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Simple, elegant, and easy-to-use docking station that transforms your MacBook Air into the desktop workstation.
Simple, elegant, and easy-to-use docking station that transforms your MacBook Air into the desktop workstation.
488 backers pledged $82,489 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Kai,
      I am sorry for this. Please contact the support team ( directly. they said that they will take care of your case.

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      Kai Ottlik on

      Hi Kitae!
      I didn't get a notice yet. May i contact support by myself or will you open a ticked or whatever is needed?

    3. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Kai,
      I asked the support team ( to take care of your case.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kai Ottlik on

      This week the ethernet port of my landing zone died in run. Has anybody seen this, too?
      What about warranty for a unit, that's in Germany?

    5. Missing avatar

      Elena Murphy on

      Anyone want to buy my Landing Zone cheap? Never used!

    6. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Tams,
      I realized that there was a missing information for your delivery. Once you provide this, I will send you a new unit right away. I sent you a detailed message through Kickstarter Inbox.

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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      david kaufman on

      Kitae -

      I gave one of the docks as a present this holiday season and the recipient is THRILLED! Thanks so much, it's a beautiful product and I'm very happy with mine as well. I hate to be a bother but I never received the 2x K-locks, are those still on the way?

      Happy new Year!

    9. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi L.
      Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, it was very difficult to complete the project but it was worth it.
      I have received many positive feedbacks from backers like you. Without support from Kickstarter backers, this would not be possible.

    10. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      @Kitae no need to refund the $25.00 I don't have a PP account anyway, I have my docking station to a friend as I no longer have a MBAir, i have moved on to a newer machine. However my friends is very happy with the unit, it works perfectly. I cant imagine the stress you went through completing this project and how much you probably lost, you had no obligation to return anyones money, reduce the price or deliver a product that works well, but you did. You stuck with it and no matter what the challenge was you delivered you should be proud of that.

    11. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Dear Backers,
      I am in the process of sending you a refund of $25. As you may guess, this is a time-consuming task to me. So far, I sent the fund to a half of international backers. This may take few days. If you can wait for few days, it would be appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      Hi Kitae
      The promised US$25 arrived yesterday. Thank you. I will be returning to the UK this weekend and look forward to using the Landing Zone if only for a short while as I intend upgrading my Macbook. I suspect your potential sales from the original design of the LZ may not give you the returns you expected. I hope you will be able to adapt for new MBA's without too many high costs, but knowing plastic moulding dies are expensive it may be a tough call. All the best to you and Happy Christmas.

    13. Marc Schulz on

      hi Kitae,
      hi @all,

      finally thanks for the shipment (indeed a long journey) and the $25 PayPal refund (arrived today).
      the product works fine. the ethernet driver is stable and performant. unlocking is cooler then manual adjusting left and right sides - but it´s ok!
      thanks for your great work and also your patience with us backers ;-)

      merry xmas from germany

    14. Missing avatar

      Marc F-X Groebl on


      I am working with your landing zone for a week now and I would like to cut you some slack. Yes, it arrived about 6 months late, yes, it cost €43 extra import tax and yes, no €25 refund yet. But the docking station works very well, I am sure you had some sleepless nights since you got yourself into this.

      If we want a product the next day, we go to a shop, if we want to be part of something new, we back at Kickstarter. Merry Xmas

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      Still no US$25 via Paypal. Please tell me when I will receive this and I will be out of your hair.

    16. Marc Schulz on

      hi Kitae,

      the unit is shipped now - i have received it.
      43 EUR tax at frankfurt....

      But i still not have the $25 via Paypal, would you check this?


    17. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi K447 and Oberhaus,
      I will check your shipments with my logistics partner, which sent the unit to you.
      If there is any error, we will refund the difference caused by the error.
      We will send out $25 next few days.

    18. Missing avatar

      Oberhaus on

      Hi, I received two LandingZones here in Germany and I'm suprised about paying 116€ for import taxes.
      There is no invoice or anything else on which base the tax is calculated. I'm sure the invoice amount has to be higher than the plegded 300$. So what is going on here?

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      Kitae. Contrary to the UPS website details - the package arrived at my home in the UK this afternoon. (04/Dec/2012).
      I also had to pay duty and VAT totalling US$62 As I am presently in Ghana on business therefore I can not as yet comment on the product, but will do this on my return to the UK in 2 weeks time. Please arrange to credit my Paypal account with the US$25 as you promised.
      Regards Chris

    20. Missing avatar

      K447 on

      Received my pair of 13 inch LandingZone yesterday (Toronto, Canada).

      I was surprised to find that the 'Declared Value' for customs broker purposes was NOT the original $299US that I paid through Kickstarter, but instead the shipment was valued by UPS at $634.74CDN (roughly $600US). This DOUBLED the amount of import taxes I paid on the shipment compared to the actual Kickstarter price of the product.

      Not happy about the inflated 'value' on the shipment declaration.

      I no longer own a compatible MacBook Air as I now own the 'Late 2012' Macbook Air 13 inch, which does not fit the LandingZone power connector housing. And I have added a Speck plastic shell case to my Air which means it doesn't fit the LandingZone at all.

      Two 13 inch LandingZones for sale here, new in the box.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dirk Blasius on

      Today the LandingZone arrived (with the little delay of 9 months - the time it takes for a kid). I had to pay additional fees of $ 54. Finally I have to say that it is much to expensive for the delivered output. When I entered kickstarter the first time I thought what a great idea it is. But because of this project I do not think this way any longer!! All backers have been cheated.
      This comment is the only thing I can do. Because Mr. Kwon does not care about the customers.

    22. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Jan and Robert,
      I sent each of you the UPS tacking number via a Kickstarter message.
      Hi Chris,
      I have a meeting with the UPS agent tomorrow morning. I will check your case and let you know.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Russell on

      I am in the UK and no news of any delivery or dispatch notification.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      I am being respectful and very considerate. PLEASE answer my message below.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      I received a tracking email from UPS. The tracking details say the package was despatched on 27th Nov and should arrive on 03 Dec. However the UPS details say the package arrived in the UK and was sent back to the US. What the hell is happening ???
      KITAE Please check and let me know. The UPS tracking number is 1Z07F96A6757623269

    26. janusz on

      Has anyone in Europe received a Landing Zone yet?
      I've had nothing to suggest that one has been dispatched to my address.

    27. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that you are unhappy with your contribution on this project. I will gladly refund your full pledge and the cost of returning your product if you'd like to return it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Sanford on

      I finally received my Landing Zone and frankly, it is not worth $159 let alone the proposed retail of $200. The main problem is the power supply is woefully too short. Without using an extension cord I is impossible to use your MB Air except at a fixed location. I usually sit on my couch or in my chair to do all of my work and now I have to find a desk to sit at. The power supply needs to be at least equal to the length of the Apple MagSafe cord in order to be functional. When I get all of my investments delivered I will not invest in any Kickstarter projects. Of the ten investments that I signed on to only one was on time, the others were two months to 8 months late, the Landingzone being the worse.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sébastien Ruel on

      Got my tracking, thank you!

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Achkar on

      Would it be possible to get the tracking number for our shipments (Perhaps by private message on Kickstarter)? Thanks, Andrew

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lopez on

      I got my shipment today! Looks great Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Sébastien Ruel on

      Still waiting for an update!

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Hill on

      Have shipments started?

    34. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Ken,
      The current LandingZone does not support MacBook Air 2012 models, which come with MagSafe 2 power connector.

    35. Ken Holsinger on

      I also need to know about Mag Safe 2? It looks like from the pics of the injection molds it does not support it but it would seem fairly straightforward to slot the unit to allow the new connector to slide in?

    36. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Frank,
      Your refund will be processed on November 9. Thanks.

    37. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Thomas,
      $25 refund will be processed once I ship LandingZones to the backers.

    38. Missing avatar

      Paul Bruce on

      Is there any intention to support the new Mag Safe 2 adapter in the Landing Zone. ?
      My current Mac has the MagSafe connector, but on account that it's almost 2 years old (and it's almost been a year since my original pledge to Landing Zone) and perhaps time for an upgrade, it would be nice if the Landing Zone supported Mag Safe 2.
      Otherwise, it will be such a shame, that after all this time, Landing Zone is out-of-date before it even gets shipped.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lee Redstone on

      Hi Kitae,
      What is the status on the refunds? You gave us until Oct 21 to inform you if we wanted one. Please advise.

    40. Thomas Estenfeld on

      Hi. No answer? Still waiting for the 25USD refund via paypal!

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexander Thomas on


      I would like to request a refund. I no longer need the time. Please cancel my order.


    42. Missing avatar

      Sarah Yousuff on

      Hi Kitae,

      I have sold my MacBook Air and am requesting a refund. Best of luck with Landing Zone.

      Thank you,

    43. Andrew Duong on

      Hi Kitae,

      Please cancel my order as I do not have a MBAir anymore. Thanks and good luck on this project.


    44. Missing avatar

      Frank W. Marks on

      Hello Kitae, Please process a refund for me. I have upgraded and no longer have my MacBook Air. I wish you luck with the LandingZone. Thank you.
      Frank Marks

    45. Missing avatar

      Lee Redstone on

      HI Kitae, Please cancel my order and provide a refund. I no longer own my MacBook Air. I'm sorry but it just took too long.

    46. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Mark,

    47. Marc Schulz on

      no refund, if it is true (update 26) - i will wait for shipment on October 26!


    48. Kitae Kwon 3-time creator on

      Hi Marc and Andre,
      I will provide a refund to you by October 19.
      The fund will be delivered through Paypal.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andre Nadeau on


      At least, this one exist, I bought it, I had received it and I'm using it....…


    50. Missing avatar

      Andre Nadeau on

      Three times you asked for my delivery address and still waiting for some light....

      Promises... Promises..... and no information....

      E-mail never answers.... (here and on your landingzone web site)....

      honestly I had totally lost faith in you..... How could I have a refund ?

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