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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.
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    1. Martin Joly on

      @Kwan, I stick up for you a lot but I'm getting a little pissed off with the way you communicate. Going radio silent for months at a time and then only dropping by to make a vague comment with a winky face, like this is all some inside joke between friends, is frankly irritating. You don't have to answer back to the personal attacks you get here by some people, but you should have the decency to not act like we're all super cool with the lack of information and huge delays.

      I personally don't mind if the delays run longer but "haha, don't worry guys ;)" is really getting under my skin because a lot of people are worrying and you're not telling us anything. I don't care what happened to your last programmer, just try to actually reassure us for once that the game is being worked on without using the terms "finishing line", "almost there" or "end in sight".

    2. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      " no one really releases new games in December" is nonsense. Nothing wrong with releasing in December as long as you don't do it during the winter steam sale. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (which I plan to buy on release) is releasing on December 8th, and that's a much bigger release than this. If you feel like you're too busy working on the game, I feel like you should have hired someone to handle posting updates for you. Would be better than hardly any communication.

    3. Specie8470 on

      Kwan you state that "no one really releases new games in December - it's bad timing. ;)" so I take it that means that the game is done and you are refusing to release it because either steam holiday sales would impact the potential you can get from releasing the game or Sekai Project has told you not to release it because it would compete with their other games or possibly some undisclosed reason? So tell me Kwan is the game finished?

    4. Missing avatar

      JimMystic on

      It's probably easy for some people to look at this backlash against Kwan and think he deserves some slack, but the problem is he has had nothing but tepid acceptance of every delay, every terrible step of communication, every ignored backer update, every failed delivery of promised content dates. This has just been slowly building for a long time and you are reaping what you set the foundation for at this point. You could have easily taken a night, to host a simple AMA and answer direct questions from backers. You have continually shown yourself to either be unaware of how your behavior has instilled uncertainty for your backers or intentionally enjoy only commenting at such a bare minimum that it breeds resentment. If you want to have respect and understanding pointed at yourself, maybe you could start by doing the same for 1,492 people who put money into your goal for this game.

    5. Specie8470 on

      @Kwan I asked you before and I will ask you again what happened to your previous programmer the one that you were like oh this programmer has been with us since 2015 and we can't do this without him and trying to get us to cheer him on on Facebook? What happened did you run out of money to pay him or did he party a little to hard with some of that candy? No one releases games in December what kind of bullshit idiots do you think your backers are considering many game companies push out games in time for holiday Christmas season. You honestly have no respect for your backers and just saying the same thing year after year oh we will have more to talk about as soon as we can how many years have you said that now. You have a big announcement about Sekai Project but you don't say how that's helping get this game made. How are they helping exactly or are you going just ignore any questions and just state the same thing you been saying for years. Oh we are working on the game full time when necessary but you missed every deadline you have ever had was it not necessary then or are you just going to keep up this charade?

    6. Kwan Creator on

      A lot of things have happened since 2016. We've had some bad times, we had to find another programmer. But there are other factors in play as well, such as no one really releases new games in December - it's bad timing. ;)

      Sorry about that @Androssi, point well-taken. It's just a high pressure phase in the development right now, but we'd like to be able to talk more as soon as we can!

    7. Specie8470 on

      My fellow backers the reason for the lack of updates is nothing much is getting done with this game because they ran out of money. It says a lot when Kwan posts in September 2016 they are in the final push to get the game out before the end of the year and early 2017 says on the Facebook page they are within the finish line and on November 17, 2017 says they are in the final stretch. Kwan apparently takes us for fools to think after over a year it's ok to basically say the same exact thing he said last year for a game that has long been delayed.

      My fellow backers I urge us all to unite against Kwan to get the game and answers they we deserve. Please stop defending Kwan as he continues to show us no respect after we gave him $56,288 almost double what he asked to make this game. Let us show a united front that we are sick of the same thing year after year from him and we want a game or a refund. Kwan where did the money go we gave you for this game because it sounds like people aren't in a big hurry to finish this game anytime soon and did you spend the money on other none game related things?

    8. Androssi Zahard on

      I rarely post anything.
      I‘m waiting for quite a while now but my hope is fading.

      I have several other accounts and backed some projects and had good and bad experiences. As it stands now I can’t see the end...a finished game/product. A good project is giving updates so that u now how long it might take or to understand what is going it and why it’s taking longer.

      Even if a game will come out and it’s good/great / For customer service I can only give the project a big >F<

      Best regards Androssi

    9. Specie8470 on

      Nicolas Sanchez I would like to know how many hours a week on average do you put into making this game?

    10. Specie8470 on


    11. Specie8470 on

      Kwan why aren't you working on the game more is it because you are busy doing the drugs? Some of your backers aren't willing to wait another 10 years in between you getting high to finish this game.

      GIVE ME A REFUND!!!!

    12. Specie8470 on

      @Frank Ko you are probably just a low tier pledge but I will say this anyways. You do realize that the longer Kwan takes to make the game the more money they burn through and then we don't get a game right because unlike other game companies all Kwan has is the kickstarter money that we gave and once that is gone it's game over. We gave him almost double of what he asked for in the kickstarter he launched and almost four years later nothing. Frank I will cut you a bit of slack since you backed all of only two kickstarters but according to kickstarter terms " A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward.
      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      Now Kwan really doesn't seem focused on getting the game done anytime soon because he is obviously busy checking out other games posting about other things or doing drugs. If Kwan really wanted to get the game done more then anyone else like he has told me he would be working on the game full time and not posting about unrelated stuff on facebook or creating christmas themed artwork that's probably won't even be in the game. Kwan is unwilling to finish this game or even answer basic question about the progress of the game. Frank the longer this takes the more likely is Kwan is going to take off and disappear or overdose on drugs and I don't know about you but I know some of the backers don't want to waste their money on someone that says the same basic thing year after year.


    13. Missing avatar

      Frank Ko on

      I would rather wait 10 more years than see this game unfinished. If they're going to release the game, then I don't care if I have to wait a little longer. Also to those who say they want a refund, Kickstarter is NOT a store. You are giving money to help FUND a project that will provide rewards for its backers. You can't get a refund anyway since it's part of Kickstarter's policy. You aren't purchasing anything and as long as the creators are working at it, you haven't lost anything yet. The lack of updates is discouraging but I still have faith in this game. If the game doesn't come out by the end of the year, I will be disappointed. But that's fine since I care more about the quality than how fast I'm gonna receive my stuff. It's been 3 years and I'm still excited to see where the story goes. To the creators, I hope you guys stay positive. To everyone else, patience is a virtue.

    14. Specie8470 on

      Shouldn't you be working on this game full time or do you honestly expect people to wait for whenever you want to get around to making this game that has been delayed since 2014? You are not doing much talking regardless of what I say and you are taking drugs the proof is on facebook. Seems like you got a lot of time for posting things not related to this game but no time for game updates or to answer questions without a vague answer from people that gave you $56,288. Honestly how long do you expect people to wait before they get pissed off with the same nonsense year after year from you? How much of this game still needs to be done or do you even know?

    15. Kwan Creator on

      Where full-time is required, yes. At this point, we've almost completed all the assets we need and therefore don't really need new backgrounds being created full-time, for example. Easier to talk when you're not accusing people of taking drugs, eh? :)

    16. Specie8470 on

      Kwan is this game being worked on full time?

    17. Specie8470 on

      Hey Kwan do you pay people a salary and not do much work is that where the money went or did the money go on the drugs you are taking?

    18. Specie8470 on

      Kwan how many times have you said the last stretch or similar words? You said you were in the final push to get the game out September 2016 and earlier this year on facebook you stated you were within the finish line and we are at the end of 2017 and this game most likely won't be out this year. I am convinced that the money is gone and this game will be made whenever and if you get around to it. You refuse to answer most of my questions or just give me vague answers. If you really wanted to get this game done you would have by now but somehow you have time post about other things and other games and create artwork that will probably not be in the game. You can't even answer a simple question how much this game is being worked on other then we are doing what needs to be done to finish this game. IS THIS WITHIN OUR LIFETIME???

    19. Kwan Creator on

      We're not abandoning anything, guys. We're in the last stretch - leaving anything unfinished would be quite a waste. ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      JimMystic on

      I'm not necessarily talking about the details of the publishing agreement, but what we have now is complete abandonment for months at a time by project creator. posting here and begging for answers is not working. What else are we supposed to do?

    21. Specie8470 on

      Sekai Project is probably contractually obligated to not reveal the details about their deal to publish this game. I did hear from Nicolas he told me to calm down I been asking questions for months with no answer. I question if they game is being worked on full time or part time or spare time and it seems like the later. How long should we be expected to wait five years or more? Going to wait a bit then get on Nicolas again.

    22. Missing avatar

      JimMystic on

      Maybe it would be a good time to target our complaints to Sekai Project, they have inherited certain obligations by agreeing to publish this game. Maybe if we flood them on twitter and through customer service emails for action, they can use their leverage to get some type of answer.

    23. Specie8470 on

      Do you intend to just take our money and give us nothing? What is happening with this game? Why won't you answer my questions? I want my game or give me a refund!!!!!

    24. Specie8470 on

      I would appreciate an answer to the questions I am asking I put $500 into this kickstarter and I deserve respect and so do the rest of the backers that gave you money. We have been waiting three and a half years for this game that was supposed to come out in 2014. What is the current completion progress of this game? How much longer is it going to take to get this game made exactly. What exactly does Sekai Project bring to the table to help get this game made? What happened to your previous programmer that was with you since 2015? Either give me my game or give me a refund. How long do you expect people to wait WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GAME!!!!?!?!? AND DON'T SAY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Specie8470 on

      Thanks Jim I appreciate the support. We been at this for three and half years and still no game in sight and not much from the creator. I still question what Sekai Project is bringing to the table to help get this game made. We heard a year ago they were in the final push to get the game out before year end and a year later still nothing and who knows if it will ever get done.

    26. Missing avatar

      JimMystic on

      Imagine what type of content you have to present to a publisher to get a deal, I bet Sekai Project has seen more of this games progress then we have for entire duration since kickstarter. I'm sorry your question has been ignored for a week @Specie8470. Sadly, that is the continuing status quo, even though I hoped it would change following this news of securing a publisher.

    27. Specie8470 on

      Nicolas Sanchez can you please answer my questions. What does Sekai Project bring to the table that will help get this game made exactly? How are you in any better position to get the game made with Sekai Project then with Razer which you failed to meet any of those deadlines? On the subject of programming what happened to the programmer you had since 2015 that you had confidence in? You seem to be having alot of problems with progamming is finding a Unity programmer harder to find then a Ren' py programmer? Where has all the money you had saved up exactly gone are you just paying programmers money who arn't good at coding or have you spent all of our money we gave you on drugs? You said six months ago on Facebook that you were close to the finish line and six months later we still don't have a game and no clear delivery. You said a year ago that you are in the final push to get the game out before the year ends but a year later still no game and no idea if will ever get released. Nicolas Sanchez where do you stand at the overall completed production percentage of this game? I am tired of hearing you say soon for every damn question I have been waiting three and a half years for this game. Nicolas Sanchez I want your physical address because you have not delivered what is promised by Kickstarer you are legally obligated to give me. I want my game!

    28. Specie8470 on

      Where is my Game?

    29. Alex Hamerling on

      Just so you know, while I am still excited to see the final product, you still get an F- for communication.

    30. Missing avatar

      JimMystic on

      Feels like we are the last to know here on the original kickstarter what is going on. Would have been nice to have a kickstarter update for backers to coincide with this news. Instead of just leaving everyone here to guess and assume what this means.

    31. Russell Deitch on

      I'm not on Twitter so I hadn't seen the announcement.

    32. Russell Deitch on

      This is very promising all of a sudden!

    33. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      Not sure if this is good news or not, but it's bad news for anyone that wanted a Vita copy. Glad I backed this for the PC version. Sekai hasn't released anything on Vita yet..

      Hopefully there are some benefits aside from marketing for joining up with Sekai.

    34. Specie8470 on

      Suprised Sekai Project picked this game up. Upset this was announced in other places first before the kickstarter because honestly we gave alot and got nothing but nothing yet. Hopefully Sekai Project will be able to help finish the game. I did have a chance to meet with them last weekend so atleast things look less hopeless. Wonder when the game will be released though.

    35. Chris on

      Seems like the news is that the game is now published by Sekai Project:

    36. Russell Deitch on

      I've lost patience.

    37. Specie8470 on

      Hopefully the news is an actual release of the game.

    38. Kwan Creator on

      Sorry, guys. Soon it'll be made clear what the silence has been about.

    39. Alex Hamerling on

      Please stop going dark. It's frustrating.

    40. Missing avatar

      spoderman on

      Can we get some kind of update? Haven't seen anything since May

    41. Martin Joly on

      @Kwan It's been six weeks now... getting pretty hard to defend you when you keep disappearing like this

    42. Specie8470 on

      @Wistrel Chianti the reason for silence is because nothing is getting done. The producer blew all the money developing for Ouya and prescription meds and the money is gone.

    43. Missing avatar

      Wistrel Chianti on

      Hi Dev Team. Please see the following link. This is how you should be updating people as to progress. (not the silence you seem to be so very very fond of ; ) )…

    44. Martin Joly on

      @Kwan Hey man, been a month since your last update. Got anything more to show on your progress? Would be interesting to see what's been done in that time.

    45. Specie8470 on

      @Alex Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone.

    46. Alex Hamerling on

      @Specie That's not what I was saying, you just hijacked my argument to spread more salt.

    47. Specie8470 on

      @Alex Hamerling Oh I get the point of your post totally, The reason for no updates is nothing much is getting done. It has been three years people are not going to sit around waiting forever.

    48. Mitchell

      Huh. I totally forgot about this game and that I was a backer.

    49. Alex Hamerling on

      @Specie You're completely missing the point of my post. I don't appreciate you hijacking my arguments just to spread more of your salt.

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