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The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jasper 4 days ago

      Since the miniatures are obviously delayed (thanks for the recent update btw), I was wondering when we should expect to recieve the miniatures. Could you give us an indication? Thanks :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kharnete on January 10

      @Jérôme if for some reason you didn't receive it back in the day, send them a message through Kickstarter about it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jérôme on January 8

      do you have news about pledge manager ?
      Thanks for all

    4. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on January 8

      @Cristain, Thanks

      @Fredric, Aye I agree it doesn't take long to write a quick update, especially as its been a couple of months since the last one!

    5. Missing avatar

      Fredric on January 5

      So they are still having issues with the treemen after a month of time? They were still suppose to update us about the halflings as according to them they already had them. It takes literally 1-2 minutes to respond on here, so I don't understand why it is such an issue to just give us small updates. As this is the official site for this and not through personal messages :/

    6. Missing avatar

      Cristian Navascuez Jimenez on January 4

      I've asked them yesterday, and they had issues with the treemen. They are trying to solve it

    7. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on January 4

      @SPM, An update would be great please

    8. D3migo
      on January 4

      No reply for 2 months regarding their Undead team. No updates for this project either. Totally ignored my tickets. This is concerning.

    9. Matt Brown on January 1

      @Paul Kidd - The one I got was in Excel 2010+ format, so you need a new version of office. Microsoft do a free version of Excel for iOS and Android that can read it if that helps.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on January 1

      Now that we are officially late from the original delivery date, can we get any update about this. I know there must be busy time with Christmas but keeping us in info black out isn't gonna help us calm our nerves. Once every few weeks an update on stuff would be nice just so we know you are still there.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fredric on December 23

      So any upcoming update about those treemen? :D

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Pickett on December 19

      Hiya! Is there any further news on potential shipping dates? Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcus on December 15

      I couldn't open it on my phone so I emailed it on to a computer. It was an Excel file and I sent it back (from a different email so I hope it is accepted)

    14. Paul Kidd on December 14


      Did anyone else have a problem opening the file on the pledge manager email?

      I couldn't get the file to open in a format I could read. I emailed the creators but have had no reply.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jasper on December 6

      Ok, good to know :)

    16. Star Player Miniatures Creator on December 6

      @Jasper: Soon, but not in a couple of weeks. We have the halflings (the little guys), block dice, root dice, d6 are coming, baby groot and markers will be received next week (this week is holiday in Spain). We are working on the treemen, that brought some problems on the 3d printing and hope to have the three of them in about 10 days. Same timing for the extras (morgan and cristiano). Probably shipping will be on a couple of weeks.
      On friday we´ll be checking all the halfling miniatures, we´ll post some pictures then ;-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jasper on December 6

      Was wondering since i'm pretty hyped to get your miniatures ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Jasper on December 6

      Can we get a new update on rhe progress so far? Last one was a month ago, and i was wondering if all is going acording to plan. The main question being if we'll have your miniatures in our mailbox in a couple of weeks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on November 29

      Maybe Jason mistakenly looked at the Stretch goal? That was 4.500€ for the turn marker and 3x reroll or something?

    20. Star Player Miniatures Creator on November 28

      @Jason: where did you see that option? All additional markers are (and were) 2 euros/each.


    21. Jason Weaver on November 28

      Why did the Campaign allow people to purchase three extra rerolls for €4,50 yet that isn't an option in the pledge manager? Is says a reroll counter is €2. How do I spend the €0,5?

    22. Missing avatar

      Kharnete on November 24

      Yep, fill everything it may apply in your case and send it back :)

    23. Fabe on November 24

      I got my pledge manager today. I assume I just fill it out then mail it back to you guys?

    24. Missing avatar

      Alfonso on November 23

      Pledge manager recibido rellenado y enviado de vuelta, menudas ganas de que lleguen jejejej

    25. Star Player Miniatures Creator on November 20

      @Roberto: Hola Roberto.
      Ya se están enviando los Pledge Managers, muchos backers ya lo tienen.
      Esta semana quedarán todos enviados.


      Pledge Managers are being sent, many backers already have it. During this week the rest will be sent.


    26. Missing avatar

      Roberto Martínez Alejandre on November 20

      Alguien puede dar alguna información? Estamos muy a oscuras. Gracias

    27. Matt Brown on November 19

      No Pledge Manager here either. They said they were having Internet issues in the last update, maybe they have returned.

    28. Missing avatar

      Klaus Mandelt on November 19

      no pledge manager received yet. Hope there will be an information or update when all the pm were send out so I know I haven´t missed.

    29. James One of Many on November 16

      Has anyone received the pledge manager?

    30. Missing avatar

      Collaine on November 16

      Any pledge manager for the moment ?

    31. Crystalann Violet Stella McHaffie on November 6

      Hey, I haven’t seen a pledge manager in my mailbox, hope I haven’t missed it. I wanted to add the my pledge so look forward to it. Is the shipping date December?
      Thank you

    32. Missing avatar

      Marcel Schrieck on November 5

      Any news? A little communication would be good. Thanks.

    33. D3migo
      on November 2

      No reply from FB , no reply from web contacts nor emails. Totally no communication at all.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jasper on November 2

      It really sucks that they just vanish after the campaign is over. I would like being kept updated about their progress, just so i know what to expect.

    35. D3migo
      on November 1

      Anyone know if SP is at Essen? I email them a week ago regarding some problems on my order but never get any replies.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kharnete on October 31

      I asked them via Facebook a couple days ago, seems isn't ready yet.

    37. Bertrand on October 30

      Hello all, still no news from the project managers... any information someone? Have a good day ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      David Savage on October 29

      Any sign of a pledge manager yet, or do we PM the creator to let them know what additional stuff we want?

    39. Missing avatar

      Roberto Martínez Alejandre on October 23

      Habéis mandado algún correo?

    40. Missing avatar

      Roberto Martínez Alejandre on October 23

      Hola. Como podemos elegir los add-ons?

    41. Missing avatar

      Warr1or on October 11

      Hey guys, How can I add for additional items to my pledge when it is already collected?

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel on October 6

      Enhorabuena! Equipo completo jojojo

    43. Missing avatar

      Riki Herrera on October 6

      Oleeeeee!!! Q guay!! Deseando echarles el guante!!!

    44. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on October 5

      @Brian, We will get a survey or invite to a pledge manager where we tell them what we pledged for, it wont be for at least 2 weeks as that is how long KS takes to process the money and hand it over to @SPM

    45. Missing avatar

      brian on October 5

      Hi guys. This is my first kickstarter please. I did the initial 59 and I added 12 for the chef and star player. How do I tell them what the extra 12 is for. Will I get an email?

    46. Tom aka "Original Timmy"
      on October 5

      @SPM, Congrats on a successful campaign, i cant wait to get these bad boys :)

      Can we add extras in the PM? i missed the end and wanted to adjust for the chef and the elf star players

    47. Missing avatar

      Alfonso on October 5

      Weeee y con dados y todo jejej que cracks

    48. James One of Many on October 5

      Any last minute (almost literally) stretch goal?

    49. Star Player Miniatures Creator on October 5

      @Cristian: si, casi con total seguridad.
      @Unai: en principio no vemos razon para cambiarla, estamos en plazos. Si hubiera algun contratiempo os informariamos.

    50. Missing avatar

      Unai Martinez on October 5

      @Star Player Miniatures, creéis que podréis mantener la fecha de entrega? Llegará 100% en diciembre?

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