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Students in the Bronx, NY have been working tirelessly for months to put on one show, GLOW 3013, to display their talents and work.

Students from all around New York City flock to a community center in the Bronx everyday to "GLOW." Here, they've learned how to GAIN LIFE'S OTHER WAYS, through the Arts, Sciences and Athletics. They've come up with an amazing interpretation of what GLOW and the world would be like in the year 3013!

Students in GLOW enter into Majors and Minors which include (Majors): Dance, Drama, Vocal Music, Fashion Design and Branding, Science and Technology, and Art, as well as (Minors): Dance, Film Production, Athletics, Robotics Engineering, Creative Cooking, and Leadership Development.

This is all done on less than a shoe-string budget.

The space where the students will be holding their production is not capable of delivering all of the necessary performance elements. There's a tiny stage, no lights or sound. So inevitably, only 10 of the 130 could be on stage at any time, and no one would hear or see them!

There's also no budget for costumes, makeup, and other miscellaneous, yet necessary production items.

These students can and will pull this off, but they can't do this without YOUR HELP!

$2500 will help them to put on the best show they could possibly put on and prove to their communities, their friends and families and the world that urban youth are NOT doomed, but rather that youth in 2012 and 3013 can GLOW together to create a brighter world!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

A huge risk for this would not being able to get the necessary productions items to the center in time. However, we've made plans if this can't happen, with local audio and lighting specialists who will help out in this case with supplementing what has or hasn't arrived.

Delivery time would be the largest obstacle, but ample amount of time and RUSH DELIVERY :) where necessary should thwart that!


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    An autographed 4x6 picture postcard from all the students. A keep sake for the ages, helping you to always remember your efforts to help the world GLOW!

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    A CD recording of all original music as well as original arrangements from the show, including the intro and outro, vocal pieces, dance and fashion sequences.

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    A DVD recording of the entire production. In case you're not able to make it, or want to relive GLOW 3013 over and over, get this so that you can forever relive your support and it's results!

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    LIMITED EDITION: GLOW 3013 TShirt, black and electric blue... ONLY FOR SPONSORS AND BACKERS!!! Here's your opportunity to wear your support. Be one of the few in the world to receive this special item.

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    NYers ONLY! Get to come to dress rehearsal the NIGHT BEFORE THE SHOW! EXCLUSIVE

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    Custom designed fashion item from our students. This item can include leggins, a hat, a shirt, hair bows and more. Custom designed by these children and displayed in the production. You don't want to miss this!

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    One of a kind BOW-TIE created by the fashion design students. This bow tie will have been featured in the show, and package and sent to you! Help turn these fashion dreams into reality!

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