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Board Game for 2 to 6 players.  Will you battle your way to victory or remain Civil in this epic boardgame?
Board Game for 2 to 6 players. Will you battle your way to victory or remain Civil in this epic boardgame?
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Zombie City Add-On Now Available!

We're very excited to announce that Zombie City is now available as an add-on for $10. Just add $10 to your pledge and we'll add Zombie City to your game!

We were not planning on doing add-ons but so many of you requested the option to add Zombie City that we decided against waiting for the stretch goal and just to go ahead and offer it. If this city goes well, we'll offer more cities as optional add-ons and better deals with multiple cities. As we've said a couple times now, the choice of cities is a lot of the fun of Civility!

There's more! Since we're taking Zombie City away from the stretch goals we're going to include an exclusive ZOMBIE WORLD EVENT CARD with the $10 add on. This card would only be used in the deck when Zombies are playing the game. Since Zombies are such a challenge to play with, this card will give them more of a fighting chance.

Artwork not final

Zombie Starting Departments, Abilities, and Strategy:
Because of the hordes of zombies, your city starts off very powerful. Level 5 in every department. Unfortunately, if zombies don't eat they rot. This means that every single turn, Zombie City loses 1 level in every department. Things start off great but go bad very fast! It is your job to lead your zombies to battle so they can feast on brains and become a force to be feared again.

Artwork not final

World Event Card: A Mystic Fog Appears
All armies except for Zombies get lost in the fog.  Zombies will invade each city one by one.  Zombies Health + Army vs the Defenders of the defending city + any battle modifying cards.  If the Zombies win, they gain 1 in Army and Health, and 2 in every other department.  Choose wisely which cities you invade in what order.  You'll get more powerful as you infect other cities but be weary of possible hidden Battle cards.  

Father Geek had this to say about Zombie City:
"We had an opportunity to play with the 7th city that is part of a Kickstarter stretch goal that was populated by only zombies. Every turn, the Departments (which start out at their maximum value) dropped in value and only through a MASSIVE BRAIN FEAST did all the Departments suddenly jump to their maximum again. That made managing “Z-Town” (as it came to be known) a wonderfully complex and entertaining experience, as well as a highly aggressive one."


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    1. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Uh yeah. We covered it a few times. Max sounds just like Dolores O'Riordan.

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      Dave Brittelli on

      Remember that Cranberries song Zombie?

    3. Timo Honold

      Zombies raised... or just my pledge ^^

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      Awesome...ZOMBIES...... Just added $10 to my pledge....

    5. Patty Urrutia on

      Zombies are heeeeere! :D