Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~

by Kwan

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    1. Rebecca on

      This was a great update, and glad to hear the good news about the shout out and being greenlit! I'm really excited about this project (and the art book now, too)! :D

    2. Kuro Mai on

      very interesting on the character design! I think it can help me to .. oh wait ..
      on a more serious note, Uchikoshi san is really a great man! to know that a genius like him landed his YES ON MY STUFF, I.. I .. *ventile* .. (´ლ`;)
      i'm happy to be in this "timeline" ;p
      now we need to get this fund, it's not won yet.

    3. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      I figured I'd say I only heard about this because I follow Uchikoshi's twitter. The shout out got you at least a little extra money!

      I'm super hyped about this project. You ought to contact Uchikoshi and see if he's willing to do some advising on the writing of it. I'm sure you guys are great and amazing, but it'd be hard to deny that anything Uchikoshi touches turns incredible. Maybe you could give him a brief story overview and ask him for suggestions or tweaks on where to take certain plot threads? His advising would likely cost money, so it might be considered for a stretch goal, but I'd be willing to act as a liaison as I speak Japanese quite well by most standards (and have degrees in the topic to back it up). Send me a message if you're interested in my help =).

    4. Kwan Creator on

      He commented a "lol" on a weird FB post of mine and I swooned!

      Well, maybe I didn't swoon, but that was a weird post. Maybe I should share on Twitter.

    5. Gabriel Morgan on

      Awesome news! I was really happy to see this game in the Greenlit list..

      Now I'm just waiting for you guys to get funded!

    6. Gearsoul Dragon

      ;____; The art book is a really high tier...

      This was a cool update, though! Thanks for the little snapshot~

    7. Kwan Creator on

      There'll be a lot more in the Exogenesis art book than in most art books (which often only have finished art), including early sketches, designs and characters that didn't make the cut, concept art, illustrations, lore, and a lot of detailed annotations explaining the process of creating the game - it's a "making of" of sorts, in art book format. So we hope you can still consider it. :)