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A collection of gags, oddities and weirdities
A collection of gags, oddities and weirdities
257 backers pledged $12,789 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Popp on

      Got my commission today. Thanks Jim

    2. Missing avatar

      overanalyzer on

      Got mine today, and love it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chad S

      My book came today and it is great! I'm assuming that the commissions are shipping separately?

    4. Dan Keller

      Are books still shipping? I have not gotten mine yet.

    5. Cameron Foster on

      2/25/11 - That one had my wife and I rolling! Thanks for a great book Jim.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Cantalupo on

      Got my book a couple days ago. Great stuff. Looking forward to Vol. 2.

    7. JABenson on

      Got my book today. Hilarious! The Amy Winehouse one killed me.

    8. Kevin Slater on

      Got mine today! Thanks!!

    9. Jim Calafiore Creator on

      Shipping now; some were shipped before SDCC; the rest this week. Digital version will be available as soon as I get the go ahead from Comixology.

    10. G_Q

      Got mine in the mail over weekend....amazingly awesome stuff! Thanks Jim!

    11. Kevin Slater on

      Any update on shipping?

    12. Scott van Slyck on


      When can I expect delivery of the digital version of the book?


    13. Jim Calafiore Creator on

      All good. And I can't spell worth a damn. "PAYED"?

    14. G_Q

      I typed 0, so hope that's ok.....can't wait to see the book Jim!

    15. Jim Calafiore Creator on

      Nothing is ever smooth with me.

      Sorry everyone; I didn't realize the survey would not let you go without putting a size, even though you might not have payed for a shirt. I should've put a "NONE" option. Oh, well.

      If you didn't order a shirt, just answer "NO", and pick a random size. I'm going to be paying attention first to the "yes" or "no", so it shouldn't be a problem.


    16. Missing avatar

      Berit Andrea Sletten on

      I had to pick a size to complete the survey, too. Please disregard it?

    17. Betsy Woodin on

      I had to pick a tee shirt size in order to complete the survey but I did not want to order one so please disregard. Do not charge me extra as I only want the book that was my original pledge.

    18. G_Q

      ok, so I'm doing the survey and I didn't add money for a shirt, but it won't let me complete without imputing shirt size :/

    19. Caley Ross

      Aw yeah, FUNDED!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Larry Bishop on

      Pledge increased! I see the goal has been bit too with plenty of time left. I'm looking forward to this book and saying hi at the motor city comiccon.

    21. G_Q

      Congratz Jim! Can't wait to see this in print!

    22. Missing avatar

      Carol Hillman on

      I like your style Jim, your comics remind me a lot of The Far Side.

    23. Sean Whelan on

      I threw in an extra $5 too! It is getting so close!

    24. Missing avatar


      Threw in an extra $5....I want this to make it....c'mon people, you know it's worth it!

    25. Paul D on

      Loved the video, you've convinced me :) I hope this gets the backing it needs!

    26. D.J. Cole

      My vote for the cover and the t-shirt is the "Leave No Tern Un-Stoned".

    27. Caley Ross

      Just pledged for the book level last night. I think you are well on your way to getting this project funded. My vote for cover image is the "Leave No Tern Un-stoned", I just think it's badass.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marlene Zyontz on

      Hi Jim,
      Love this idea! Have gotten many chuckles and even some hardy laughs from reading your strip!! My vote for cover & T Shirt is "Mysteries of Mating" of course...still trying to figure that out in life!! Anyway, I pledged the TShirt one and would need an XXL size. Break a leg with your new project!