstarters, so I know delays are unavoidable, but seriously?! 3rd Quarter KD 2018?!

    31. Missing avatar

      James Leggett on January 19

      So you are 5 months behind on a project with 690 backers pledging $60,033 and you keep using it as an excuse to push back a project with 2012 backers pledging $252,810!? Your infrequent communication, inaccuracy with the communication you do provide along with your ineptitude to produce a project 1/3 the size of this one does’t instill me with much confidence. I can’t help but think that I have invested in a ponzy scheme to to pay for a project (Epic Dice) who’s cost over ran the initial pledge.

      You owe your backers a far more detailed explanation to account for such a drastic change in delivery schedule.

    32. Eric Stine on January 19

      I’ve backed both this and EDTD, and if that’s the project they’re referring to, there hasn’t been any sort of update letting those backers know what’s going on at all. Just so people are aware, EDTD finished in September 2016, and we’ve still not seen anything close to the pledge leaving China. Very disappointing indeed

    33. Missing avatar

      EZ3kiel26 on January 19

      I never post here to say something unpleasant but the last update make me furious.

      So long.... bad communication...

      "Our other project seems to be stuck in the gears near the end of production and that's pushing this project out."

      I'm very unhappy to read DD is finish and backers can wait one more year? Potluck prefer make money with anothers project?

      I hope you will make REAL rules for Dungeon Dice, you seem to have a lot of time before we receive our pledge...

      I want to say a lot of another things unpleasant but i'm french and i'm slackness....

    34. Anthony Hyde
      on January 19

      The unfortunate truth here is that you got to 250 THOUSAND dollars based on a huge part by the previous DD community driving outreach and saying how awesome potluck games.

      Too bad you have damaged their reputation along with yours and it even looks like it’s connected with what everyone was worried about with Golden Bell.

      This is by far the most expensive KS I have backed, it’s not the first one like this that you have ran, you should have known to plan better than you did.

      I hope you have some thick skin. This whole thing is pretty crazy and I expect to see people really flipping their shit. I would hope you are planning and working on some sort of cool thing to regain faith with the community for the extreme delays.

    35. Missing avatar

      on January 18

      This is the first kickstarter I pledged for.
      From what I understand we'll be waiting a year and a half total time for the finished product because the company is busy working on another project?
      Sounds like a very poorly managed business strategy.

    36. Happy Sunshine on January 18

      Fucked over by good old Golden Bell.

    37. Potluck Games 10-time creator on January 18


    38. Dan M. on January 18

      Still would like an update on an estimated shipping time? Paid some good money.

    39. Dan M. on January 18

      Ah... thanks @bigduke i see I even responded haha

    40. Missing avatar

      Gilou on January 18

      I, too, would appreciate an estimation for the delivery date.

    41. Bigduke6 on January 18

      @Dan M - pledge manager opened around the start of September 2017. I got my Backerkit email on 7th Sep, so if you check your email from around that timeframe you should hopefully find something. It came from Potluck Games. Cheers

    42. Dan M. on January 17

      On another note... Was there ever a pledge manager for this? I can't remember filling one out.

    43. Dan M. on January 17

      Did we ever get a new estimated ship date? Doesn't have to be super specific... I'll even take Q1,Q2 etc at this point :)

    44. Tyrell Wood on January 17

      Just stopped in to see how things were moving along. Can't wait to get my copy. Thanks for taking the time to design it right! The Duckaiju™ would be proud.

    45. Thomas Aigner on January 15

      CNY 2019 - sure ;-)

    46. David Siskin
      on January 14

      Just to clarify, do you think the games will leave China before CNY?

    47. Brett Michael Joseph Bossier
      on January 3

      The Comprehensive one with Lost King rules. It would be nice to see the progress. Thanks

    48. Missing avatar

      Gilou on January 3

      Hello guys, and happy new year to all of you folks!

      I'm still confused about the rulebook. What are the latest plans about it? Who's working on what?

    49. donnbobhardy
      on December 31

      I'm guessing the Comprehensive one.

    50. Potluck Games 10-time creator on December 30

      @Brett - Which rulebook do you need?

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