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A competitive, all-dice game. Battle monsters and collect more dice than your friends.  Come see the changes since the original launch!
A competitive, all-dice game. Battle monsters and collect more dice than your friends. Come see the changes since the original launch!
1,485 backers pledged $139,088 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. donnbobhardy

      So, Colosseum is taking a different route from Guilds. Instead of having a low goal and bigger SGs, it is trying for a larger goal and smaller SGs. However, the excitement comes from unlocking SGs, so we need help to reach that initial funding as quickly as possible. Please consider backing now rather than later.

    2. donnbobhardy

      Guilds Status Update:
      If there's anyone still here, we're approaching the final 3 days of the Guilds campaign. It is currently a 45-dice expansion for $25, with 5 final stretch goals to hit before the end, including a clear Gelatinous Cube die and a GITD Legendary Warrior die. We've unlocked the Mimic and are on the verge of unlocking the Crown from previous pop goals.

    3. donnbobhardy

      New pop backer goal! 1609 backers get us the Crown equipment die and 1687 backers will finally get us the Mimic die. You only need to pledge $1 to count towards the backer total.

      So, for all of those who are holding out, please back now. If you're not interested in getting the expansion because of shipping or any other number of reasons, please at least come pledge for $1.

    4. Anthony Learned on

      Already complied :)

    5. donnbobhardy

      Whether you're backing the expansion or not, please help us reach our latest pop goal! We need Facbook likes, and BGG fans. The more we get, the closer we are to reaching the Mimic die!

    6. AFrag on

      @Stefan a Potluck mentioned that he is looking into options for EU shipping for the expansion.

    7. Stefan on

      Makes me wonder if i should pledge for the expansion

    8. Stefan on

      @ vincent.
      i had the same thing. It showed up yesterday. Jeahhh.
      downside is i had to pay $33 for import taxes

    9. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      I have a question about the delivery: I've got a Shipment Status at where it says: Customs Clearance. It's been that way since the 6th of May. Has my package been lost somewhere?

    10. AFrag on

      @Eugene - you can use it in the new campaign. Just pledge at the $1 level and add however much you need on top of the $8 to get what you want.

    11. Eugene Spagnuolo on

      I e-mailed before, but didn't see a response. How does one use the credit if they ordered the deluxe bags? I did receive them, but all of them are unusable at this point, and some lasted as few as 2 games.

    12. Anthony Learned on

      @donn, planning on joining in June when I have some cash :/

    13. donnbobhardy

      If anyone hasn't gone over to back Guilds yet, come join us! We're still well short of the 1485 backers that we had on this one. Where are the old backers?

    14. donnbobhardy

      @Tom - There is no purple axe or hammer. Just black and gray.

    15. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      I think it said somewhere that the boosters came with one of three different combinations of different new monsters/stuff.

    16. Tom Davey on

      Did anyone receive a purple axe or hammer?? Also were all the booster packs the same? I ended up with a second black cockatrice, a second ghost, a second demon and a second crab....if I got extra boosters would I get the same dice??

    17. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Nothing on my end yet, and the tracking isn't updating. Blergh! I want my game!

      Still went ahead and backed guilds, I'm pretty sure I will like it :)

    18. AFrag on

      Too cool! Everyone to guilds post haste. We should fund this thing in the next hour or so. Just awesome!

    19. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      You know I can't say no to you guys...

    20. AFrag on

      I'll sign that memo!

    21. donnbobhardy

      Oh, let's just start it now.

    22. AFrag on

      I am on Pacific time but have a flight in the AM tobEastern time. I would love an 11pm start time tonight sobI don't miss the first day!

    23. JonPetryk

      Got my big package of Dice in Canada! Thanks!

    24. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      Yes, we'll post an update.

    25. donnbobhardy

      @Potluck - Anything after midnight Eastern time is essentially tomorrow morning for me, as that's when I'll get a chance to look. Will you post a comment and/or an update here when it goes live?

    26. Joe F. on

      I'm setting my alarm for 15 minutes early tomorrow, have to look at the new KS and pledge before work tomorrow. Can't wait and how we unlock both the pop goals for tomorrow (as per the update)

    27. WinniePuuh on

      That was from the pdf file here on kickstarter...

    28. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      Sounds like you're looking at some outdated rules. What source are you using?

      Midnight isn't a promise. I'm just tossing around the idea. But that would be 11:00 pacific time.

    29. WinniePuuh on

      "...and DRAINS the next lowest"

      (from the rules)

    30. WinniePuuh on

      yeah,but the spider also "removes a hero's lowest die"...?

    31. donnbobhardy

      @Winnie - The spider's ability is drain and I'm pretty sure it is shown on the die.
      @Potluck - Midnight Utah time? Is that 3AM Eastern time?

    32. WinniePuuh on

      the spider is the only monster that has an ability that is not displayed on the die, right?

      thanks donnbobhardy for answering my last question :)

    33. Eric Ylrac on


    34. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      We're launching on the 13th. That's tomorrow. Or maybe tonight at midnight. That will give everyone a little extra time to hit the pop goal.

    35. donnbobhardy

      @Winnie - Not if you use it before combat. But you should be able to use it on other players' turns as well.

    36. WinniePuuh on

      Can i use the 1-use healing die at another players turn to heal my wounds? Or do i have to wait til my turn.

      If i use it in my turn, the healing always takes place after the combat, right?

    37. Griffin Patterson on

      The tentative date was the 15th, but I too am curious if that is still a go.

    38. Eric Ylrac on

      Is the launch of the next KS still happening tomorrow? =)

    39. Tom Davey on

      Front page! Never mind! Was being super lazy before

    40. Tom Davey on

      Where can I find the help page?? Little confused as to the set up haha.

      Sorry for being lazy and not looking!

      On a plus side, game turned up a lot earlier then we all thought. Turned up this morning in Canberra, Australia!! You beauty!!

    41. ch\/\/olfgang

      I would not expect the dice to be the same as the current Potluck Games dice. First of all, the engraving process while nice will not be as good as molded. Also, I suspect the coloring wont be as quite good as well.

      I am not sure which company he is getting his blanks from, so I don't know about the color matching, but I suspect as well it will be a little "off".

      (For the record, I am a part of that KS as well)

    42. Sulucion

      @Joe I was hoping the same, at least for weight and rounded edges. I personally am in on that KS for $44, which means $44 less to go to new Dungeon Dice!!

    43. Joe F. on

      Anyone know if the Potluck custom dice on the other KS, will those have the same feel as the original ones? I'm thinking of the booster dice...

    44. AFrag on

      I agree with Donn. The heal whip and heal shield become very relevant now and using a scroll to heal or a heal potion for one wound can actually yield boosted dice. Love that!

    45. donnbobhardy

      Obviously still Potluck's decision, but I've reversed my stance. I hope the ruling is in favor of multiple boost dice being usable by each player.
      1) Pain becomes more interesting, because you can de-boost several dice on a player that has been stocking up.
      2) I like the mechanic of running out and stealing them from other players.
      3) Adds value to rolling multiple dice that can provide healing.
      4) Red healing become more useful. They are rarely used in my games.

    46. Chris Cox on

      Received my copy in the post this morning along with £16.76 of customs charges. :( Looking forward to giving the game a go over the weekend.

    47. Unisus

      @Jared: It may be not the most frequent situation, but it actually could be possible, that in a 5-player game each player decides to boost themselves, skipping their fight. So you would like to have one die for each player. And donnbobhardy's idea for an easier start would also be a case where you would like to have enough dice for everyone.

    48. Jared Bond

      @Unisus - But in a 5-player game, wouldn't each player return their die to the pool after their round of fighting? I can see needing a few for team-up battles, but 5 seems like it would clutter the table unnecessarily. Unless I'm missing something....

    49. Unisus

      @Jared: as the game is playable with 5 players, five dice could be just the right number if everyone wants to boost themselves for one round ;)

    50. Potluck Games 10-time creator on

      Just available through Custom Game Labs for now, but it will remain available on their web store.

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