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A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 22, 2014.

A post-apocalyptic adventure/visual novel hybrid inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games set in Japan.

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We're on Steam after only 7 days!
We're on Steam after only 7 days!
Download for PC/Mac/Linux! ***UPDATED!*** WORK IN PROGRESS
Download for PC/Mac/Linux! ***UPDATED!*** WORK IN PROGRESS

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A few words from Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi
A few words from Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi

 " might just give [Zero Escape and Ace Attorney] a run for their money." - RPGFan




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Inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games, Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ is an ADVENTURE GAME/VISUAL NOVEL HYBRID which combines the point-and-click gameplay of adventure games with the heavy focus on storytelling found in visual novels. 

As fans of Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games, we couldn't help but notice there's a lack of such games in the market. We're always left waiting for the next installment in those franchises for many months, if not years. That's why we wanted to fill the void

Thankfully, an engine for the kind of game we've set our sights on was already available (major props to PyTom, creator of Ren'Py). We realized we didn't have to start from the ground up, and all that was left to do was put the pedal to the metal. We at Kwan (formerly Agos Studio) put together our skills and years of experience from our respective fields, and thus Exogenesis was born! 

  • Many hours of gameplay - With 6 planned chapters spanning over 150,000 words, as well as numerous puzzles to solve, Exogenesis promises at least 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Important moral choices that effect how the story plays out – By hook or by crook, your dead sister must be reborn! 
  • High replay value with multiple endings and branching story paths 
  • Memorable cast of characters whose fates are determined by your decisions 
  • Stunning rendition of post-apocalyptic Japan with real-life landmarks 
  • Mysterious, intricate plots both personal and of larger scale 
  • Mind-boggling, thematic puzzles - Contextual puzzles that make sense and aren't just there for the heck of it 
  • Character interrogation - Gather physical and circumstantial evidence and use those as leverage in recruiting your former comrades 

It's 2069. Yudai Sayashi’s ragtag club of “treasure hunters” (referred to as looters by those who know them), Durchhalten, was closer to real treasure than they’d ever been before. Overly eager, Yu’s sister Miho ran carelessly towards the vault, triggering a trap that killed her.

Two years later, Yu comes across a startling discovery. The mythical Noah’s Ark, borne of legend by those who believe the Old World can be restored, turns out to be a real thing. 

With the help of the kid genius Toshio, Yu learns about the existence of the Lazarus Protocol inside Noah's Ark – a system that can recreate anything from the past – a machination developed during the time when humanity’s survival was uncertain. Using the Ark, Yu believes Miho can be brought back to life. 

Before setting out to find the Ark, however, Yu wants to reunite the now defunct Durchhalten. The group had disbanded after the tragic incident two years ago, and he wants everyone to be there when Miho opens her eyes once more. 

Set in post-apocalyptic Japan where people are barely making ends meet, the world of Exogenesis has a life of its own, laden with post-nuclear war dread and threatened by yet another gargantuan conflict. Truly, mankind is never without divisive differences. 

These themes help define the game not only as one man’s pursuit of his dead sister, but also as a tale of people struggling to survive while the fallen great city of Tokyo is only just starting to get back on its feet. 

War the Destroyer. No matter what the motives are behind it, destruction is always the ultimate result of war. War waged with modern day weapons, including WMDs and bio-weapons, can push humanity back to the dark ages. 

Everyone has something to hide. In this game, every character lies to someone at least once. Healthy relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding, despite individual differences. This is reflected in the conflicts and resolutions of subplots between characters. 

Death separates.Yu spends the entire game trying to revive his dead sister and witnessing how death separates people in many ways. Families are broken, relationships come to an end, and survivors become detached from the world around them as a psychological defense mechanism. 

Nothing is ever what it seems.The story of Exogenesis thrives on twists and turns, keeping players on their toes as the characters selfishly pursue their own ends.

It’s never a war to end all wars.Unhindered by mutually assured destruction (MAD), World War III erupted prior to the events of Exogenesis. Like the two before it, WW3 was said to be the war to end all wars. Especially so, given the power of modern weapons. However, history aims to repeat itself, with the birth of new organizations that vie for control and power as humanity rises from the ashes.

No one-trick pony.There is always more than one way to get things done. Just because a certain approach worked on one character doesn't mean it will work on another, especially since Durchhalten is such a diverse group. Moral choices are often ambiguous, so players need to anticipate what their decisions could lead to. 

May God have mercy.The Sanctus Ordo Illuminatus represents how life after the end of the world could be controlled by religious organizations, the same kind of religious orders that reigned over entire civilizations in the Dark Ages. Another religious group, God's People’s Army (GPA), plans to stop Sanctus from establishing an oppressive new world order.

Evil is easy.Choosing to take the high road is often more difficult than lying and cheating your way to success. However, one must live with the consequences of their decisions.

Production of Exogenesis had been completely self-funded using our director's personal savings, and we've nearly reached the limit of how far we can go without financial backing. We can only reach the finish line with YOUR help! 

Additionally, there are several features that could greatly improve Exogenesis should you allow us to fund them, such as voice acting, more animated poses and expressions per character, a fully animated intro, a bigger soundtrack - the possibilities are endless, and YOU can make them happen! 

However, we've made sure we set a reasonable funding goal that will allow us to deliver the game at a level of quality the team can be proud of. Every dollar you pledge will go towards the development of Exogenesis. Here's a breakdown of how we'll use the funds:


Adventure games and visual novels require an immense amount of art assets, from character and item sprites to backgrounds and environmental animations. Exogenesis' UI and logo could also use some improving. Given these points, a large portion of the funds we receive will be distributed to our artists. At the minimum funding goal, we can have both our character and background artists work on Exogenesis full-time as well as commission the needed graphic design changes.


Programming has been a bottleneck with our programmer working 2 jobs, so we want to have him working full-time on Exogenesis while still putting food on the table. Right now, we are paying him close to nothing yet he still works long hours and weekends for the team. 


For a game with the magnitude of Exogenesis, we're looking at a minimum of 60 minutes of music. Fortunately, we have composers who can produce an incredible soundtrack. They just need the budget to do it. 


The game will have an intro video (you'll find a placeholder in the demo) and brief animated cutscenes for certain events. This is a combined effort between our artists and animators, done with camera movements and effects. If we reach the right stretch goals, we'd like to have actual frame by frame animation, which will require a lot of work.

Writing/Copy Editing

Director's Note: My life savings are still good for several months. To ensure I am accountable for running everything smoothly and completing the game in a timely manner, I will take a smaller slice of the pie and keep on carrying some of the financial burden myself. Some of it would go to copy editing and possibly delegation of some writing parts. Personally, I know how hard it is as a gamer to support a project and anticipate its release only to be hit with delays, so I'm making sure we finish Exogenesis within a reasonable timeframe.

Director/Writer/Game Designer - Nicolo Sanchez 

Formerly an editor for an online gaming news site which rivaled the big ones (Kotaku, Destructoid, et al.), before it took a dark path around 5 years ago. Nicolo also wrote for a Philippine gaming magazine. An award-winning game idea gave him the confidence to start his own project, and he's throwing everything he has into what is now Exogenesis.  

Programmer - Alfie Machica 

Alfie made little games using C# in college, and learned Python on the job as a software developer for a large local retail company. He's used his ability to easily pick up new programming languages on the Python-based engine which powers Exogenesis. He proves the theory that programmers are machines who regurgitate pizza and beer into code. 

Character Artist - Kuromai 

She has a small but dedicated following in the "utaite" (Japanese animated music videos, usually of Vocaloid songs) scene for her dynamic character designs and amazing fan art. She brings the characters of Exogenesis to life with her vivid art style and painstakingly detailed animations. Kuromai specializes in character art, but she uses her newfound talent in game asset creation. 

Background Artist - Vinsensius Suriantoso 

Vincent is the lead artist of Indonesia-based studio Awaken Dreams, and is the go-to guy of many 2D Flash game developers. He's done cover art for popular novels in Indonesia, such as Merlin's Tomb and localized Percy Jackson books. 

Lead Composer - John Delvento 

John is co-founder of the quickly growing music studio Blue Light Music Group, whose work speaks for itself. He's done tracks for major TV commercials and you can hear some of his uncredited music in an upcoming next-gen AAA title. Here is a man who wears many hats and needs to sleep more often. 

Animator - Mona Liza Dayco 

Known as "Ritz" in utaite circles, she is Kuromai's partner in crime and a talented animator whose work goes beyond the Japanese music videos that she's known for. You can see her work her magic in an upcoming French animated feature film that is currently scheduled for international release.

Animator - Eduardo Quidlat, Jr.

"Yoru" is another name that rings many bells in the utaite community. He's been at it since 2009, honing his skills in animation while also contributing vocals to some of the songs he's taken part in. Practically a staple in Chorus Battles, he's responsible for putting together the pitch video you see above and his participation in Exogenesis won't stop there.

Sound Designer - Alex Young 

His credentials include studying classical music for 10 years and training in Music Technology, as well as Electroacoustic Theory, at De Montfort University, Leicester. After 5 years of working as a session musician, he now spends his time creating music and sound effects for all kinds of media.  

To avoid the issues many other Kickstarter campaigns have had to face over physical rewards, and to concentrate as much funding as we can towards development, we're going all digital with the rewards... but that doesn't mean you're not getting the good stuff!



Digital Soundtrack


We're proud of the music we have so far, and you can trust us to make sure that we complete the rest of the soundtrack with the same high quality music that you're hearing now.


Digital Art Book


As fans of video game and anime art books ourselves, we understand how important additional content is. While a bunch of pretty pictures are often fine on their own, it's a lot more fun to leaf through art books with anecdotes from the artists and an extensive interview at the end (Director's Note: The interview in P3's art book was surprisingly profound. LOVED it!). That's why we're going all out with Art of Exogenesis, packing it with as much annotated art as we can, including many sketches from the conceptual stage, in order to show you guys what it's really like to create art for a video game.


Thank You Video


Should we be fortunate enough to be successfully funded, we're going to put together a video showing our gratitude to all our backers and those who helped get the word out. If you choose the CHERUBIM reward, we'll put you into the video as one of the characters. For SERAPHIM, we'll make a custom video, just for you!


If you play your games on PC, Mac or Linux, then we've got you covered! We wanted to make sure you get a good taste of the game and not just a tiny nibble, so our demo might be a little longer than what you'd normally see on a Kickstarter. Please note that it's a work in progress that we're improving on every day. It's 3-4 hours long and you can download it here:

Ouya Free The Games Fund

We are participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games. OUYA will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar up to the goal amount (and a max of $250,000), so help Exogenesis get there and be a great game for everyone! To be eligible for this match, we commit that this game will be an OUYA exclusive for a period of time. To learn more about OUYA, go to

Risks and challenges

One challenge that plagues almost every game development project is finishing on time. While we're positive that we can meet our release schedule should you allow us to afford having everyone work full time, there can still be unexpected delays. To remedy that, we've extended our official launch date beyond our internal deadlines. While we promise to have Exogenesis available by December 2014, we aim to release much sooner.

In order to avoid emptying our coffers before the game ships, we've carefully assessed how much we need to complete development. This is why our funding goal is much higher than other indie visual novels; it's what's realistic for us based on the development costs we have incurred so far. We understand we're risking not getting funded at all by setting a relatively steep goal for a brand new game, but we are all wholeheartedly passionate about the project. We WILL see it to completion, one way or another.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • English visual novels (EVN) have a niche audience, so the average price is a little high. You'll find that even much older games such as Cinders and Loren are similarly priced. Our pricing for Exogenesis also reflects the quality we're striving for relative to other games in the genre.

    Setting it at $25 retail price also gives us ample leeway for discount sales, which are a key marketing tool for indies with very little marketing budget.

    The KS fund, should we meet the goal, will all go to development costs (not to mention Kickstarter + Amazon fees and taxes), leaving us with no profit. Hopefully, we can sell enough upon launch to be able to keep on making games.

    Also, please note that the demo is 3-4 hours long yet covers only 80% of chapter 1. There will be 6 chapters total, the finale being a little shorter than the rest. So, we're looking at a total play time of about 20 hours if you're a fast reader and quick to solve puzzles.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! Your feedback is very valuable in helping us improve the game, so if you have any, please feel free to drop us a message.

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  • Should we reach the respective stretch goal, you can opt to receive a copy of the game on PS Vita instead of PC/Mac/Linux if you pledge at the Early Bird or higher tiers.

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    Show your support and express your desire to make Exogenesis a reality. Receive an invitation to our exclusive forums, be listed in the credits as a Backer and receive three HD desktop wallpapers with our heartfelt gratitude!

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    Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis at a lower price for PC, Mac and Linux. You will also get the ANGEL backer rewards.

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    Our way of thanking you for helping us get on Steam! Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis at a lower price for PC, Mac and Linux. You will also get the ANGEL backer rewards.

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    Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis for PC, Mac and Linux as soon as it's available plus an additional copy on your platform of choice, ANGEL backer rewards, and a fully illustrated digital strategy guide. Want the game on PS Vita once it's ported? This is for you!

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus the game's full digital soundtrack. You will also receive a digest version of the game's digital art book.

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    In this highly requested tier, you get a digital copy of Exogenesis for PC, Mac and Linux PLUS the full digital art book, packed with all sorts of information about the game's lore and development. ANGEL backer rewards are also included.

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus an extensive digital art book featuring concept and final art with insightful notes about the entire development process from Team Exogenesis. If you're interested in how indie games are made, this is for you.

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus a digital copy of Exogenesis on every other platform it will release on, including Vita, Android and IOS. 3DS and Ouya are distinct possibilities!

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    Receive POWER and AUTHORITY rewards. This means you get a copy of Exogenesis on ALL platforms it will release on, plus the game's digital soundtrack and full digital art book. The best of both worlds!

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus access to the exclusive developers' section of our forums (available in June 2014) and Exogenesis game art in its original high resolution. You will receive test builds and be part of the development process by providing feedback that will be taken in full consideration. In other words, you get the game earlier than everyone else and affect its development directly. We're in this for the long haul, and so are you!

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus we include a full-color anime-style sketch of you to appear in our post-Kickstarter "Thank you" video. Additionally, we will send you a personalized artwork!

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    All previous non-limited rewards plus you get to design a minor NPC character. These characters help bring the game world to life. They could be that guy who cracks cheesy one-liners all day, or a Sanctus propagandist trying to sway the opinion of Novus Tokyo's residents. You will receive credit as Associate Designer in the credit roll.

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    All previous rewards plus you get to work closely with Kuromai and our animators to create an utaite music video with your vocalist of choice for any occasion, perfect for gifting to a friend or special someone. You can opt to instead receive a personal thank you video with any song and theme of your choosing. We reserve the right to decline inappropriate requests. You will receive credit as Associate Producer in the credit roll.

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    Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~ will set the stage for something bigger. It is also our first game as Kwan. Receive all previous rewards plus all our future games in all platforms and help provide the groundwork for a young indie game development studio. You will receive credit as Executive Producer in the credit roll.

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