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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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Wrap up note a.k.a. We love you all!

Posted by Kwan (Creator)

There you have it, folks! We're 8 hours away from the finish line, but I'm writing this now because I probably won't be up when the timer runs out. It's been an exhausting day making sure we find the right people to help us out with Exogenesis.

Just to clarify - Ouya is only doubling our funding goal at $32,000. They get exclusivity for 3 months, which means we release on PC/Mac/Linux and Ouya earlier than mobiles and Vita. We'll only receive 50% of the Free the Games Fund during development. 25% of the funds will be released once we launch on Ouya, and we'll use that along with game sales to keep on polishing Exogenesis so that Vita and mobile users can enjoy an experience tailored for their platforms. 

If anything, Ouya is very supportive of developers because they know they need good games on their system. So, maybe lessen the vitriol a little?

As for us, there's no time to waste. We're very aware that we now bear the responsibility of not disappointing 1,398 (as of press time) backers who've supported and trusted us. Besides, Exogenesis is very dear to every member of Kwan. Personally, I've given all I could into it in the past year, using my life savings to reach the point we're currently at, and there's no way I'd stop now. Fortunately, with me is an amazing team willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve our common goal.

Since some people don't seem to be aware yet, we do have a website at where we'd have the forum and frequent updates about the game's development. I will cover everything in more detail tomorrow (e.g. regarding sending your info for credits, the "thank you" video etc.) when my brain is fully functional again.

For now, I also want to thank my friend Shanee, who is my biggest motivator in this endeavor. She passed away too early last November, and I will always miss her. The thought of her is what keeps me going whenever I enter the dire straits that are so common in game development. I will keep my promise. All these kind backers and supporters will let us do it. I still wish I got to see you cosplay one of our characters, but I hope you're happy wherever you are. This victory was ours.

Again, I'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who's supported and trusted us. Your patronage will not be in vain. Our demo, while longer than usual, is just a taste of what's to come. The campaign still has 8 hours to go, and a stretch goal to reach for our amazing voice actors, but I'm sure I speak for the team when I say we're already bursting with happiness from the outpour of support you've given us so far.

See you all on our forums real soon!

- Nico, Director of Exogenesis


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    1. Mooshman on

      Get in! I backed this quite early on and I was worried it wouldn't hit the 55k stretch goal, now that it has I can't wait to get this game in my hands! Good luck to the Devs!

    2. Tracey Craig

      Thank you ! and i am very happy to wait an extra few months for a much better game :)

    3. Penelope Sophia Smith on

      We just have to keep on pushing! We can do it! <3