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A competitive, all-dice game. Battle monsters and collect more dice than your friends. Come see the changes since the original launch!
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Pop Goal 3! (Legendary Dice)

Posted by Potluck Games (Creator)


We went up about 10k last week!  And the reason was pop goals.  So we're going to do it again.  Here's the deal.  If we reach $45,000 by May 15, we will unlock Kickstarter exclusive Legendary Dice as an add-on for $12.  For every thousand we get PAST $45,000 we will subtract a dollar from the add-on price, until it is free.

When we hit 40k, I will release a few more of the popular rewards, which should help to give you a boost.

This goal gives plenty of time for anyone holding off until the contest is over.  

Legendary dice are black 18mm dice with the following rules:


In his death bed, the first king of Elorim requested not to be buried with his sword and shield.  Instead, he prophesied that a chosen warrior would arise, with silver hair and flaming red eyes, and he would inherit the relics.  He commanded his guards, and their children, and their children's children to protect the sword and shield until that distant day.

Fortunately for you, the people of Elorim lack patience and integrity.  They'll likely give you either one if you show the least bit of potential.

Legendary dice do not go in the artifact bag.  They remain with the set of basic dice.  When a player earns an artifact, they may instead choose to grab one of the legendary dice. 

Vorpal Sword - You may reroll one of your own dice.  As long as the result is higher, you may continue to reroll dice.  Otherwise, you automatically lose combat.

Aegis Shield - You may reroll one of your opponent's dice.  As long as the result is lower, you may continue to reroll dice.  Otherwise, you automatically lose combat.

(My personal take, from playtesting... it's really fun to push your luck, but you're likely to get carried away)

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    1. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      Free. One of each will be added to every game.

      You can add additional sets for $4 each.

    2. David Sanchez on

      What's the price of this right now? I'm completely lost with all the things you are adding to the game!

    3. HPLazarus

      Is the discount deadline at the start or the end of May 15th?

    4. Proffejor

      As people are talking about wanting to roll die, even for effects that always need to be a good benefit, how about giving each die that has 6 identical sides only 5 identical sides, and one "good" side with an advantage?

      The vorpal sword could have 5 sides that let you start re-rolling and you lose if you roll the same or lower, and one side that is "+1" which lets you start re-rolling, and doesn't lose the battle the FIRST time you re-roll the same or lower result. Then I could roll my vorpal sword, hoping for that "+1" side, but usually would end up using the standard vorpal sword. I can still press my luck and end up losing it all, even with the upgraded side, but gamers who tend to play it safe and only make re-rolls based on statistics and averages would have a little more "wiggle" room.

      The same philosophy could go towards any die with 6 identical sides. For example, one side of the Key die could depict lockpicks. (Or the skeleton key graphic if you don't mind being a little confusing ^_^) If you roll that side of the die, you hang on to the key after using it. (You got the treasure open, but didn't have to use the key since you picked the lock.)

      Just a thought.

    5. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      At 57k it is free for everybody. It will be added to every game, but it will still be Kickstarter exclusive.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yargo on

      So at 57 000$ its free?

    7. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      I have thought about this. I am considering it. I will need to playtest.

    8. Matthew White on

      @Josh Don't worry about it, great minds think alike, and if multiple people suggest it, they might actually consider it. (:

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Penney on

      @Matthew sorry, didn't see that you'd already made the suggestion for potential re-use.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Penney on

      Perhaps the key could have one side that would allow you to keep it for another use?

      The same idea would probably make scrolls too good. However, breaking the spells into types (ie. offensive, defensive, restorative) with two sides for each on the scroll would not only require rolling, but would also help limit the almost too good versatility it currently has.

    11. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      I also really like the multiple colors concept, particularly for the keys. Honestly, between different shapes and different colors, I would go with whichever was cheaper to implement. The color thing could work for the scroll too, which is a potential plus.

    12. Matthew White on

      Just wanted to give a slightly different suggestion that keeps the key (and maybe scroll die simple), while making it worth rolling. From what I understand, they are both one time uses, but what if you made one side (or maybe two) another color to give the possibility of not losing the key or scroll when you use it? That would keep it simple, and spice things up too. :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @binarysunrise -- For the keys, that is the idea I would go with. Off the top of my head, I imagine something like three different choices: circle, square, and triangle. That should be simple to draw and not too distracting. I would probably do something like one circle, two squares, and three triangles, just to mix things up. To be clear, I am not making a case for specific shapes or numbers, just throwing out straw men. Six different keys for six different faces would be cool too, but I am trying to avoid increasing the artistic workload. I was thinking easy tweak, not a wholesale change. Of course, if artwork were free, I might do something cool like a skull head on one of the keys... :)

      @ Richard Gray -- You make a good point. My answer would be that I like playing with nice components. If I did not, I would just find the cheapest blank Bakelite dice I could and draw my own keys, monsters, spells, etc. Also, as a components "tool," I would be loath to draw on my beautiful new Dungeon Dice. :)

      Honestly, I think the Dungeon Dice product would be better with different keys/scrolls on some/all of the faces even with the rules completely unchanged. I imagine fans of Dungeon Dice posting scenarios to BGG. Perhaps in some scenarios you must collect one of each type of key to open the Gateway to Darkness beyond which lies a 12-side Cthulhu die borrowed from Steve Jackson. Perhaps to boost the media blitz of the release, Potluck runs a contest for best scenario using the different key/scroll faces. This all works better if people do not have to mark their dice to play the scenarios.

    14. Richard Gray on

      Or you could use a sharpie and mark your own dice for your own house rules.

    15. Jared Bond

      What about a compromise - different keys on each face, but they do the same trick :)

    16. Michael Moore

      Theme-wise...not every key is going to open every lock. You can always try it on the next one. :) Personally doesn't bother me the way it is. Just throwing out ideas you might like.

    17. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @Michael Moore -- Err... That is assuming it does not damage the balance of the game, or otherwise introduce issues. I was trying to keep the impact of my suggestion minimal.

    18. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @Michael Moore -- That works too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @Henrik -- I agree with all of your points. Extra symbols could add confusion for some folks. I think I might even agree that the base game is slightly better as is vs. with modified keys and/or scrolls.

      For me, half of the value in a game like Dungeon Dice is the possibilities provided by the components. For example, I have ideas about a mash-up with an old copy of TSR's "Dungeon!" I have sitting around. I have also been thinking of ways to integrate the two dormant copies of Dragon Dice I have lying around. Of course the base game must be good too. Both aspects are important.

      A related example is Setters of Catan. The 4th edition comes with a frame instead of 18 sea hexes. This makes the 4th edition better when considering only Catan. Still, I bought a used copy of the 3rd for roughly the cost of a new copy of the 4th because I wanted the 18 sea hexes. I see possibilities for the sea hexes I do not see with the frame. (There is a photo on BGG of people using Catan hexes to make random Civilization maps.)

      I am not sure how representative I am, but I think that a lot of people who back and/or buy games like Dungeon Dice do so more for the possibilities beyond the base game than the base game itself. For me, the possibilities are at least half of the fun. Having different sides on the scroll and key dice makes for more possibilities.

      @ Potluck -- All that being said, Dungeon Dice totally rocks as is. It is a good thing that I want to do mash-ups, not a criticism.

    20. Michael Moore

      Could always make one or two sides of the key die blank, to make it not always be a sure thing. And then you have a reason to roll it. Just like the Skeleton key.

    21. Henrik Rostedt on

      @Statistical Mechanic - The problem, in my opinion, with that is that adding a difference to a side that is not different at all adds a lot of confusion. And, as this is a game based on simplicity in design, it would go against the spirit of the game (remember still in my opinion). There are plenty of dice to roll and only two types have equal sides and that gives the player a lot of information. Plus, of course you have to roll the scroll and key otherwise you have not used it, silly. I hold simplicity and clearness above all, and in this case it is clear what the clearest choice is (I write this not as a way to undermine but as to show that there are divided opinions on this topic, the design choice is of course in the hands of Potluck).
      Also, Dice! Dice! Dice!

    22. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      Cool. It sounds like you have thought that through.

      I still feel like it would be nice if you could roll the scroll and key dice, even if there was no impact on the base game. Each side could have unique rune, or perhaps be a different color like the monsters.

      I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that making the sides of these dice slightly different would be very low cost to you, especially when compared to adding an entirely new die, better bags, etc. If this is not cheap then my suggestion makes less sense.

      To give you some context on my thinking, I am one of the "Dice! Dice! More Dice!" crowd. To me, the current key and scroll feel more like Eurogame cubes than dice. If the key and scrolls could be rolled, I personally would feel like I was getting more dice, probably buy more booster packs, etc. Perhaps I am not representative though.

    23. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      We just need to make sure that each spell has a situational use. We are being careful about each spell to make sure it is not overpowered.

    24. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @Potluck Games -- Have you thought about how you will add spells in the future, post KS, while maintaining the balance?

      Personally, I would like to see more spells in expansions post KS. With the current scheme, it seems like this will be hard to do without destroying the balance. Monsters and equipment seem like they can be added on a much more ad hoc basis. You could add tons of monsters and items just by throwing them in the bags. If you added tons of spells, the lowly scroll would become all powerful, and some existing spells might not get used anymore.

    25. TheMetalDiceGuy on

      I think we can all agree that the format of the game leaves a lot of room for creativity down the road. There will probably be some great ideas from both the community and the developer over the next year as the game evolves. Even video/computer games with multi billion dollar sales evolve/get balanced a lot the first six months after thousands of hours of play testing. DD will be no different I am sure.

    26. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      @chWolfgang Only until the 15th. Really, we can get much higher than 45k, considering everything.

    27. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      We may have goals for that in the future. It has been considered. I agree that a sword you don't need to roll is pretty boring.

    28. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      @Potluck Games -- Cool. One thing that bothers me stylistically is dice that are not really dice. I was thinking I would want to be able to roll my Vorpal Sword.

      I have notice that some of the dice seem to be the same on all six sides, specifically the keys and the scrolls. I understand that part of the mechanic is the selection of the dice from the bags and that works, but I do think it would be good if the sides were somehow different. Even if the differences were not used in the base game, they might be cool for variants. Ideas that come to mind:

      1. The scrolls could have a spell indicator sort of the like the monsters. (e.g. a heart for healing.) When you get your scroll, you roll it to find out what type of scroll it is. This feels more thematic to me than getting to pick. That being said, it would make scrolls weaker and might unbalance the game, but it feels like a good idea for a variant. One advantage is that scrolls would not grow in power as you add cool new spells to the game. You could later release an expansion pack with a couple of scroll dice and a few new spell dice. This would add variety without disturbing the balance.

      2. I have not thought what I would do with the keys, but if nothing else I would like to see small numbers on them; something to allow me to roll them. Maybe there are some doors that require specific numbered keys in some scenario for a variant.

      Just some thoughts.

    29. ch\/\/olfgang

      Does the 1 dollar off for each 1k over 45 only count until 15th? Or if we unlock the dice by the 15th, does the price continue to drop until the end of the KS?

    30. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      The armor acts like normal armor (even though the story says it is a shield), and both items take up a slot. They are not better than the other artifacts, because they can get you killed pretty easily. The idea was to make a "known" and an "unknown." A lot of players would be happier picking something dangerous when they know what it is rather than risk a random die.

    31. Anthony McDonough on

      Do they take up an equipment slot like one hand or two handed or are they returned to the community dice when they are used or exhausted. The ladder seems more balanced to me and would keep them moving player to player as opposed to being the first two "artifacts" grabbed and staying with the same person.

    32. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      @Dan Starr Last week we had two pop goals. One was to develop the BGG page, and one was to reach 36k. We unlocked the Heal spell and reduced the price for the storage bag.

      @Statistical Mechanic. They will have symbols on each side, but they will also have numbers like a common piece of equipment.

    33. Missing avatar

      Statistical Mechanic on

      Are these like the keys with the same symbol on all six faces?

    34. Dan Starr

      So what were the other pop goals and how much were they?

    35. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      I like 'em. It's painful making stuff like this Kickstarter exclusive. By the time the concept is finished, it just feels like part of the game.

    36. Lignum on

      Seems like some pretty cool gear.

    37. Dernic on

      I like it!

    38. Elise

      Funny back story!