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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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The "We're Alive!" Update Part 2 (And More Questions Answered)

Posted by Kwan (Creator)

So the last update was a hit and a miss. Some people liked it, others reacted the way we thought they would towards any update that's anything less than a release date i.e. confirmation that the game is finally coming out. We deeply apologize if you're among the unhappy folks, and we promise to make it right.

We've been through a lot, and one thing we've learned - not just ideologically, but actually living it through - is that we have to focus on the positive. And the positive here is that there are people who are happy with the smaller updates. We want to do right with everyone eventually, but for now, we'll keep these small updates going. :)

Character Snippets

Our first character is a troubled girl indeed. She's a friend of Midori that we've revealed previously, in a new pose that was completed recently.

"Back off!" - The Girl Who Drowns The Voices
"Back off!" - The Girl Who Drowns The Voices

Next, we have COLDROCK. He actually came about as a partner to one of the backer-designed characters. The two ended up having great chemistry together that we think players will enjoy.

"COLDROCK WILL BREAK YOU. W-what do you mean wrestling isn't real?!" - COLDROCK
"COLDROCK WILL BREAK YOU. W-what do you mean wrestling isn't real?!" - COLDROCK

FAQ #2

Once again, we'll answer a few questions.

Are you out of money?

We're in dire straits, but budget overruns are a hole game creators must learn to crawl out of. We should have enough to finish everything, our director is tapping into his "I'll be homeless after this" emergency savings to make sure everyone's getting paid, but we're looking at other options as well. If anyone wants to help, our pledge page is still active, and we have every intention to fulfill all backer rewards once the game is out.

Ultimately, if we knew the project was dead in the water, we'll tell you -- but Exogenesis is certainly alive and kicking!

What happened to finishing the game in 2016?

We thought we could do it by the end of 2016. Or rather, that was me - the director - being overly optimistic. I overestimated my capability to cope with the downfalls we've experienced. The projects our artists took on outside Exogenesis during our downtime last year are also more time-consuming than I had anticipated. That means we've been getting new content and revisions at a very slow pace, but we're only missing a few sprites and assets now, so we're more confident about finishing the game than ever before.  

Do you have programmer problems again?

We've had the same programmer for the majority of production since our initial woes. He's a bit young and not as well adjusted with how the rest of the team has had to handle things. Understandably, he has frustrations over how long it's taking to finish the game. With that said, programming isn't exactly in full swing, but we're sorting it out. If we had to look for a new programmer, you'd be the first to know, as that's certainly something we'd have to fast track by crowdsourcing or any other method to hire as quickly as we could. Though right now, we do feel our guy has it in him to reach the finish line as a valuable member of our team.

Final Remarks

In summary, we're a ship not without its holes. We're moving forward steadily, however, and it's only a matter of time before we make landfall. Hopefully, that answers your more immediate concerns. We'll be back with more updates before you know it!

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    1. Specie8470 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Martin Joly on

      @Specie8470 alright man, whatever floats your boat. I'm just saying that beyond suing him, I don't think you're gonna get a response out of him this way. Seems like we can only really take him for his word at this point anyway.

    3. Specie8470 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Krueger on

      "others reacted the way we thought they would towards any update that's anything less than a release date" ya think? Kickstarter is not a donation program, it's an investment platform. We invested in you and deserve both the truth (which is not forthcoming from your scarce, vague, and now mildly accusatory updates) and a full accounting of the status of the game. I by no means want anyone to go broke trying to make this happen. Quite frankly, if the money is almost gone and none of the work is done, you and your team failed. It happens, but at least be honest about it and call it done.

    5. Martin Joly on

      @Specie8470 my point really is that this is how Kickstarter works. We essentially donate our money to someone's idea, we're not buying a guaranteed product. It's like donating to charity, you hope that something comes out of your donation but it's always a gamble if anything pans out.

      It's perfectly fair if you want updates on the project, I've pushed the guy myself in the comments section, and now he's finally starting to update us on stuff. But I don't think he feels comfortable responding to you cause a lot of your questions are pretty aggressive and focused on finding someone to blame. Maybe just try dialling it back a bit.

    6. Specie8470 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    7. Martin Joly on

      @Specie8470 come on, stop trying to turn this into a witch hunt. He's been upfront with us about his personal, financial and development troubles. Trying to gouge out more superfluous information doesn't change anything and is just rubbing salt in the wound. At least he's making updates now and there's a promise of a finished game in the horizon. Why not do something else in the meantime? Coming here and trying to get into a direct confrontation with the guy all the time is probably time better spent doing something else.

    8. Specie8470 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      Just to say additionally. I'm sorry I'm being a bit tough on you over the lack of updates thing. I do appreciate you've been through a lot (this is an understatement) and I admire that you are still carrying on. I guess my harshness is due to frustration over something that could so easily have been fixed or avoided has become enough of thing that some backers actually are thinking your project is dead. That never needed to happen and wouldn't have done if you'd just been a little more communicative. Reflection is a fine thing of course but I really do hope you won't be a stranger any more. All the best and keep going - Wist

    10. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      "others reacted the way we thought they would towards any update that's anything less than a release date i.e. confirmation that the game is finally coming out." - I think feel this comment is a little unfair. It implies people were either happy you said something or were so peeved the game didn't come out yet, that nothing you say or do (short of delivering it instantly - which is of course impossible) will appease them.

      This is a sweeping statement that really isn't true. Kickstarters overrun, it happens. Some fail even. Everyone who backs you takes a risk on putting a charitable gesture behind some people they want to see do good. It's like a mini version of how the world really should be.

      Failing, despite your best efforts, is forgivable. Going dark and not saying ANYTHING for months and months (especially when you claimed the next update would be soon) is not.

      A good example to look at would be the Planet Explorers KS by Pathe. You will see how detailed and frequent their updates were despite (like you) overrunning. When backers see updates like those, they are reassured someone is doing something and trying hard to get something done. The opposite of this is excuses and platitudes and promises that are not met (like saying "we'll be back with another update soon" then going silent for 6 months).

      Still, it sounds like you are looking to give more frequent updates going forward and, if so, I hope you mean it this time. Again, I urge you to look at the updates behind the Planet Explorers KS. Post stuff like that, and the complaints will go down.

    11. vinsfeld123 on

      Just wanted to say I appreciate how candid you've been throughout this process. I haven't been able to catch all the updates as they come through my email, but the ones I've caught I felt were fair and welcome. Not really sure why so many people have decided this project's a bust--as was said below, you sort of know what to expect in supporting art: it's not gonna happen in a day, it might not happen in a few months, and it may not even happen in a few years. Hard deadlines can be stuck to by larger companies, but smaller ones struggle. I'm just really happy to see this project is still alive, and I hope that you're in a better place than you were before, @Kwan.

    12. Kwan Creator on

      @Dominique Just wanted to thank you and commend your understanding of mental illnesses. I lost someone very dear to me fighting that battle, and she's one of the reasons why we can't fail. Thank you.

    13. Mooshman on

      In the comments of the last update:

      I don't see a release date here. When can we expect it?

    14. Missing avatar

      Marco Beltrame on

      @Alex Hamerling

      I'm being pragmatic. I doubt this game will ever get released in the intended state. It's a tale of bad decisions, bad communication and feature creep. As I said several times, they didn't even acknowledge that the Ouya deal was the biggest mistake they could have done - and the warning signs were evident. Add to that the smokescreen updates and you get the idea this project is going nowhere, with the information that has been provided as of now. Note that I'm saying this is a scam or the product of malice, but simply the result of bad choices, which could have been prevented.

      I know people react differently but I always write what I back as a loss for any project (and so I avoid backing too much). if it delivers, that's good.

    15. Alex Hamerling on

      I don't get the logic of "Just call it a failure and let it go". I mean, if they do that we won't get anything out of our money. If they continue the work and just finish it, at least we'll get something.

      Yes, I am disappointed, mostly by the lack of communications. I think you're severely underestimate the anxiety you cause with your backers if you say nothing at all out of fear of a backlash that might not even happen.

    16. Zack velicogna on

      still want my money back

    17. drmandarin

      Thanks for the more frequent updates. Please include a completion progress tracker so that we can see what progress is being made from update to update. Also please share your development plan (what remains to be done, how much time you're forecasting for that remaining work, who is working on it) and timeline.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marco Beltrame on

      In short, you underestimated budget, time and other events. The budget one is the biggest offender, since the original pitch didn't need any ports.

      That said, the update is another smokescreen and I find particularly outrageous in asking for more money - justified or not, this is not the point - after all this silence. The update on the programmer is again extremely vague and says nothing.

      I still haven't seen an apology for the Ouya overshooting, which was your fault and your fault alone.

      And I repeat my opinion. Just let it go. As far as I'm concerned, my money is lost, so I'd rather have an admission of failure and closing of the entire campaign than this farce.

    19. Dominique LeStrange on

      I don't know @Kwan beyond what has been posted in the updates here on KS, but his updates and update patterns/frequencies read like the journal of someone who has been battling a mental illness (e.g. bipolar disorder, clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, et cetera). And I say that with the utmost compassion, because I've had several very important people in my life struggle with these issues (and more). And I know that a person can fully intend and realistically believe that they will be able to achieve specific goals, only to have these illnesses wreck every single plan made.

      Again, I don't know if this is the case with @Kwan, but it certainly has that "feel" to me.

      And even if that's not the case, I've learned to see KS projects as an investment in and IDEA. This idea may not come to fruition, but that's the realities you face as a patron of the arts. If nothing else, I fell good that I helped support an artist's vision.