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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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Clarification on release platforms, demo update, OBJECTION!

Posted by Kwan (Creator)

Since so many people are asking whether Exogenesis will come to their platform of choice, we believe that this update is necessary. 

Here's the deal: Exogenesis is scheduled to be ported to Unity AFTER release. While we can easily state on the Kickstarter page that Exogenesis is coming to Unity-supported platforms (PS3/PS4/Vita/Wii U/iOS/potentially 3DS when Nintendo finally allows it), which is factually true, this campaign is for launching the game on PC/Mac/Linux by December 2014. We are confident that we can reach our release target (our director explains why on JesuOtaku's stream, which should be online on Wednesday) on the Ren'Py engine, but porting to Unity is an entirely different beast altogether.

You know how many KS-funded games are YEARS behind schedule? We don't want that. We've researched what it'll take to port to Unity and planned carefully. We know we're not gonna make it by the end of 2014 if we want to move to Unity. Even though we're confident our programmer can learn Unity easily, we're not discounting the fact that we may encounter unforeseen obstacles. Our path is clearer on Ren'Py, because we already know our way around it.

So here's the thing - we have a stretch goal lined up that will allow us to port Exogenesis concurrently with making the game on Ren'Py. The additional funds will go into hiring Unity devs. While we're putting the game together on Ren'Py, their job will be to make sure everything is running on Unity. That way, we can shorten if not eliminate the delay between launching on desktops and consoles.

Even if we don't reach this stretch goal, Exogenesis WILL still launch on Unity-supported platforms. It will just take longer, and players on PC/Mac/Linux will get the game much sooner.

Demo update

Our demo is now at v0.19.3, with these changes:

  • Fixed text beep getting stuck
  • Fixed bug that returns players to the bar after the ending screen
  • More text edits (we roll them out rather frequently when we find mistakes that need to be fixed)


Kuromai also did a new illustration. Please feel free to use it when promoting our Kickstarter campaign online. We are now almost 250-strong after reaching 20% of our goal in 5 days. We managed to do it only with your help, and we hope you can keep on supporting us all the way to the finish line!

Oh, and by the way, we're also 30% of the way to the top 100 on Steam Greenlight, Keep voting, people! 


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