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Board Game for 2 to 6 players.  Will you battle your way to victory or remain Civil in this epic boardgame?
Board Game for 2 to 6 players. Will you battle your way to victory or remain Civil in this epic boardgame?
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    1. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hi Tor,

      Very sorry I didn't see this comment earlier and sorry about the damage issue. I will get the new pieces out later today. I'll message you with details.

    2. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Got the expansions, but they were sent in an envelope that was too tight and it had burst at a short edge seam, most of the "dial" counters had fallen out (what remained were six Zombie dials, a couple of the Clone ones and the square-ish dials). Do you have a spare "counter-sheet" with the dials? The rest of the expansion content (pieces and cards) were thankfully still there...

    3. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Vadim D,

      Sorry to hear you're having trouble. How to videos are hard. We'd never done one before making Civility and it's really difficult to make one that's not too dense and long. If there's something you'd like cleared up or explained in greater detail feel free to email us at or post on boardgamegeek. If it's not something you think can be clarified via text we could even hop on Skype or a Google meetup.

    4. Missing avatar

      Vadim D on

      Got the game before New Year... Terrific quality of components!
      But... we tried to approach the game twice.... IMHO The rules are not written well... The YouTube tutorial is overwhelming... The idea sounded great... But now the game looks too complex...

    5. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hope you get a chance to play it over the holiday Thomas!

    6. Thomas G. on

      Got my package earlier tonight. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Awesome! ;)

    7. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hi Colin,

      Amazon doesn't really have a way to part out boxes and sent select pieces from the games. They only sent out full Base games and full Expansions. Anyone who added on for part of the expansion but not the full thing will receive them in a separate shipment (we have to prepare all of those ourselves and send out) which we will get to soon.

      Sorry for the confusion. Hope you're having fun with it!

    8. Colin Nordström

      Got the game, didn't get my 3 addon cities.

    9. Matthew Dimalanta

      Thank you, that's awesome!

    10. Ryan Drews Creator on

      You did get Thief City! It's one of the 6 cities in the base game.

      Glad to see they are all arriving, have fun with them Jeff and Matthew!

    11. Matthew Dimalanta

      I got mine as well. For some reason I thought we were getting Thief City, but I saw that it wasn't a stretch goal we hit. I am not sure why I thought we were getting it.

    12. Jeff Fike on

      Minnesota reporting in. Got the game plus expansion. For those who received only the cards, I received the cards 3 weeks before receiving the, yes, they are separate packages and there might be a big delay in between.

      Haven't read rules or played yet. Hoping to get to it this weekend.

    13. Ryan Drews Creator on

      @Matthew Henning:

      Glad it finally got to you!

      For first play through/teaching we have a few suggestions:

      Start everyone on Status 1. It's nice for everyone to start out with an ability while learning how turns and rounds work. Turns are meant to be pretty quick but while learning, people will obviously take longer so starting on Status 1 helps move the game along.

      Take the Pacifist Perks out of the game - because they don't really make sense if everyone starts on Status 1.

      And take Early Men City and Zombie City out of the game. They can be a bit too challenging for first time players.

      Have fun with it!

    14. Matthew Henning

      Got the games and expansion...there is a lot in the box! Hopefully I'll take the time to learn how to play tonight and 'teach" my group tomorrow!

      Any recommendations/first play through tips? I have watched the how to play video, but will rewatch it with all the components in front of me.

    15. Ryan Drews Creator on

      It is! Amazon is working their way through all the shipments right now. Yours actually went out on the 14th and is scheduled to get to you tomorrow. You should have gotten an email from Amazon when it shipped but I just messaged you your tracking info.

    16. Matthew Dimalanta

      I got an envelope with a bunch of Civility cards in it in the mail. Is Civility shipping right now?

    17. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Great idea Kit! This is the first thing I did when I got my copy of Civility and the expansion as well. Having the inserts is nice but having everything in one box is nice as well.

    18. Kit Warren on

      One last thing for tonight: I was able to get the base game & expansion with all cards sleeved into the base game box. I had to remove the insert. But, it is all there nice and snug and looks great!

    19. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Awesome Kit, we're excited to hear what you think about it after you get those gaming sessions in.

      I'll message you about the issues you have.

    20. Kit Warren on

      Questions and issues:

      1) Is half of the Modern Leader's face on the Bio side supposed to look like it is melting away?
      2) Expansion box says 2 cards in contents where it actually has 5 cards (2 Civility world events and 3 city)
      3) Early Men City Card is flawed on top face side. Back side looks fine.
      4) Civility Card Ability Hold 1 additional Card 2-Die flawed corner and back
      5) Civility Card Ability 2 cards to upgrade Dept. 5-Die flawed back
      6) Civility Card Battle +1 battle has same flawed back as 5)
      7) Civility Card Battle +1 battle looked like some jammed their fingernail into the back of it
      8) Almost all the cards in one pack had a slight curve on the edges which could only happen during the cutting of the cards or when wrapping them. It is not bad enough to make them stand out when sleeved (which I did). But, the other packs were perfectly flat. So, without sleeves, someone may notice.

      Majority of the game and components looks great. Only five cards seem to have a real manufacturing issue. I like the feel of the components including the box. I will try to get a game or two in this week. If not, the next gaming session is Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    21. Ryan Drews Creator on

      There is a component count on the back of the box under "Contents in box:".

    22. Kit Warren on

      Is there an updated Component count list? I only see the components identified in the rules but not an updated count of each.

    23. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Awesome Kit! That was fast. You're our first confirmed arrival!

    24. Kit Warren on

      Wow! I got the shipping notice 5:30 AM on Friday and the package by noon on Saturday. Thanks! I will check everything later today.

    25. Rob Arber

      Just got the promo cards in NY

    26. Max Kreutzer on

      Sweet, Kit! Ryan and I licked all those envelopes... and then we realized they were peel and stick.

    27. Kit Warren on

      Just got Promo and Status cards (4 in total) in Florida, USA!

    28. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Good suggestion Jack. I had no idea Coolstuffinc provided fulfillment services. We'll definitely keep them in mind next time!

    29. Jack Onstott

      Another possibility for the future is to have Coolstuffinc become your fulfillment service rather than Amazon. They are very good as they have distributed Drago Magi and several different games with no problems.

    30. Rob Arber

      Hey Ryan, not that big of a deal. I was just wondering what was going on because it did seem to get a bit bogged down after it got to America. Which seemed a little weird cause it usually ramps up at that point. Can't wait for the game. Appreciate the answer.

    31. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hi Rob,

      This is something we were worried about happening and hoped we could avoid. It all goes back to the fact that this is our first time doing this and we didn't have a good idea how long Amazon would take to process their inventory.

      Basically, all of the games were shipped from our manufacturer directly to Impressions (who is handling our distribution). The day after Impressions received all the games, Amazon came to pick up the games that are shipping out to our backers. They were picked up in 3 shipments that have to go to 3 different Amazon warehouses (this is how Amazon creates the shipment, not our choice). Once Amazon receives 2 of the 3 shipments there will be enough games in Amazon's inventory for us to ship out to backers. As of this minute, 1 of the shipments have been received into inventory so we're waiting on the second (could be any day now).

      While all of this was happening, Impressions started to solicit the game to distributors and stores. After they got orders, they shipped out to those stores and distributors and now those stores have stock that can be shipped out to anyone that orders. Again, we're new at this and assumed that the Amazon process would be faster than it is. We're sorry. We wanted Kickstarter backers to be the first to receive their games and they still may be. Just because the game is in stock at some stores doesn't mean it is actually in anyone's home yet. We promise we're doing all that we can to get the games out as soon as possible and we're checking Amazon constantly for inventory updates. As soon as they are available, they will be shipped out to all of you.

      If it's any consolation, the Expansion didn't go out to distribution so the only way to get it is through us. Backers (who added on the expansion) will be getting that in the same shipment as their base game and you can't order that through Coolstuffinc.

      tl;dr: Sorry, we love you all, Amazon process is taking a bit longer than we expected, you're the reason the game exists, we're doing all we can to get them out to you quickly.

    32. Rob Arber

      What happened to backers getting it first?

    33. Rob Arber

      I just got notice that this game is available from coolstuffinc. Only 1 left but I haven't received mine yet. Has anyone else here received theirs?

    34. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Basically, Impressions will be taking care of sales and distribution for Civility ( So they will be getting it into local game stores, online game stores, etc... We will have some copies of the base game as well as all of the copies of the expansion for sale on Amazon directly through us (but stored and shipped by Amazon).

    35. Matthew Henning

      Might be early to ask but after all backers have received their games where can civility be purchased? I saw coolstuffinc has it as a preorder, will it be on Amazon as well?

    36. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Kit, that sounds cool! Unfortunately, we were not given such information from our manufacturer. All we were given is this:

      ETA:LB 15/OCT
      ETA :CHI 21/OCT
      ETA: DOOR 27/OCT

    37. Kit Warren on

      I wasn't asking about tracking numbers for individual packages. All the games get loaded into a shipping container. That container goes onto a ship at a port. You should be able to get the container number and/or ship name. There are a few websites which let people watch the voyage the games take if we have the information.

    38. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Yes Kit. We'll be using Amazon to ship all of the games out to backers so you'll all get tracking numbers.

    39. Kit Warren on

      Anyway we can get container number and/or ship name to track?

    40. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hi Victor. It did not ship on the 5th. We were told by the printer that the other project received the items it was waiting on yesterday and the games will be shipping within a few days. I'll keep you updated. We're excited to!

    41. Missing avatar


      Did the games ship on Sep 5? It's exciting to be in the final stretch!

    42. Ryan Drews Creator on

      We haven't sent out the official Kickstarter surveys yet so you'll be able to enter your current address there when those are sent out very soon.

      Also, you can go to and sign in and update your address there.

    43. Joel Wilbourn on

      How am I able to update my address before fulfillment of this project?

    44. Ryan Drews Creator on

      Hi Ctripp,

      Sorry for the slow response, things have been a bit hectic. I've got an update coming later today.

    45. Rob Arber

      Hey Ryan, any news? You were supposed to get the working copy. Thanks

    46. Ryan Drews Creator on

      We actually have a call with the printer scheduled tonight. I'm hoping to come out of that call with a much better idea on ETA. I'll let everyone know.

    47. Matthew Dimalanta

      do we have an idea on an ETA?

    48. Missing avatar


      @Ryan: I just saw your response now (I'm trying to reduce how much time I spend on Kickstarter). Thanks. That was totally unexpected, and sweet. I'm happy to help, and I'm looking forward to getting the game. Any update on that front? It's been a while since your last official update.

    49. Matthew Henning

      Any updates?

    50. Ryan Drews Creator on

      More excellent comments Victor. Again, I'll definitely be talking with Max about making some updates and clarifications to the rules. While it may delay things a few days, the rules are kind of an important component :)

      As a token of our gratitude for all your help, we're awarding you the *first* promo dice set (described in update #33). We'll ship you one with your game.


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