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This lens cap holder allows you to securely attach your camera's lens cap to your neck strap or camera bag.
This lens cap holder allows you to securely attach your camera's lens cap to your neck strap or camera bag.
677 backers pledged $14,623 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Georg Fasching on

      Thanks Mark! I got mine in the UK recently. Works so well! Great stuff!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Russell Banfield on

      I sent across my phone number, and have checked my email for any queries. Still haven't received anything in the UK. Could you look into this please?

    3. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      I recently talked with another backer from Australia about the length of time for shipment. I was surprised at the time it took for delivery, several weeks. Australia was also the most expensive country for shipping. They were airmail, it must relate to customs?

    4. Missing avatar

      Goldie Pergl on

      I'm from Australia, and i'm pretty sure I responded with phone numbers and everything pretty quick - how long are you estimating they'll take to get to Australia (were they sent Airmail or Seamail)?

    5. Catharina Johansen on

      I have't got my cap holder yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      timon_oblom on

      Any chance to order more?

    7. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Ku on

      Have updated my phone number, havent heard anything yet either... How's the international orders coming along?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Jensen on

      I live in Denmark and have received mine today. Quality seems good. I only got one problem. Since the project started I have bought a new lens, so I need another size of cap holder as well. When and where will it be possible to buy them ??

    9. Henrik Shappe Blomdahl on

      @Christopher Muessler

      I live in Sweden, I got it today, it's fantastic. Great job Mark!

    10. Christopher Muessler on

      i still havent heard anything about a delivery... how is it comin along with international backers?

    11. sinerge on

      Thanks got mine a couple days ago and the step-up ring works great on it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom LaMotte on

      Got my cap holder, and it works great. One suggestion: Leave a small gap in the arms so that you don't have to unattach the strap from the camera.

    13. Paul Selby on

      Received mine today and it's great! Thanks again!

    14. JC Wren on

      I can't remember if it was this project or the Lens Loop project, but one or the other of the guys mentioned a way to use the Cap Buckle on a Lens Loop. Someone have an idea of how this could work? I imagine it's the same question Jon Lewis is asking.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jon Lewis on

      Have mine. Holds the lens cap great but does anyone have any idea how to attach it to an optech strap?

    16. Charles Kim on

      I just got my cap holder and it's just what I needed. Fits great on the strap and it holds the cap perfectly.

    17. Ryan Hemenway on

      So now that you have changed the sizes after the project closed, how will we know we will get the one we want?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kirpaul Babar on

      Any more updates on this?

    19. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      I have posted an update for the progress of the manufactured parts. Your purchased Lens Cap Holders should be sent out mid to late August.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Roberts on

      Any update on when these might be shipping?

    21. Missing avatar

      Michel Labelle on

      Hey Mark, Since there is no way to manage a pledge after the project closes, is there an e-mail address to do a Paypal transfer for additional shipping costs?

    22. Matthew on

      Hi Mark - Sounds good partner, hammer out the details before rolling out the production! Good luck with everything and I look forward to getting my cap holder.

    23. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      This was the sizes originally posted on the KickStarter home page. I changed back to the original sizes after I realized the change had caused significant concern.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rohan Anderson on

      Why the change away from 58mm and 52mm on the same holder?!
      They're the 2 sized lenses that I own!

    25. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      Based on your reaction I have changed the sizes back closer to the original sizes (please see update):

      a) 82, 77, 72mm
      b) 55, 52, 43mm
      c) 67, 58, 46mm
      d) 62, 49, 40.5mm

      Sorry for any confusion or upset feelings. I am working to make this right!


    26. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      SORRRY! I mis-typed one of the sizes! There is a 77mm version!

      The sizes are:
      a) 55, 49 and 40.5mm
      b) 58, 52 and 43 mm
      c) 72, 62 and 46 mm
      d) 82, 77 and 67 mm

      Sorry for any confusion!

    27. Missing avatar

      bill rae on

      all previous updates said 77mm. Then you send the surveys. Then you send updaye that 77 us no more. Thats kind of crappy to do to us.

    28. Leonardo DM on

      A 77mm is a must for me...need to use with my Tokina 11-16mm and Canon 28-70mm.

    29. Matt Corkum on

      We definitely need some clarity on the final sizes - the project page indicates there will be a "52mm, 55mm, 72mm & 77mm" version, which is what I need, and the reason I backed the project.

      That size does not seem to be one of the final moulds... without a holder that can hold 77mm, let alone one that can hold 72mm and 77mm at the same time, the product is useless to me, and I will have to withdraw my funding.

    30. Gary Chrebet on

      For those who have not placed an order, you may want to consider the Hufa lens cap holder. It will hold any size lens cap.

    31. Emily Tatlow on

      Hi Mark,
      There seems to be some confusion in the update comments as to whether there is a lack of 77mm size or whether the 72 in the largest size is a typo (as you already offer 72 in option C). Could you confirm which is correct?

    32. amberh on

      I just completed my survey. This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks!

    33. Noah Fleming on

      survey completed... thanks

    34. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      There are a total of 4 different versions of the lens cap holder, each holds 3 different sizes. These are listed in the update section or can be found below. The sizes are not re-configurable. Please specify which version you would like when you fill out the survey.

    35. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      There is some confusion about lens cap holder sizes. The size you are looking for is lens cap size, which varies between manufacturers and lenses. The focal length (i.e. F18-55mm) does not indicate the size of the lens cap. The size should be the same as a UV or polarized filter that you can screw onto the lens. This size is usually listed somewhere on the lens or lens cap.

    36. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      There are a total of 4 different models:

      55, 49 and 40.5mm
      58, 52 and 43 mm
      72, 62 and 46 mm
      82, 72 and 67 mm

      The smallest size is always on the opposite side of the largest size.

    37. Gwen.

      I have beginning to answer the survey, but I am not sur what to say for the lens cap size. What is your final size decision for each models ?


    38. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      I have sent out the surveys! The molds are under development, but it will take a few weeks before parts arrive. Please watch for updates for when the parts start coming in!

    39. Missing avatar

      Rob85 on

      Hey, have the emails gone out yet?

    40. Jon Hurwitz on

      Such a clever idea, so glad it got funded.

    41. Paul Selby on

      Congratulations again on a successful funding round. Can't wait for mine!

    42. Missing avatar

      David Schmitz on

      !!!! Yes, that is me being excited for this project. I am going to tell my local photo shop about it certainly.

    43. Paul Selby on

      I'm excited your project has more than fully funded. This is such a great idea, I believe you can be really successful with this!

    44. Ryan Hemenway on

      Just backed your project. Thought the position of the cap holder might be a little high though. Maybe make it compatible with the thinner part of the strap down towards the camera?

    45. Corey

      Happy to help on this. This project has gone through some insanely wonderful improvements since it was initially posted... shows us all the power of wide collaborative efforts! Thanks for creating a great product Mark, can't wait to receive these!

    46. Sugabelly on

      This is such a great idea. It's exactly what I need. No more searching for my lens cap after I put it down. I backed immediately. Great job!

    47. Mark Stevenson Creator on

      The size of the lens cap holder depends on the diameter of the lens cap you are using. Lens manufacturers use a variety of sizes. This is generally displayed on the front of the lens and has a diameter simbol in front of it. If you need more help, send me an email with pictures and\or description of your setup and I wil help determine what you need.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rob85 on

      Great idea! Quick question, what sizes would fit the following lens? 18-105mm. Looking forward to the prototypes!

    49. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    50. Jeff Lieske on

      Love the idea. Thanks to PopPhoto I was able to find out about this awesome project. I always throw mine in a pants pocket and can never find the cap when I want. Personally I switch between a Canon 77 and Zeiss 67.

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