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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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Stretch goals announcement! Plus collaboration with Amber Lee Connors and TeamFourStar!

Posted by Kwan (Creator)

As some backers have suggested, we'll now be revealing a couple of our immediate stretch goals. 

Port to Unity!

We'd like to put the game on Vita as much as you guys, so the first stretch goal is to allow us to port the game to Unity as early as we can. This means that upon release on PC/Mac/Linux, or shortly thereafter, Exogenesis will also be available on PSVita (via PSM), iOS and Android. Should Nintendo support Unity on 3DS by then, we can also put the game on 3DS. Without this stretch goal, we will have to port in the future, using the money we'll get from game sales.

(Note: Other Unity-supported consoles are covered in a higher stretch goal, since publishing on them require very expensive dev kits.)

Full Voice Acting!

We've got AMAZING news in the voice acting department! Joining us as our new casting director is Sound Cadence Studio's Amber Lee Connors, the voice behind Ginger in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Death Metal Rhapsody in Heroes of Newerth (this is the WINNER for me!), and many others.

She's bringing along with her the cast of TeamFourStar. You don't know TFS? They're just one of the coolest Youtube channels out there! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to have them on board, being a fan of their work on DBZ Abridged. Over the years, they've really proven their voice acting prowess, not to mention the humor that they inject into every video. Easily among my favorites is their Attack on Titan episode.

 If you're a fan of DBZ and can spot the references, their Frozen parody is golden, too!

Last but definitely not the least, they've guested on Screen Junkies. Honest Trailers is one of the very few Youtube shows that I follow religiously. Honest Trailers + TFS = OVER 9000!!!!!

Still not amazed? Here's the cherry on top - Amber and company offered to do full voice acting for Exogenesis on a pay-what-you-want basis. It turns out that a lot of VAs are thrilled to just help us out with the game. What this means is that, no matter what happens, Exogenesis is going to be FULLY VOICED!

To compensate them fairly, though, we are shooting for a $15,000 stretch goal. This is just enough for a game the size of Exogenesis, which has an enormous amount of dialogue. If we don't reach this goal, every dollar past the Unity Basic stretch goal will go to the voice actors. In the next update, we'll show you some of their work, and reveal an initial cast of voices for the main characters. If you appreciate what you'll hear, please consider helping us reach our stretch goal!

TFS?! Have you gone nuts?

Of course, we're 100% completely aware that the comedic style of TFS on Youtube won't work for Exogenesis. The thing is, the team behind TFS is composed of superbly talented voice actors on their own right! TFS is not all they do, and they're professionals in their field. 

We'll still go through the casting process for Exogenesis, and after talking to Amber extensively about this, we're highly confident that she'll do a great job of choosing the right voice actors for the game.

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    1. Anna on

      TeamFailStar is more like it. I hope they won't RUIN it.

    2. Kwan Creator on

      Sony's been very active in putting more indie games on their platforms. PSM will support 30+ countries by June, and hopefully more by the time we release. We will use the best path available to us when we launch on Vita, though, so this could mean getting on the regular store if we can negotiate a reasonable deal with Sony. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Lukasz Kordek on

      PSM? You mean Playstation Mobile? Sadly its only available in like 7 countries in the world, so I guess PC version for me, still :)

    4. TC on

      I would love to have it on the Vita since I barely game on my PC!

    5. Alessandro Pizzetti on

      Exogenesis on PS Vita? That would be great! This is just the kind of games that this portable console needs in order to boost its sales! Heck, Sony should pay you to publish this promising game on their console ...>_>

      PS: yes, i love Visual Novels... and... yes, i have a PS Vita... :p

    6. Missing avatar

      Amanda Sato on

      Wow, that's quite the surprise. I don't entirely keep up with DBZ Abridged anymore (as I find the longer they go on, the more the humour seems to become hit or miss for me), but their voice talents are undeniably talented. I'm mostly used to hearing their comedy, so I'll be interested to see how their performances are in the more subdued, serious setting of Exogenesis.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      C'mon $55K!