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£36,410 pledged of £50,000 goal
£36,410 pledged of £50,000 goal

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    1. Eldon Theodore on April 27

      Please keep trying!!

    2. Rob States on April 24

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. Adriaan Slingerland on April 24

      Looks like it's not going to make it... If it doesn't I sure hope there will be a relaunch of some sorts. Maybe with a lower goal?

    4. Missing avatar

      Wallace Kwok
      on April 24

      A few hours is left....

    5. Francis Dring
      on April 22

      It makes me sad to think this might not make it :(

    6. SMARTBUNCH Creator on April 18

      @Ricky - unfortunately Kickstarter does not allow that, but there's an easy way around it. You can select the pack you want and multiply the price by the numbers of packs you need :)
      Thanks a lot!

    7. Francis Dring
      on April 17

      @Ricky Wong: Welcome to Kickstarter.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ricky Wong on April 17

      Why can’t we select multiple pledges but only restricted to one single pledge?

    9. Francis Dring
      on April 15

      Big final push needed if we're gonna make it past the finish line here guys!

    10. Missing avatar

      BJ on April 10

      I hope this makes it. Super excited!

    11. SMARTBUNCH Creator on April 9

      @Ingebrigt - this is fine, completely understand your suggestion - please send us a message to see what would be the best way to get you the most suitable light.

      Thanks a lot for the support!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ingebrigt Megård
      on April 8

      Yes, having 19 triangles that output light, and the last one either being connected to the Power triangle or the battery triangle would be nice. Then the lamp could be moved around when the batttery is used, or having a fixed place when used with wired power. and it wouldn't look as one of the faces have stopped working.

    13. SMARTBUNCH Creator on April 8

      @Ingebrigt - thanks a lot for your interest and the questions, we are very happy to help.
      *When the Battery triangle is connected to a Power one it will start charging automatically, through the Power one. Only when disconnected from the Power one, it can start powering the Light ones.
      *Battery triangle does not emit the light, nor does the Power one.

      Unfortunately it will be impossible with our current modules to have a fully lit 20-piece icosahedron as we need a Power module connected - usually as the pendant or as a lamp (so you would not even see it). If may be possible to add one more Light triangle to the pack (1xPower, 1xBattery, and 19xLED) if that would help?

    14. SMARTBUNCH Creator on April 8

      @BJ Thank you so much !:)

    15. Missing avatar

      Ingebrigt Megård
      on April 8

      To create a icosahedron (20 faced polyhedron of triangles) using the original pack, I would like to have some questions answered.
      * Can one use a Power triangle and a Battery triangle at the same time in the same lamp?
      * Does the battery triangle also emit light?
      I would like to have the icosahedron emit light on all faces, so would we need one (or two)more light triangle(s), since the original package contains only 18 light triangles?

    16. Missing avatar

      BJ on April 8

      This is awesome! Super excited!

    17. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 29

      @govy - thanks so much for the comment. Unfortunately, although all our materials are beautiful and appealing to various personal preferences, some materials are more complicated & costly to produce - primarily copper and wood ones. This is the main reason those materials are available in larger, more expensive packs, as we have tried to reduce the price of the smaller packs as much as possible.
      But please send us a direct message, and we can discuss this further.

    18. govy
      on March 29

      Hello! fellow creator here. I would suggest you offer more options for all your rewards, meaning the choice of power unit and material.

      I really want to get the triangle shape lamp in wood. and I'd love to display it as a table lamp.

      please consider giving more options to backers. the more options, the more backers you will get. I speak from experience.

    19. Chris Wood on March 28

      Thanks so much for the quick response. I'll send an email your way

    20. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 28

      @Bill thanks for the comment - the Large pack and the Home edition both have multiple numbers of Power units that can all be Lamp base type. Alternatively, please send us a direct message to understand the exact requirements and we can potentially have more ideas how to help.

    21. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 28

      @Chris - thanks for the great idea - we were thinking of offering various perks on various packs to our supporters, and the Large pack has two: the largest selection of materials, and also a free Camera or Speaker triangle which truly gets your light to a smart home territory before anyone else's bunch.

      But please do send us a direct message and we can see if we can help further.

    22. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 28

      @Adriaan - not a problem, we will be here :)

    23. Bill R Pedler
      on March 27

      How can I get additional bases? (I love lamps!)

    24. Chris Wood on March 27

      I think you guys should make a "Super Early Bird" for the LARGE PACK, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.

      Very limited quantity of course ;)

    25. Adriaan Slingerland on March 27

      Thanks for the quick response! Problem is that I'm not sure whether and what I want additional yet. When I figure it out I'll contact you :)

    26. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 27

      Thanks Adriaan! It will always be possible to add more triangles to any system, especially via our future e-commerce site where you will be able to choose & order them individually.

      But saying that, given we will prioritise fulfilling the Kickstarter pledges, it would certainly be much easier to order the exact number now - to ensure them arriving at the same time, without too much delay. If you would like to create a bespoke pack - seems like something like the original+ type, please send us a private message and we will try to help.

    27. Adriaan Slingerland on March 27

      Cool design! Hefty price, but by the looks it's worth it. Question about the amount of triangles: Will it be possible to order some additional triangles after the campaign (through Backerkit or something like that)? For example if I want to add a starter pack to my original pack or just want to get an extra power triangle.

    28. SMARTBUNCH Creator on March 27

      Thanks for the very interesting question Akash. Our LED triangles are designed in a particular way to prolong the longevity of the unit, where we have multiple LED lights inside to ensure better cooling. This should ensure that each unit has an extremely long lifespan. This is one thing to be tested extensively in the certification period, but we are certainly aiming for 10+ years.

    29. Missing avatar

      Akash Surti on March 26

      How long does a light triangle last on average? Does it ever need to be replaced?