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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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Sekai Project Announces Exogenesis At AnimeFest!

Posted by Kwan (Creator)

As you may have heard, Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ is joining Sekai Project's growing library of English visual novels. This has been brewing for a while, and we've been very excited to tell you! Now that we can actually talk about it, we'll answer the more frequently asked questions.

What have you been up to since the last update?

Aside from working out the arrangement with Sekai Project and preparing for the announcement, we've also had to iron out some kinks such as finding a new programmer (which was a particularly painful and drawn-out process; we wanted to make things work with the previous guy until the very end, and ensure our new partner is the right one). With that out of the way, we can now go full-throttle with production.

Why didn't you tell us sooner?

We wanted to make an impact with the announcement and build excitement as we move closer to releasing the game. The timing worked out for AnimeFest, so we went for it. Hope y'all enjoyed the surprise!

Will the game be PC-only now?

Nope. We made sure our relationship with Sekai Project will allow us to fulfill all backer rewards. Our plan is still to put the game on as many platforms as possible. After all, moving to Unity caused all sorts of heartaches and we don't want that to be for naught. 

When will the game come out?

One thing we've learned from missing all of our release windows so far is to not make any promises. With that said, we have a production timeline to adhere to as part of our developer-publisher relationship with Sekai Project. Teaming up with them places us in a great position to reach our goal this time. In other words, you'll be playing (and hopefully enjoying!) Exogenesis very soon!

With all that said, here's another version of the trailer we prepared for AnimeFest. Please let us know what you think!


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    1. Specie8470 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Alex Hamerling on

      Are you still here? lol

    3. Specie8470 on

      You have a completed game that you refuse to release because of what Sekai Project says for you to do. I WANT A REFUND!

    4. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      Any end of year "updates"? PS for good examples of quality updates see the Planet Explorers Kickstarter.

    5. Specie8470 on

      Do you intend to just take our money and give us nothing? What is happening with this game? Why won't you answer my questions? I want my game or give me a refund!!!!!

    6. Specie8470 on

      I would appreciate an answer to the questions I am asking I put $500 into this kickstarter and I deserve respect and so do the rest of the backers that gave you money. We have been waiting three and a half years for this game that was supposed to come out in 2014. What is the current completion progress of this game? How much longer is it going to take to get this game made exactly. What exactly does Sekai Project bring to the table to help get this game made? What happened to your previous programmer that was with you since 2015? Either give me my game or give me a refund. How long do you expect people to wait WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GAME!!!!?!?!? AND DON'T SAY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Specie8470 on

      Alex I'll make you a deal ok. You give me $500 dollars and I will tell you what I had for lunch and will send you a picture of it and I will never make another post about this game again ok? I will even go to a restaurant and order something nice just for you. Do we have a deal?

    8. Specie8470 on

      Alex Hamerling you seem to be more concerned about what people are having for lunch then getting a game, I don't know what you paid $500 for but it sure doesn't sound like you want the game. Perhaps you are more concerned about food then the game. There is more then just me that want the game they paid for or want a refund. This creator doesn't post a game update in over a year and cares little about the backers. If you don't like what I say I suggest you find something else to do with your time perhaps an all you can eat buffet would be the best value for you. I want my game!

    9. Alex Hamerling on

      Not to mention he apparently is so hurt by being called out on his bullshit that he thinks childish insults make him win his argument.

    10. Alex Hamerling on

      I love how this guy keeps saying "us" even though he is literally the only one acting like a whiny little bitch.

    11. Specie8470 on

      @Martin Joly actually this was one of the first kickstarters I backed. I am promised by Kickstarter terms to get the rewards for the tier I pledged. Kickstarter refuses to release creator's information so legal action can be brought to them so there is little risks for the creators. I will never back any more projects on Kiickstarter. Never said I was better then anyone else so don't put words in my mouth. I have every reason to be upset for the amount that I pledged. How much did you pledge to this by the way? We been at this for three and a half years for a game that was supposed to come out in 2014. Also before you say game development takes a long time well it seems that development has stalled many times throughout the years and times where nothing is getting done. Are you content with just waiting forever for a game and hearing the same crap year after year from Nicolas Sanchez? Do you want the game you paid money for or are you like Alex that likes wasting money and being fucked over?

      @Nicolas Sanchez can you please answer my questions. What does Sekai Project bring to the table that will help get this game made exactly? How are you in any better position to get the game made with Sekai Project then with Razer which you failed to meet any of those deadlines? On the subject of programming what happened to the programmer you had since 2015 that you had confidence in? You seem to be having alot of problems with progamming is finding a Unity programmer harder to find then a Ren' py programmer? Where has all the money you had saved up exactly gone are you just paying programmers money who arn't good at coding or have you spent all of our money we gave you on drugs? You said six months ago on Facebook that you were close to the finish line and six months later we still don't have a game and no clear delivery. You said a year ago that you are in the final push to get the game out before the year ends but a year later still no game and no idea if will ever get released. Nicolas Sanchez where do you stand at the overall completed production percentage of this game? I am tired of hearing you say soon for every damn question I have been waiting three and a half years for this game. Nicolas Sanchez I want your physical address because you have not delivered what is promised by Kickstarer you are legally obligated to give me. I want my game and I am not content like Alex Hamerling to wait forever for the game while you continue to screw us over.

    12. Martin Joly on

      Dude, you claim to have had so many bad kickstarters and yet you still sunk $500 into this one (which seems to make you think you're better than everyone else here). Kinda gives the impression that you're the one who can't get enough of being fucked over.

      You would think you'd at least be used to it by now.

    13. Specie8470 on

      @Alex Hamerling you must really love being fucked in the asshole maybe once Nicolas Sanchez gets done fucking it we might actually get our game.

    14. Alex Hamerling on

      And you really wonder why no one takes you seriously? All you do is whine whine whine. I don't "like being screwed over" as you say. I'm just not a whiny fuck like you.

    15. Specie8470 on

      Nicolas Sanchez Where is My Game!!!!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Idioteva on

      I have a few comments on the update since everyone's opinions are everywhere. 1) I'm not worried about the Vita version. Yes Sekai have been trying to move into porting games over and by what people have been saying, it's been bad. However this game has been developed from the start with a Vita version in mind. 2) Sekai would be publishing. I don't know how much people know about Sekai's set up and myself and by far not a master either, but generally they have 2 types of games under their belt. The type we most hear about is their Japanese titles that get kickstarted and translated where there seems to be a lot of beef about just about everything under the sun. Then you've got the titles that are being published under them (think of like Ea and Ubisoft in this realm) like ebi-hime's titles and even the the otome game The Bell Chimes for gold (I know this is being handled because I backed supporting this project before they teamed with Sekai and already had their translator). This title would fall under the second category of being published by Sekai and don't expect anything to change like with many other titles under their belt. What most probably came out of this is they will get finacle support which is beneficial to us, publicity but will end up having to fork over a percentage of their profits in the long run. IMO, this is a smart move on their part that they are willing to do this to make sure the project goes forward as many hurdles arise and games will either die or survive. I backed Project Pheonix and they have just announced they are making a little game for a company so they can get the cash they can get further investment to finish the project. Yes it isn't in the initial plan, yes it isn't what you asked for but there are so many unxpected things in development and life in general. I am more than happy for companys to bend to succeed than give up entirely. Selling out is a no no, but this is more support.

    17. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      This news confirm the death of vita version.

    18. Ian on

      Sekai Project has not shown themselves to be capable of porting anything.

    19. Specie8470 on

      @Martin Joly you do know that you can click on peoples names and see the projects they backed right? Just because Alex says he backed a certain level doesn't mean he actually did but I'll take him at his word for it. Never claimed to be special I just my game I payed alot of money to help make.

    20. Martin Joly on

      @Specie - You should probably stop assuming things. You were wrong about his pledge amount and you could very possibly be wrong about how many projects he's backed compared to you. You might not be as special as you think.

    21. Specie8470 on

      @Alex Hamerling you must like being screwed over then but then again you havn't really had many bad kickstarters as I have had.

    22. Alex Hamerling on

      I pledged 500 as well and you don't see me being all whiny about it.

    23. Specie8470 on

      I know who Sekai Project is I met with them a couple weeks ago. They have had some screwups before but they do help bring visual novel games to the west which is good. I do question other then markerting what does a partnership exactly mean other then marketing? Will they provide financial support or provide help with programming or something else?

      I have backed many visual novel games and have been trying to support the industry. I seen alot of stuff from visual novel kickstarter games that are simplying uncalled for and I say it. Some people have said othewise and want to defend the creator and mostly when that happens I asked them how much have they backed with the project and usually it is for a low amount of $20 or so which at the end of the day is less then a price of a regular console game. If I pledged that amount I could let it go. @Martin Joly you have to realize some people pledged alot more and they deserve respect and I am not seeing it. I will be perfectly honest with you and I pledged $500 for this kickstarter.

    24. Martin Joly on

      Sekai Project is a very respectable group so this finally sets to rest my fears that this game wasn't going to make it. Now that there's some real weight backing the development of the project, I can comfortably look forward to release.

      Still though, big negatives for the terrible communication throughout. Secret deal or no deal, you could have said something as simple as "work is progressing, look at this screenshot" then simply going radio silent for months.

      @Specie - Your go-to criticism is that everyone else definitely donated less than you ($20). Out of interest, and if you don't mind revealing, in what range did you donate? It might go some ways to explaining your rage.

    25. Specie8470 on

      @Christian Rose We gave them thousands of dollars long before this partnership. We deserve not to be kept in the dark for years why should others who gave nothing to support this game get info before us?

      @Alex Hamerling toxic environments create toxic people. We been in the dark for years on whats been going on with this game by a creator who doesn't seem to care about his backers. I suppose we should all just keep just blindly cheering this guy on according to you. But then again you probably just gave $20 or some small amount so yea. They had a partnership before with Razer what happened with that can you tell me?

      @Kwan I want an answer to my questions!!!

    26. Phyllis Douglas on

      Congrats with the partnership! Looking forward to the game, and good luck!

    27. Alex Hamerling on

      I'd make an enthousiastic comment, but toxic people will always find a way to keep the mood down. Good on you to have found a partnership. This increases my faith a little that an end product will see the light.

    28. Zack velicogna on

      i still want my money back, i have 0 interest in this project anymore

    29. Christian Rose on

      Specie - While I don't know in this case, but a lot of the time publisher deals can't be revealed until they are fully done for big legal reasons.

      Cannot wait, Teaming up with Sekai is great, as they are veterans in VN publishing, Cannot wait.

    30. Specie8470 on

      Upsetting that you let other people know of this annoucement before the people that gave you thousands of dollars and have been waiting for years for the game.

      What happened with the programmer that you had and talked about the start of this year wasn't he with you since 2015 whats going on with that? I would like to know has been finding a programmer that can do Unity been harder then one that can do Ren' Py which is what was used when the demo of this game was made?

      I also would like to know what makes you think you can meet the deadlines now with Sekai Project when you were unable to make the previous deadlines with Razer? I would like to know who set those previous deadlines and what was the consequences for not meeting those deadlines?

      You said on facebook in early spring of 2017 that you were close to the finish line and here we are almost half a year later and still no game no release date kept in the dark about many things we deserve to be told about. How many years are you going to keep saying soon? Did you blow all the money we gave you on drugs and developing for Unity when most companies use Ren' Py? WHERE IS MY GAME!!!!

    31. Russell Deitch on

      This is excellent news! Lazarus, eat your heart out! �