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The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
The Chicken Devourers! Halfling team for Fantasy Football by SP Miniatures. To eat or to block... That is the question!
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    1. Bastol on

      No more information too, and I still have not received my rewards

    2. Missing avatar

      Jasper on

      Yeah i haven't got my shipment yet. Did send them mails but they stopped answering them like almost 2 months ago. I'm not quite sure if i will even get my rewards.

    3. Elmar Rutsch

      Hi !
      Got my Shipment and all is fine except in the zip for Karla everything but the main body is missing ... no head, arms, ...
      Hope you can help.

    4. Missing avatar

      snotling on

      Anyone else not get the shipment yet?

    5. Missing avatar

      Roberto Martínez Alejandre on

      Hila. Me podríais dar información sobre mi pedido? Gracias

    6. Missing avatar

      snotling on

      @starplayer I have not heard from you on any of my last few messages. Per update, I emailed you. Thanks.

    7. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @SPM, Thanks i got my team today excellent sculpts and casts :)

    8. Missing avatar

      snotling on

      @starplayer I sent email last friday and again just now per the comment below. Thanks for keeping things going! Really looking forward to them.

    9. Wayne Allen on

      It took a while, but everything is here :) Beautiful figures (and pitch). My painting table is now fully booked for the next couple of months.

    10. Star Player Miniatures Creator on

      Halfling season.
      All pledges are sending.
      If you haven't received your order, something will be wrong. Please contact with us in

      Temporada Halfling.
      Todos los pledges están enviados.
      Si no has recibido tu pedido, algo estará mal. Por favor, contacta con nosotros en

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Received mine yesterday in France via FedEx, and everything is fine, great quality, thanks !

    12. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on

      Got my normal lineup painted. If there is someone still waiting here is something to look at while you wait.

    13. poules_75 on

      Team + extra minis (Zara among the others) arrived in France by Fedex yesterday.
      Very good engraving...

    14. Lindsay Fitzgerald on

      Recieve my order in Ontario, Canada. A shipping notice would of been nice.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason V on

      Flings + the extra star players arrived in Western Australia. The minis detail is fantastic and the scale is spot on. Nice job SP Miniatures.

    16. Missing avatar

      snotling on

      Thanks to those that have posted that they received their shipment. It bring the rest of us hope. :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Garcia on

      I’m still waiting myself. I’ve sent two emails and still no response. They may have a great product, but their customer service sucks.

    18. Wayne Allen on

      Still no figures or a tracking number (who is supposed to be delivering them?). Any news at all would be nice.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mihail Babak on

      Please return either models or money, or I will consider you a fraud and appeal to the court

    20. Missing avatar

      Mihail Babak on

      Tell me please, is there any kind of possibility to get me my teams Halfling and Zavr. Or should I already forget about this? Why do not you answer my letters within a few months?

    21. Jason Weaver on

      Arrived just now, west coast USA via US Postal Service, no tracking email. Totally out of the blue.

    22. Missing avatar

      Klaus Mandelt on

      @SPM: Hello. I already send you an email one week ago because I am missing some minis in my package but did not received any answer until now. I am looking forward to get any notice from you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris ivin on

      Got mine today, also with Karla. Midwest USA.
      Nice mini's thank you much !

    24. Missing avatar

      roscannon on

      My team (with Karla) was delivered today. East coast, USA. I never received shipping notification or tracking information. The minis are outstanding. Thank you very much. Please consider better communication for future campaigns.

    25. Missing avatar

      Unai Martinez on

      I though everything was going to be shipped by last week latest but still no new information...

    26. Bastol on

      No contact message, no information on sending my batch ?

    27. Bertrand on

      Hi there @ SPM, finally the minis arrived. And they are nice. Thank you for the good job with miniatures, and try to improve communication and timing next campaign ;) Cheers

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Garcia on

      Still waiting here. Haven’t received anything yet. Not even a email and I contacted them last week.

    29. Missing avatar

      Klaus Mandelt on

      Arrived today. Really nice miniatures so the waiting was finalyy rewarded with a really nice bunch of flings.

    30. Missing avatar

      kolikal on

      Got mine today! It was a bit long but the whole team is awesome!

    31. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on

      I got them yesterday. Good luck with other people on getting yours. Miniatures are very nice. Only thing I had a gripe with was the distribution of information, but otherwise I was happy with the kickstarter. Little late but I guess that is more of a norm then a exception in kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rubén García Lorente on

      Got them yesterday in Spain

    33. Wayne Allen on

      No figures, no tracking info yet! Should I be worried? I am in the UK.

    34. Missing avatar


      I got tracking info for my order yesterday as well.

    35. Missing avatar

      roscannon on

      @Tero Saarenmaa - That's encouraging. Hoping to hear something in the near future. Enjoy your team!

    36. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on

      Just got message about a parcel from SP Miniatures. I was waiting for Karla. Hope you other guys get your teams soon. I will leave this once more for the guys at SP. Please in future kickstarter be more active in the comment section and do a weekly or bi-weekly update. Even to show some of the minies from different angles. That way you will show you are still here and still active even if somethings are late.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tricia on

      Weav! Rob from Thunderbowl. I haven't received my figs yet either. My gf has sent multiple emails to them off here and off their website and still nothing....
      See you at the Spike!
      @Star player please just help everyone out here, lets get some kind of responses going.

    38. Missing avatar

      Becky Wellington on

      Received in the UK, husband thrilled with the team.

    39. Missing avatar

      Unai Martinez on

      Are we going to receive a tracking number? Or it will just arrive without it?

    40. Jason Weaver on

      Star Player, may I get a tracking number please?

    41. Missing avatar

      Tero Saarenmaa on

      Also waiting on info about the ETA. Local league starting in a few weeks and would love to get these guys painted before the first match. Any update would be welcome.

    42. Missing avatar

      roscannon on

      Hello, It has been two weeks since the last update. Have all of the shipments gone out? If not, what is the expected shipping date?


    43. Missing avatar

      Diego Martinez Diaz-Agero on


      Ya me he puesto en contacto muchisimas veces porque me enviasteis mal un hombre árbol ya que le faltan partes para poder completarlo y no hay manera de lo que me lo solucionéis. A ver si si una vez me lo solucionáis que vaya tela como os preocupa el tema, yo pague no? Pues espero que se solucione que ya llevo mucho esperando

    44. Missing avatar

      Tricia on

      Western Canada, no extras, still not received yet.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mihail Babak on

      I'm participating in your Chicken Devourers kickstarter. I sent many emails to the email, but unfortunately I did not get an answer. Tell me, please, when will I receive my order?

    46. Missing avatar

      Becky Wellington on

      I’ve received nothing yet and I ordered no added extra models. Very poor communications, too. Will not back this company again.

    47. Missing avatar

      Olivier Lord

      Received in Canada!

      Many tks!

    48. D3migo

      @ Paul Kidd: There are only 2 bases on the top. Check under the packing foam and you will find the rest of the bases.

    49. D3migo

      I just received my team today. Have to say the quality is top notch.
      The same qualities with their other line (The undead, which I also per-ordered last summer).
      This is their first time kickstarter, so please give them some slacks.
      I hope SP will improve their communication in their next campaign.

    50. Missing avatar

      Ian Gray on

      My halflings arrived in Australia on the 15th of March, shipped from Spain on the 3rd.

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