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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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Posted by Kwan (Creator)

2017 turned out to be a year of shortcomings. Of crippling anxieties, failure of trust, treading cautiously, self-doubt, persistent health issues...a lot of things we'd rather leave behind. We'll talk about everything once the smoke clears. I have a long laundry list of what went wrong, why working in a bubble can be self-destructive, and other intangibles of game development. But for now, we're kicking it to high gear is all I can say as the director.

Production-wise, we're nearly content complete. If anything, it's trimming the fat that's more challenging. We've probably scrapped enough writing to put together a short kinetic VN. We went a little ambitious with a certain underlying theme that ties everything together, but the goal is to make sure we all come out of this - creators and players - having earned something valuable and special.

I only have my own weakness to blame for not finishing in 2017. Perhaps I took every setback harder than the last. Clearly, I'm not half the man that I was 3-4 years ago. But I can say with finality - if Exogenesis doesn't come out this year, it'll truly be the end.

This is our final battle. Sorry for the wait.



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    1. Specie8470 on

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      Kurt on

      Part of me has just become interested in what the final result of this project would be like if it does get released. I just wanted to clarify regarding my previous comments. I do agree that if a customer wants a refund then they should get one; especially given this kind of delay. I just meant that I myself do not want one and that I must be stupid patient or something. I'm just bothered by heavy negativity sometimes and I hope my previous comments did not come off as me being or sounding mean towards others. I really hope this project does get finished but I can accept that it might not as I've seen many other projects have such a fate. Regarding the Ouya comment, I only backed at a very low tier that did not cover cost of device and due to my own laziness sadly never ended up purchasing the final product. At least I learned from that mistake when the Gamestick came out. For some reason I purchased multiples of those?? I am weird sometimes.

    3. Specie8470 on

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    4. Specie8470 on

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    5. Specie8470 on

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    6. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      Seriously, half an hour, 3 paragraphs - you can do it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      "working in a bubble can be self-destructive" I'd like to help by suggesting you do a monthly update (see Planet Explorers' updates for inspiration for the sort of content to include). It just so happens to be a month today since the last post, so why not turn over a new leaf and post again tomorrow with details of the last month's work?

      It should help with the self destruction problem.

    8. Specie8470 on

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    9. Specie8470 on

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    10. Specie8470 on

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    11. Specie8470 on

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    12. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      What bothers me is that once I do finally play this game, I'll probably think it is totally awesome and worth the money I paid for it. Yet no matter how much I want to try to talk about it online the general public is going to be so negative and say I'm dumb or something. Every time I see an update on this project, I cringe when I read all the comments. I guess I just don't get it or I am not thinking properly. I just hate how everything sounds like everyone has given up on this. I've spent tons of money on tons of Kickstarter projects with multiple Kickstarter accounts and often I find that the games that took forever to be released are the best ones. I always believe that rushing or pushing out an early release in game development due to customer pressure is always a bad idea. That said I do understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has every right to be upset given how they view the conditions. I guess I'm just naive or something. Either way Kwan, do the best you can and the people that want to enjoy your work, will do so.

    13. Specie8470 on

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    14. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Well I still hopoe for somethign good to come out. I'm obviously disappointed that not all rewards will be dlivered. As there was supposedly a developper forum access, game arts in hi res, test builds...

    15. Missing avatar

      Ghenkhan on

      Thanks for the update!

    16. Missing avatar

      Benji Judd on

      With that all said though, the comments for more transparency are right. I've pledged a small amount compared to some of these guys and all backers deserve the respect of being told what is going on as opposed to ambiguous posts. I'm sure you're already aware of this, but its not too late to sort that out.

    17. Missing avatar

      Benji Judd on

      The art i've seen so far looks so good by the way, its no wonder this is taking such a long time. The art is better quality than zero escape!

    18. Missing avatar

      Benji Judd on

      Dude, none of us want you hurting yourself over this. I know in games development especially it can sometimes feel as though you are in a bottomless pit, but that is not the case. Each day you are learning more and more, the man you were four years ago hadn't been through the same trials and tribulations that you have that are going to make you better. There is light at the end of the tunnel, now focus and stay positive and everything will work out fine trust me. Fortune favours the brave, good luck!

    19. Mauricio Soto on

      I believe in you. A perilous rebirth can still occur

    20. Specie8470 on

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    21. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      @Specie8470 not for 4 years.

      Kwan: I am having trouble reconciling some of your statements. First you say working in a bubble has been destructive. But then when people say they would like some more info on what you are actually doing, you say you'd rather work on the game than talk about working on the game. A big part of not working in a bubble is communication. If you need help, the more you put out into the world of what needs to be done the more likely you can get help.

      Then you say that the game is almost content complete, (and has been for a while) yet shed doubt at a release this year. At the end of the day, if content is actually complete, you should be able to finish the game. If you are spending a lot of time changing the tone of scenes and deleting content, it gives the impression that you are endlessly tweaking instead of committing to something and calling it done at some point. It's never going to be perfect.

      Sure, it may be (very) rough around the edges, but you can still finish. Delivering a bad game is probably better than delivering nothing, unless a refund is an option.

      Do you have a plan that outlines everything that is left to do? If not, start there. You'll never finish if you keep doing what you've been doing and just trying harder or "kicking it into high gear". Make a plan for 2018 that fits the amount of time you can dedicate to this project, and follow the plan as closely as you possibly can. You will have to say "nope I can't do this" to some of the tasks or tweaks you may wish to do. You will have to leave in some scenes that you have art for even if they are a bit wrong for the game because it is not cost effective to remove them. You'll want to add a better save system and have to leave it at just a basic checkpoint system. I've never finished a project without cutting things that I thought were absolutely necessary for my vision. Some of those kinds of changes you can make in a patch later too. Maybe what you need to find in a collaborator is a project manager?

      At the end of the day though, you are far from the first to fail at finishing a game in a reasonable time. Even professional dev teams have fallen into this trap. So whatever happens, pick yourself up, learn something from your mistakes, and carry on. Good luck and thanks for the post - more communication will help on both sides.

    22. Specie8470 on

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    23. FlamingFirewire on

      The money originally raised for this project is no where near the amount it really needed to reach the scope of their project. The only way to have completed this game to its time frame would have been to hire competent outside help, but from the sounds of it (and we heard as much in some of the updates), Kwan has encountered lots of difficulty on that front.

      This doesn't happen often, but this is still a project I'm very much so interested in after all these years. Indie projects that aim for these large scopes always take far longer to create than the average person would expect (see Owl Boy or Stardew Valley, etc.) - especially since they still have to work regular, full-time jobs to survive (~$56,000 is not enough money to live on exclusively for more than 1 person over 4 years + all of the other incidentals that come with hiring contractors, and just like in general).

      I can't wait to hear more, so I hope he stays strong through it all - regardless of how it all turns out when it's finished, it'll be worth checking out. Keep adding, trimming, and optimizing, and I look forward to seeing it release in 2018!

    24. Quinn Marchicelli on

      It's been 4 years... it would be nice to see some footage or gameplay proving that this thing even exists at this point...

    25. staubbedeckt on

      Keep on keeping on, Kwan and co.

      I won't say that this project hasn't given me the impression of something very like a train wreck, but I still trust that you folks can deliver a product that both its creators and investors can take some modicum of pride in. I trust this will have all been worth it [if only just], and I trust the devs have learned some valuable lessons in the course of things. Faith is, after all, the only thing backers have left to them at this point in the endeavor; better we throw it at something constructive than toss it in the bin, I figure.

    26. John Sherman on

      Nearly content complete a kinda disturbing 'if it doesn't come out this year it'll truly be the end', and any lack of detail in this message kinda leaves a lot to be desired in terms of communication. ANY detail on what the actual path forward towards release would be helpful. This is just vague and doesn't really say anything.

    27. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      @Adam Raffel Yeah, I agree.. and I'm surprised no one else mentioned it yet but "if Exogenesis doesn't come out this year, it'll truly be the end," does appear to hint at contemplating suicide if the game isn't finished..

      If this is the case, I can only hope the dev gets in contact with someone about it.

    28. Adam Raffel on

      I have no problem with the game still being in production. Kickstarter comes with some risks, and at least you have continued to communicate about the game. Theres a lot that goes into a game that makes it hard to release, and it takes real courage to admit your shortcomings, particularly when some of them deal with yourself.

      Some of the best kickstarters I have seen released years behind schedule so they could release with a level of polish that made them great games; something your game appears to be doing. I appreciate you having that level of dedication and sending us art and various other content to prove it.

      What I don't appreciate is this comment at the end, "if Exogenesis doesn't come out this year, it'll truly be the end," because it has me concerned for your safety. Please, I encourage you, reach out to a friend, a family member, or even the hotline. If there is a way you can directly message me, thats fine too. Stay safe and healthy my dude.

    29. Tracey Craig

      You say the same thing with every update.... four years on.... nothing new here.

      No point in reporting to kickstarter, they truly don’t give a damn. They have their cut and we get the middle finger. That’s how it works. And that is also why i’ve only backed 1 project in 2017.... my middle finger to Kickstarter.

    30. Roberto Sales Faria Junior on

      Lack of clarity aside, all we can hope at this time is for the game to (finally) be close to completion. I don't even care about the backer rewards, anymore, if I'm being honest.

    31. Kwan Creator on

      There's actually new content in this update, but I guess it wasn't framed like that.

      Again, as much as I'd like to talk about the game, I'd rather focus all my energies into finishing the work that must be done. Once we reach a point where the majority of production is on the programming side, I'll have time to discuss everything.

      Just a little bit more of your patience, please.

    32. Specie8470 on

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    33. Specie8470 on

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    34. sonicstormer on

      @TouchGameplay I think a report is a bit much. I'm not exactly happy that it'll be 4 years in May when I funded this thing, but it's not as though they aren't indicating it's at least CLOSE to done.

    35. Alex Hamerling on

      I still wish you would share these things. It's important to give people the feeling that stuff is happening. And merely saying "stuff is happening" is kinda...

    36. sonicstormer on

      Nearly 4 years later.......

    37. TouchGameplay

      Got to :

      Scroll down: Report this Project:

      Post-funding Issues

      The creator is not communicating and the project status is unclear.

      Thank me later.

      I`m suprised I back then even funded this Train Wreck.

    38. Kwan Creator on

      Nearly content complete means we're only short a few character pose variations, puzzle objects, music tracks (credit theme on the way and it's pretty huge), additional dialogue.

      But this doesn't paint the whole picture as polishing a game of this size is hard to quantify. We review everything to check pacing, score (usage of BGM and SFX), character sprites used in dialogue - things of that nature. We may change the mood of an entire scene so that it fits better.

      We've had a lot of optimization done as well, but sometimes things come up like a certain animation causing an area to drop in frame rate.

    39. Specie8470 on

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    40. Alex Hamerling on

      I am really sorry to say this, because I really don't like being that guy, but this post had like, no info in it.